pretty things bikes via au pays des merveilles

  1. Spiran bike by People People.  It’s really beautiful, but take a look at the gif animation here to understand how innovative it is as well.
  2. Bike trophies by Andreas Scheiger, via the amazing bike blog De Velotariër.
  3. Concept for MONIKER bike handles by Taylor Simpson, made from genuine deer antlers and recycled material.
  4. The Ride Life is a monthly video tour through brussels by locals on  their bike.
  5. Beautiful copper bike.  Want!  (source)
  6. Conceptual transparent bike by German studio Designaffairs, made from a polymer called Trivex, which was developed for helicopter windscreens and fighter jet canopies. (source)
  7.  Wooden handlebars designed by Adam Brackney.  This pretty bike was on sale here.  Was…
  8.  FIXA bike shelf and storage unit, by Chrome Ltd.

pretty bikes via au pays des merveilles photos by me

Last but not least: the prettiest one I know.  I’m always jealous of Machiel‘s bicycle!  (FYI: He’s also the cyclist you see in this blogpost.)

Find more love for bikes on my pinterest, and this pretty things: bicycles post.

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pretty things diy via au pays des merveilles

It’s been 2 months since I moved into my new home in Antwerp, but I haven’t gotten over my decorating slash DIY obsession just yet. As you can see, my current favorites can be found in the world of concrete, plaster and metal.

  1.  Copper pipe wall sconce, I already know the perfect place for this one in my room so I might give this a shot soon! (source)
  2.  Porcelain hands from etsy seller Hruskaa, unfortunately sold out (although they have similar ones here) but I think a similar result is achievable with some concrete or plaster and rubber gloves.
  3.  Easy DIY for a fancy kitchen towel rack.  (source)
  4.  Copper and plaster candle holder. (source)
  5. A much simpler candle holder, also in copper.  (source)
  6. Super cheap but super pretty stool.  I think I’m going to try this one!  (source)
  7. More copper with this pretty bud vase. (source)
  8.  Bulletin board made out of chicken wire.  (source)

diy paper globe via au pays des merveillesphoto by me

If you follow me on facebook, you already know that I’ve been a bit creative myself!  Find the tutorial for this paper globe here.

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diy via au pays des merveilles

As most of you know, I recently moved to Antwerp.  Obviously, a new place equals a new interior but unfortunately I’m still on a student budget.  Luckily, DIY’ing  is a lot of fun and a lot better for my wallet!  I’ve already started by making my first piece of furniture from scratch thanks to the workshop Libre Objet (expect a full photo report soon!) and my handmade Existenz lamp is still looking pretty after three years and one move.  But my room is far from finished yet (the piles of books on the floor can testify) so I can’t wait to create more pieces myself!  (If you’re looking for more inspiration, go to my pinterest or my previous blogposts.)

  1. Concrete ‘plastic cups’ for candles, reminding me of these.  (source)
  2. Wooden crate lights. (source)
  3. A merry mishap always has the best DIY’s, like this concrete diamond.  (source)
  4. Clock made from a tray. (source)
  5. Shelf – I’m so gonna make something like this. (source)
  6. Geometric paper lamp (source)
  7. Tin can pencil holders. (source)
  8. Clipboard inspiration wall. (source)

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pretty things: interior via au pays des merveilles

1 – 2345678

With a move in the near future, I’ve been collecting interior inspiration with even more enthusiasm than usually.  Therefore (and also to make up for my absence lately and the fact that it’s been ages since I’ve shared pretty interiors) I made this extra long pretty things post devoted to interior inspiration only.  As you can tell, I love bright white spaces with lots of personal touches, a mix of vintage and industrial accents and lots of green.  If this isn’t enough inspiration for you yet: take a look at my pinterest board here.

pretty things: interior via au pays des merveilles


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PRETTY THINGS: office supplies

office supplies via au pays des merveilles

everything from muji, hema or random office supply stores

Pretty office supplies make studying so much more fun, don’t you think?  (Ok, I admit, I don’t exactly need an alphabet stamp set, fancy envelopes or watercolor paint to help me learn all about concrete or acoustics, but they do make for fun (and creative!) study breaks…)  I think I’m set when it comes to pretty notebooks and pens for a while, especially since my days of studying are coming to an end.  One more day.

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PRETTY THINGS: interior design

pretty things design via au pays des merveilles

  1.  Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochański.  The handle of the dustpan can be used as a funnel to dispose the dust.  (source)
  2.  Gorgeous desk called solo, available here.  (source)
  3.  Pattern of Recycling by young design studio VDPP (a talented friend of mine).
  4.  Wallpapered table by Friis & Black, available here.  It’s inspired by traditional wallpapering tables and carries a wallpaper print on the table top. (source)
  5.  Armchair designed in 1953 by Pierre Guariche.
  6.  Crest Bottle Openers by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings of Fort Standart. (source)
  7.  Ray Bathroom by Michael Hilgers for ex.t, inspired by Ray Eames’ famous chairs. (source)
  8. Geo rug by Ella Doran, available here.

More interior design inspiration can be found on my pinterest board or in my archive.

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PRETTY THINGS: summer wardrobe

pretty things summer wardrobe by au pays des merveilles

While you are reading this, I’ve arrived in Lisbon and I’m soaking up the sun.  Going from 17 degrees and rain in Belgium to 32 degrees in Portugal (and even up to 37!) asks for a little bit of preparation.  Therefore I’ve gathered some items that would fit perfectly into my summer wardrobe.

  1. Nothing is more fun to wear than a maxi dress (instantly makes me feel like a princess, and super comfortable at the same time), especially when it’s hot.  This one is by Mango and available here.
  2. Bikini with a fun and unexpected leopard print by Anna & Boy.  Available here.
  3. Espadrilles are my favorite footwear for the summer.  I usually by mine for a few euros in the supermarket, but I wouldn’t say no to a pair of these two toned espadrilles by Mint & Rose.  Available at Just Julia.
  4. Leather might not be the first fabric that crosses your mind to wear in summer, but how amazing does Laura from The World Looks Red look in these leather shorts.  Makes me want to order these rightaway.
  5. When it gets a little colder at night, these scarves with a gorgeous photo print by Jen Altman would perfect to keep me warm.  Available at Cisthene.
  6. On a hot day, I prefer one simple piece of jewelry that makes a bit of a statement.  Like this upper armlet, found on etsy.  Simple, but effective!
  7. Gorgeous sunglasses (unfortunately way above my budget) by Illesteva, available here.
  8. Give black and white graphic print, combined with some gold and I’m happy.  So here’s the perfect boho bag, available (on sale!) at Plümo.

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pretty things: go green via au pays des merveilles

Since the Belgian weather isn’t really co-operating on giving us some spring, we have to do it ourselves, by bringing some green into our homes for instance.

  1. I love this ‘living wall’ created by urban landscaper Kari Elwell Katzander of Mingo Design.  Gives you some green, some light and some privacy.  Perfect.  More photos of this house here.
  2. These concrete planters seem like an easy DIY, but if you’re a bit lazy: you can also buy them at Joanna Wojtkowiak’s etsy.
  3. Jeremie Egry and Aurelien Arbet did a series called Underground, consisting of plants growing in the most unlikely places, such as these books, a cap and a jean jacket.
  4. You can use this mobile prism as is, but it is also the perfect size to hold air plants.  I’m kind of confused about what exactly air plants might be (or more exactly, what they live from), but it looks really pretty.  You can buy this ‘Himmeli’ (referring to the finish tradition of celebrating the winter solstice and serving as a means of good fortune for the future, Himmeli is swedish for sky, or heaven) here.
  5. Textile designer Isabel Wilson lives in a gorgeous home filled with plants, and -as they always do- freunde von freunden captured it beautifully.  More here.
  6. Beautiful hanging vases by textile and fashion designer Jurgen Lehl.
  7. These hanging copper and brass vases by The Workshop Gallery are handcrafted.  So beautiful.
  8. What about these wonderful concrete and steel vases that do a pretty good job keeping your single flower straight?

More ideas can be found in this and this old post, or in my pinterest.

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PRETTY THINGS: light bulbs

pretty lightbulbs via au pays des merveilles

Despite – or maybe even thanks to?- the energy saving lamp, designers have been focusing their attention to the classic light bulb for a while, giving it new shapes or putting it in the spotlight with beautiful sockets.  I’ve collected my favorites for you!

  1. With some help from a talented grandmother, you might be able to make your own version of this knitted lamp from byBLINE, no?
  2. If you’ve got some swedish up your sleeve (or google translate on your side) you can figure out how to DIY this golden beauty.
  3. The beautiful Marble Light Collection by studio vit. (source)
  4. Small Spica by Iacoli & McAllister gives a beautiful light bulb all the attention it deserves.
  5. This mint version is my favorite, but Muuto’s E27 pendant lamp is available in many other colors as well.
  6. Noam Rappaport puts the light bulb in the spotlight with just some wood and plastic cables.
  7. I think I featured this one on the blog before, but Ferro Watt produces the most beautiful lightbulbs, based on Edison’s authentic design.  The beautiful packaging is a bonus.
  8. Base is a design from the NUD collection, and nothing more than a lightbulb with a beautiful concrete socket and a cord that comes in 44 colors.
  9. The atelier lamp by Frama is a beautiful twist on the regular lightbulb.  Available here.
  10. Eric Therner’s Diamond Light has been going around the blogosphere for a while, but I had to include this one!  You can buy a similar one here.
  11. This work lamp inspired golden girl is available here, but I have to admit I really like the classic work lamp as a design element too.  (It’s a pity I can’t remember where I have seen this being used…)

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PRETTY THINGSI came home from my Erasmus in Portugal with no money and the good intentions of buying less and recycling/DIY’ing more.  A plan that is surprisingly easy to stick too, if only I had a little bit more time on my hands to execute every idea!  Anyways, I’ve already had a lot of fun creating birthday gifts and redecorating my room, so I figured it’s time to let you in on all the fun.  It wasn’t an easy task to limit this list to just 8 ideas, so feel free to take a look at my pinterest board and these old posts.

  1. This kit introduces you to the art of Japanese bookbinding, although I’m sure with a little bit of google work you can find the right tutorials and start without the kit.
  2. I’m obsessed with decorations in concrete and combined with gold, I’m lost for sure.  Beau-ti-ful!  (source)
  3. Surely I’m not the only one who’s having trouble keeping her jewelry collection in order (at the moment I taped my necklaces to the wall with bits of colorful washi tape, not for heavy necklaces though!), and this branch display seems like the perfect way to do it.  And it’s gold! (source)
  4. A simple shirt and some scissors make for this gorgeous cut out top.  Easy-peasy!
  5. Throw in some architectural references in an interior and I’ll love it, so this skyline made out of what seems to be electrical cord is surely a winner in my book.  (source)
  6. All you need for this is simple white mugs and a porcelain marker.  I’ve tested this myself as a gift for my sister’s birthday and it has been approved!  You don’t even need a really steady hand, there are tons of simple designs anyone can do.  I pinned a lot of inspiring designs on my diy pinterest board and miss Mangelmoes even devoted a whole board to painted porcelain, so no excuses! (source)
  7. More branches!  I already declared my love to branches in interiors years ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed.  How beautiful is this lamp ornament?  (source)
  8. If you’re too lazy, you can buy this black and gold clutch here, but this shouldn’t be too hard to have a go at yourself.

Enough rambling, go get crafty!

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pretty books via au pays des merveilles

  1. I don’t know a lot about painters, but I do know I love Gerhard Richter‘s work and that every time I came across one of his paintings in a museum, it made a big impression on me.  ‘November ‘contains 54 works in ink and for what I’ve seen, they are absolutely stunning.  (source)
  2. Designer Thomas Billas is the man behind ‘How to make it without ikea’, a zine that shows us how to transform everyday objects into useful tools.  Volume three comes out soon, volume I and II can be found on line here and here. (source)
  3. As far as my german skills tell me, ‘wenn ich mal gross bin, werde ich designer’ is a student project and a pretty cool one at that.  This masterpiece contains beautiful illustrations, both hand drawn and on computer, and even some pop-up mechanisms.  Take a look here.
  4. Quite good houses‘ shows us ordinary European houses, which might surprise us upon taking a closer look at them, but honestly, the title alone already does it for me.
  5. Like every self respecting person of my generation, I have a collection of tote bags.  However, the author of this book, which is conveniently named ‘The tote Bag‘, has gathered a much bigger collection that is well worth taking a look at if you love design and illustration.  (By the way, author Jitesh Patel also has a blog dedicated to the subject.)
  6. ‘A history of graphic design for rainy days’ gives you what its title promises, all explained with beautiful illustrations and even some exercises to keep you focused.
  7. Don’t eat the yellow snow‘ gives us advice in the form of 250 of the best pop songs from the last 50 years, in all possible genres.
  8. The flamingos on the cover are what got me interested in ‘Mémoire universelle‘, and the fact that it’s available at Hunting & Collecting (one of Brussels’ finest shops) was very promising as well. Stylist and curator Benoît Bethume started a series of nine ‘bookazines’ of which this one is the first, devoted to love.  It’s available with four different covers and shows us a collection of articles and shoots, presented as an encyclopedia of personal memories.

For more pretty books, take a look at my pinterest board or my previous posts.

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PRETTY THINGS: no guilt needed

pretty things: no guilt needed via au pays des merveilles

The need for people to consume less and invest in more sustainable and timeless pieces, is something that doesn’t need explanation anymore, in my opinion.  But shopping more sustainable is not always the easiest thing to do, so I collected a few brands that manufacture products without harming the environment or exploiting people, but instead make the world a better place, one step at a time.

  1. O My Bag stands for beautiful bags that make the world a little better.  They are made out of eco-leather, which is taken from local cows and produced without the usage of harmful chemicals and while keeping in mind energy management, water control and safety conditions.  This leads to a reduced carbon footprint, but the production process, which fully takes place in India, of this bag also offers education and jobs to the economically and physically challenged.  They get a fair wage, health insurance and get to work under fair conditions.  Read more about it here and get your own O My Bag in their online shop.
  2. Jollie goods gives a pair of socks to a homeless pair in your area for every pair of Jollies socks you buy.  These help homeless people to improve their foot hygiene, which can avoid several extensive foot problems, often caused by the lack of clean socks.   Get your own here and share the love with another pair of feet.
  3. The Bogo brush is a biodegradable tooth brush made out of bamboo.  Bogo brush doesn’t only care about the environment, it also cares about the people living in it: for every brush that is bought, they give one to someone in need.  Oh, and it looks super pretty too.
  4. LN Andes is the little sister of LN Beanies, a brand by Ellen Kegels.  While the beautiful products of LN Beanies are knitted by Belgian grandmothers and Ellen, the scarves and beanies of LN Andes is made by Peruvian teen moms, who are often disowned by their family but now get a chance to work in humane conditions.  Ellen’s dream is to set up her own farm in Peru, so she can not only help teen moms, but also give the alpaca farmers a fair price for their wool.
  5. LADAK produces beautiful blankets, pillows and ponchos made out of recycled materials, which explains why every product they make is unique.  Their products are manufactured in sheltered workplaces and 15% of the profits go to homeless shelter in Amsterdam.  Get your own cosy blanket here.
  6. WeWOOD is responsible for wooden watches that are produced without artificial and toxic materials.  For every watch sold, a tree is planted.
  7. Honest by is an innitiative by Bruno Pieters and the first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products.  The whole production process is carefully watched to make sure that every garment is as environmental friendly as possible and that working conditions are safe and humane.  Honest by does not sell products using leather, fur, shell or horn but wool and silk that is organic, recycled or sourced from farms that ensure animal welfare.  If you completely want to avoid animal products, they also sell completely vegan garments.  Regularly they work together with international designers to create a ‘Green’ item, of which 20% of the profit goes to a charity, chosen by that particular designer.  Oh, and they take care of your skin too, no garment should affect your skin’s health.
  8. Tom’s is known for it’s shoes, made out of sustainable and vegan materials, of which a pair is given to a child in need for every pair sold, as part of larger health and education programs.  Recently, they added sunglasses to their collection, again with the one for one strategy.  For every pair sold, a person in need gets a pair of prescription glasses, a medical treatment or sight-saving surgery.  That’s right, for each pair of sunglasses you buy, someone gets to see properly again.

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au pays des merveilles

  1. Arrow cuff from Nasty gal: unfortunately already sold out… Hopefully they restock again!
  2. Beautiful antler ring from aether design, available in sterling silver and 9ct gold.
  3. My favourite: “Home is where the heart is” engraved cuff from Lisanne Janssen, photo by Danique from 88forever.  Totally speaks to me due to the two homes (Portugal & Belgium) situation I have going on right now…
  4. Golden twig bracelet, unfortunately without source…
  5. Kissing swallows bracelet from shopbop.
  6. Double band brass ring from Young Frank jewelry.
  7. Yara‘s studded ear: so minimalistic and so beautiful.
  8. Arro ring by two hills – they really have the best rings.

For more pretty jewelry, take a look at this post or my pinterest board.

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PRETTY THINGS: outfit inspiration

patrycja r – vanessa jackmanvanessa jackmanthe black feather

Last week, I showed you all the pretty coats I found on the internet.  This week, it’s time for some inspiration on how to wear them!

via polienne – toronto street fashion – trine’s wardrobe

 trine’s wardrobe styling dutchman – the styling guitar – via fuglafrae

via fuglafrae – trine’s wardrobe – via velvet and bones – anna l.

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Despite the fact that I live in Portugal at the moment, I’m obsessed with fall looks and beautiful coats at the moment.  Because without heating, double glass or any isolation in most houses, 15 degrees celsius outside means 15 degrees celsius inside…  My winter coats are unfortunately still in Belgium, so at the moment I’m warming my hands with hot tea and wearing two jumpers at the same time.  Oh well, you can’t have it all right!  So, with that in mind, I’ve been browsing the internet for pretty coats.  These are my favorites!

  1. Biker cocoon coat from asos
  2. Wonderland wool zip-thru coat from french connection
  3. Sparkle & Fade Fuzzy Pocket Coat from urban outfitters
  4. NW3 Marianne coat in burned orange tweed from asos
  5. Won Hundred Factory Cocoon Coat from urban outfitters
  6. Cooperative Gold Boy Jacket from urban outfitters
  7. Contrast raglan tweed boyfriend coat from topshop
  8. Textured boucle boyfriend coat from topshop

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PRETTY THINGS: packaging

  1. Packaging for ‘la pasta famiglia’, where each family member is represented by a different kind of pasta, illustrated as the family member’s hair. (source)
  2. Boneshaker wine.
  3. Beautiful equilateral nails by Winsome Brave.
  4. Packaging for Tacos and Tequila. (source)
  5. Ferrowatt was founded in the 19th century and has been making lightbulbs as Thomas Edison designed them.  (source)
  6. Wool and the gang‘s diy packages.
  7.  Landor Associates did this wonderful branding for the Bardot ice cream chain.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: interior inspiration


  1. Weekday carnival posted this lovely bedroom on her blog.  I adore the mint colored wall in combination with those black and white accessories.  (source)
  2. Beautiful combination of lamps in the town hall hotel‘s corner room.
  3. Using a pull down map as a planner and moodboard looks so great!  The mishmash of chairs underneath is pretty cool too.  (source)
  4. One of the many gorgeous apartments at freunden von freunden.  (source)
  5. Pretty clothing rack.  (source)
  6. Industrial inspired work place, I especially love the ‘concrete’ decoration on the wall and the metal deer head.  (source)
  7. This gigantic map used as wall paper is stunning!  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: ready for fall

blushing ambition – clémence poésie via eight small men– via velvet and bones – via polienne

Now that Portuguese summer is slowly making it’s way for fall and I’m spending my day inside, hiding for the rain, it seems like the perfect time to get some inspiration for fall appropriate outfits.  While going through my pinterest board, I noticed a lot of hats.  So far I haven’t given in to the hat trend yet, but I’m thinking about it…

By the way, did you notice I got featured on  Totally made my day!  So… welcome to all new readers and I hope you’ll stick around!  Be sure to come back soon as I’ve got a lot of photos lined up from when my best friend visited me here in Lisbon.  I can definitely say we used her time in Lisbon well, we’ve discovered wonderful places, so stay tuned!

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PRETTY THINGS: the tattoo edition


Don’t let this post fool you, I’m not planning on getting a tattoo.  For me a tattoo is something that should have a meaning, remind you of something important or define something about yourself that you’d like to share with the world or remind yourself of.  So far, I haven’t felt the urge yet to eternalize something on my body, but I do appreciate tattoos on others.  Lately I’ve been coming across many beautiful tattoos, so I figured it was about time I shared them with you, especially with the fake tattoo trend in mind!  (I will let that trend pass though, as the beauty of a tattoo lies in it being permanent for me, although I have to admit there’s some amazing fake tattoos to be found on the internet!)  So tell me, which one’s are your favorites and do you have a tattoo yourself?

  1. Pamela Love‘s crossing arrows tattoo.  (source)
  2. Adeline Rapon‘s Haida bracelet tattoo.  (source)
  3. Ivania‘s boyfriend and the tattooed line on his back.  (source)
  4. Chevron tattoo. (source)
  5. Bracelets tattoo. (source)
  6. Pamela Love‘s seeing eye tattoo.  (source)
  7. Tony Stone‘s hand tattoo.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: graphic design

  1. Invitation for an exhibtion with work of Jonathan Lichtfield, among others.
  2. Maps by Herb Lester (source)
  3. Cosmetics by Tokyomilk.
  4. Work by Belgian art direction studio Uber and Kosher
  5. Collages by Melinda Laszczynski (source)
  6. Deck of cards by Pieter Boels: each card is a gift card for a loved one, from saturday lunch to tickling delight.  (source)
  7. Branding for Burger Joint in Amman, Jordan by Warsheh.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: interior design

  1. Timber & Ore bar stool by Joseph Pitruzelli, available in mint and white here.
  2. Niko Economidis Design’s read – unread bookshelf keeps track of your reading habits.  (source)
  3. Geometrical clothing racks by interior blogger and stylist Annaleena, available in her online shop.  (source)
  4. The Lucy Chair by Bend seating.  (source)
  5.  Bongo Design‘s stool slash storing space, called Heavy Rabbit.  (source)
  6. Chair by Afteroom Studio.  (source)
  7. The Maisonette line by Simone Simonelli exists out of items which all can fulfill more than one function.  (source)

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  1. AlissaRose sells gorgeous succulent cork magnets on etsy for a very fair price.  Too bad she only ships within America!  (source)
  2. Bart & Pieter, two garden architects, show their gorgeous home, overflowing with plants, on coffeeklatch.
  3. Succulents in cute color blocked pots, an easy DIY if you ask me.  (source)
  4. Clara Balaguer, who is a design thinker, lives in a wonderful home in Manila, The Philippines. “ I took all the dying plants from the garden downstairs, no one really goes there because it’s so full of mosquitoes. And I put them upstairs next to my mom’s old Jesus statues, so they’d actually have something to pray about.”  (source)
  5. Hanging test tube vases, available here.  (source)
  6. Outdoor shower in doug aitken’s home.  (source)
  7. Floral wall at a café, spotted by Geneva from a pair and a spair.
  8. A vertical garden made from recycled pallets.  (source)
  9. Lily‘s home, where plants are carefully protected.  (source)

Take a look here for the first edition of ‘PRETTY THINGS: go green’.

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PRETTY THINGS: graphic design

  1. Marius Roosendaal promised himself to do something creative everyday: graphic design on a subject that he finds interesting or based on a photograph he made or found.  And it looks grab!
  2. Beautiful wedding invitation by Lisa Hedge.  (source)
  3. Mathilde Aubier designed this wonderful poster for the Rock’art exposition during the Rock en Seine festival.
  4. Gorgeous posters for the newcastle festival of dance.  (source)
  5. Minimalistic poster for a few things from Ivan Smaghe by A is a name. (source)

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  1. Handmade folded notebooks are a must for every creative notebook lover.  (source)
  2. Glass etched decanter.  I love the triangle design!  (source)
  3. The only things that worries me about this chain camera strap, is how comfortable this could possibly be.  I’d love to try it though, it looks fabulous!  (source)
  4. Origami bows made out of magazine pages.  (source)
  5. Bored of your regular plastic camera?  Give it a makeover!  (source)
  6. Pop up polaroid card: seems perfect for an invitation.  (source)
  7. A colorful makeover for your everyday pots and dishes. (source)
  8. Braided bead bracelet.  I’ve been making bracelets like crazy lately, this one’s next on my to do list!  (source)
  9. More DIY camera straps!  (source)`

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PRETTY THINGS: outfit inspiration

1 – 2 (unknown)- 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7

While you’re reading this, I’m packing my bags and leaving for Dour festival.  I’ll be back on Monday, but no worries, I’ve planned some posts so you won’t be bored!  Unfortunately it will be rather cold and wet the next few days, but I’m still hoping I can look as effortlessly cool and chic as these 7 ladies!  (Although I won’t be bringing my maxi skirt, I’d hate to ruin it!)

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  1. Understand rap: explanations of confusing rap lyrics you and your grandma can understand – no further explanation needed, right?
  2. Funny Food: 365 Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts gives you exactly what it promises!  Now all I need is to convince someone to prepare me one of those breakfasts every morning… (source)
  3. Every story needs a book, and that’s exactly what My Book by Dennis Guidone offers: a cover sheet, chapters, a table of contents and a blank body for you to fill.  (source)
  4. Ryan McGinley, one of my absolute heroes, selected his favorite photographs from his first decade of work and collected them in the book You and I.  My birthday’s in two months, just saying! (source)
  5. Urban knits by Simone Werle stuns you with images of the latest street art hype.
  6. Belgium’s best buildings shows a selection of 75 buildings completed after 1900, ranging from the Royal greenhouses of Laeken to the MAS museum in Antwerp.
  7. Bike Snob: systematically and mercilessly realigning the world of cycling should be a must-read for anyone who rides their bike on a daily basis.  I’m curious!
  8. Store front – the disappearing face of New York by James and Karla Murray captures New York City’s timeworn storefronts.  (source)
  9. Carpe Diem journal is a wonderfully illustrated diary for both your mini and major goals.
  10. Jonathan Safran Foer collaborated with graphic designer Sara De Bondt on his book ‘Tree of codes‘.  It’s a cropped version of the Polish story Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz – and you can take ‘cropped’ quite literally: Foer literally cut out words of the story and left the blank spaces as empty holes in the page.  If you click here, you can find videos of the making off and people’s reactions when they first open the book.


If you’re following me on facebook, you’ve probably already seen this photo of the view I had from behind my desk while studying.  The lovely weather we had a few weeks ago inspired me to add some fresh flowers from the garden next to my hyacinth (a gift from a friend) and my sanseveria cilindricum (bought in ikea).  (The red glass and pot on the right are also from ikea, the mug is from our local thrift shop and the glass jar was found in the kitchen.)  Because I love this green view so much, I figured I’d gather all of the interior decoration featuring plants I have been collecting over time.  Here they are!

  1. Herbs in colorful marimekko mugs at the home of weekday carnival.
  2. Cute cacti, as seen on goesting.
  3. Super pretty terrarium, available here.
  4. Fellow fellow‘s diy planters.
  5. Lucy and Stephen’s wonderful glasshouse.
  6. Most beautiful matches I could ever imagine, designed by Karou Mende and found through jokemijn.
  7. Wallflower vases by  Gitta Gschwendtner, as seen on dezeen.
  8. I might not be the biggest neon fan, but this plant hanger stole my heart.
  9. Coral vase.
  10. A pair and a spare gathered many indoor plant ideas, including these framed plants.

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PRETTY THINGS: packaging

  1. I think I’ve told you before how I choose my wine: I just go with the prettiest label.  No need to tell you this would be my pick!  (by Ali Labelle, source)
  2. It’s always inspiring to see the design process, right?  Claire from fellow fellow posted a few sketches of a logo for an online shop.
  3. Amazing branding for a bakery.   I know where I’ll get my baguettes when I’m in Melbourne! (by Fabio Ongarato, source)
  4. This design for a fictional brand of high-end greek imported products, is the result of a graphic design assignment at the IED Barcelona, Spain.  (by Mergime Raci, source)

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PRETTY THINGS: dreaming of summer

pants – top – satchelearringssunglasses – flats – bra – camera

Like every Belgian blogger out there, I need to complain about the weather these days.  We were luckily spoiled with a sunny and warm weekend, but today it’s raining cats and dogs again.  (Which even led to me skipping class, oops.)  So while I’m staring out the window I’m dreaming of the hopefully warm and sunny summer to come.

By the way, how awesome are these pants?  Wishlisted!

PS.  Does anyone know why my images always turn out so crappy after I’ve uploaded them?  They look fine when I open them on my computer, but once I’ve uploaded them to wordpress they look horrible in comparison to the original.  I’m saving them as a jpeg by the way.  Any help is welcome, this has been bothering me for quite some time.

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PRETTY THINGS: notebooks

  1. Handmade travel book, one of the many lovely notebooks available at ARMINHO.  (source)
  2. Gold foiled notepads for happy notes from tokketok.
  3. Keel’s simple diary, for all you people out there who never managed to keep a diary.  (source)
  4. Pro/Con journal, could be helpful when making difficult decisions.  (source)
  5. Moleskine pockets illustrated by hand with lovely animals and words of wisdom.  Find them at leanimale.

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Lately I can’t get enough of canvas tote bags, and why should I?  There’s plenty amazing totes out there, and in general, they’re not expensive at all!

  1. Deer Dana sells t-shirts with amazing portraits of celebrities like Dolly Parton, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, etc.  But besides the shirts, they also print totes with their designs.  Unfortunately they’re a bit on the expensive side, but oh well.  Sometimes you just need to make a good investment! ;)
  2. My personal favorite, and already in my possession: the one and only ‘My bauhouse is better than yours‘ tote.  Architectural reference?  CHECK!
  3. Another one of my own collection, a mustache print!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a mustache is always a plus in my book.
  4. With the initials trend on full force (have you spotted the jewelry section in urban outfitters lately?  Nothing but alphabet necklaces, bracelets and rings.), alphabet bags can’t lack in this list.  Availble at, of course, alphabet bags.
  5. You can never go wrong with monki!  They’ve got quite the collection of tote bags too, and bring some color to the table.
  6. With beautiful words and a pink dip dye, you can’t go wrong either.  And this isn’t the only beautiful tote fieldguided sells!  For triangles + boats, take a look here, and if you’re a fan of Serge Gainsbourgh, this tote must be your favorite.  (Oh, and I’ve featured one of their totes before here.)
  7. Paisley magic sells all kinds of totes with a detailed black and white print.  Totally worth checking out!

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PRETTY THINGS: interior design

  1.  Plant stands made out of wire, available here.  (source)
  2. Seppl is a porcelain espresso maker designed by Arvid Haeusser.  (source)
  3. Oven gloves with that perfect black and white print by RK design, available here.
  4. I’d love to own this Airplane Doorstop, although a doorstop probably is the last thing I need.  I just can’t resist a paper plane.  (source)
  5. Niels Datema‘s bread spoons each serve as a measuring tool that gives the correct quantities of flour, water, yeast, sugar and oil to bake the perfect loaf of bread.  (source)
  6. Japanese designers Nendo‘s line 1% products is so perfect in all of it’s simplicity: these block vases for example, can be stacked together like building blocks.  (source)
  7. Dino salad servers from howkapow.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: paper & packaging

1.  Cold Spring Aptohecary has the most beautiful packaging and a very environmental friendly philosophy too.  Too good to be true, you say?

2.  Pretty tape with pretty hipster triangles.  Availble at seventy tree.

3.  Unfortunately, this branding and packaging is for a fictional flower shop, but if it looks this good and if it’s named after a joy division song, someone should make this happen.

4.  Colorful goodie bags, and apparently not that hard to make at all.  (source)

5.  Wonderful decoration.  (source)

6.  Perfect basic calendar from rk design.  (Unfortunately sold out, but I don’t think it’s that hard to make one yourself, shh.)  Don’t forget to check out the designer’s blog, it’s one of my favorites!

7.  Since I know absolutely nothing about wine, I always choose wine according to the most beautiful packaging (preferably with animals on it).  Unfortunately, pretty designs are quite hard to find in our local supermarket.  If only I would find this bottle of wine on the shelves!  (source)

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After seeing paper and chain’s lovely jewelry on several blogs, and running into the gorgeous lookbook of jewelry brand Two Hills (those rings!  I want them all), I started browsing etsy for more delicate jewelry inspired by the beauty of geometry.  Behold my discoveries!

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1.  I already own Muriel en Diane’s book about Belgian architects and their interior (which appeared in a previous ‘pretty things’ post about books), and I love love love that book.  So after seeing their newest book about Belgian designers and their interior, this is next on my wish list.

2.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I’m sure all of you know him from the movie ‘500 days of summer’) published a book under the motto: “The universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories.”  Therefor he asked Americans to send in illustrations and super short stories, of which 60 made it into ‘The tiny book of tiny stories, volume 1‘, which is nothing more than a collection of inspiring mini stories, and that’s probably all it needs to be.  I haven’t read it, but I expect this to be a great gift for a loved one, and I wouldn’t mind getting one myself!

3.  If I were a man, this would be my bible.  ‘The moustache grower’s guide‘ helps every man to achieve his dream mustache, and since my love for mustaches is endless, my male friends can all expect this book as a birthday gift, until none of my friends is without a mustache.  Making the world a better place one mustache at a time!

4.  Stefaan Pauwels and Dominique Nzeyimana from knotoryus released a book (available at colette or as an ibook version), filled with inspirational photos, drawings and words.  Looks like a book I need on my coffee table.  (source)

5.  ‘Living in brussels‘ is a collection of 20 interiors in our Belgian capital.  As far as I can tell from the sneak peeks at I love Belgium, this is another book I’d love to get my hands on.

6.  Photography is unfortunately a very expensive hobby, but luckily you don’t need an expensive camera to make beautiful photos.  ‘Pin hole cameras, a do-it-yourself guide‘ shows how you can make pinhole cameras from objects which you can find in every household.

7.  ‘The guerrilla art kit‘ by Keri Smith (which I’m sure you all know from ‘wreck this journal’) gives you all the inspiration you need to start an arty revolution.  Let’s get crafty!

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PRETTY THINGS: interior inspiration

1.  Beautiful office space, I love the colors (or maybe the lack of colors?), the collage, the geometric patterns and the mustache (of course).  (source)

2.  No Function’s  Daphne and her beautiful studio in Amsterdam.  I love the lack of color in the furniture combined with the colorful accessories.  More here.

3.  Another beautiful black and white workspace, I’m particularly in love with the planner and the string of paper boats.  (via, source)

4.  Insane windows.  (source)

5.  The ceiling of the UNDERCOVER boutique in Tokyo, by Jun Takahashi.

6.  Workplace of S.  from a petty bourgeoisie.  It’s like a piece of art.

7.  Original signage for the home for the elderly in Hottingen, Zurich by Aline Dallo, Tina Stäheli and Kathrin Urban of iA.  (source)

8.  Gorgeous windows, and I love the shelves in front of the glass.  What an amazing space.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: interior design

1.  Geometric pillows by Mika Barr for Talents Design.  Available here.

2.  Iphone base station.  (source)

3.  Wooden side table, customized by Jane Dandy to the sizes of your favorite books.  (source)

4.  Kulma, an amazing framing shelf by Martina Carpelan.  (source)

5.  An original take on the classic light bubble: Eric Therner’s diamond lights.  Available at hunting and collecting.

6.  Knit stools by Claire Anne O’Brien.  Pretty amazing! (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: interior design

1. Lucy Moore’s studio.  So much inspiration on that wall.  (source)

2.  Gorgeous wall decoration at the Taiwan Noodle House, by Golucci International Design.

3.  Breathtaking windows.  I’ll take those Eames chairs too!  (So much Eames on this blog lately!)  (source)

4.  Yet another inspirational workspot.  (source)

5.  Precisely stacked magazines.  (source)

6.  Perfectly color coordinated kitchen shelves.  (source)

7.  Incredible window.  I’d love to see more of this place.  (source)

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1.  I need these Studios by ferm living on my wall.  (I’m an architect, I can’t NOT have them on my wall.)

2.  Glass greenhouses by west elm. Pretty!

3.  Stacked books.  Yes please! (source)

4.   Blue D1653, the new contemporary brand by traditional Dutch porcelain company Royal Delft.  Arian Brekveld designed this lovely set for them.  (source)

5.  Invisible speaker by people people, so cool!  (source)

6.  A concrete clock?  That’s probably my inner architect speaking again, but I love it!  It’s called 4th dimension and is a design by 22 DESIGN STUDIO.  (source)

7.  I found this close-up of a print on weekday carnival, but I have no clue who it’s from.  I’d love to have this hanging on my wall though!

8.  Pretty vases by mano design.

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1.  Push pins made out of cement, too cool!  You can get them here.  (source)

2.  Great decoration: I love the cardboard rhino, the photo of the black-eyed old man, the dog pictures and the striped tape.  Great color scheme too, I like it simple!  (source)

3.  A great way to serve milk when you’re treating your guests to a hot cup of coffee.  Buy it here.  (source)

4.  A lovely workspace (with more cardboard animals): I adore the pantone color sample in mint green.  (source)

5.  Varpunen bags used to collect trash for recycling.  (Did you notice the paper bag used as a trash can in the previous photo?  It’s a trend!)  (source)

6.  Amazing workspace, there’s no way you can be distracted here!  It goes by the name Rewrite and is a design of Gam Fratesi.  (source)

7.  Stacks:Lamps by Dino Sanchez, they look so great when they’re positioned on your book shelve!  Get them here.  (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: etsy finds

1.  Pretty necklace.  The black one (not pictured here) is my favorite! Buy it here.

2.  Pretty poster.  It’s printed on a plotter (a large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints) so I’m definitely keeping this in mind as a DIY!  Now I just have to take the perfect photo.  Buy it here.

3.  Pretty gift for someone you love, you can write about these twelve lovable things inside this notebook yourself!  Buy it here.4.  Pretty laptop sleeve.  Buy it here.

5.  Pretty peter pan collar necklace.  Yes please!  Buy it here.  (Should be an easy DIY too, no?)

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1.  I love how the necklaces are a part of the interior and that dresser is such an easy DIY.  (source)

2.  An easy way to keep your bulletin board organized: envelopes with labels!  (source unknown)

3.  Vintage cameras in frames.  I’ve collected quite a few and not all of them are in use, so I might try this! (source)

4.  You can never have enough pretty things hanging on your wall!  (Remember this post about my own room?) (source unknown)

For more interior inspiration, take a look at my archives here.

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PRETTY THINGS: to do yourself

1.  Pretty bowl with a doily print.  Do it yourself here. (source)

2.  Pretty bangles made out of twigs.  Do it yourself here.

3.  Pretty calendar with your favorite photos. Do it yourself here.4.  Pretty wrap dress.  Do it yourself here.

5.  Pretty leather collar.  Do it yourself here.  (I’m considering saving up for the real thing by Col Claudine, but I might have to try this one first…)

6.  Pretty T-strap bra.  Do it yourself here.

7.  Pretty printed t-shirt.  Do it yourself here.

8.  Pretty notebook.  Do it yourself here.

9.  Pretty headband.  Do it yourself here.

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1.  Antwerp Street Style by Jens Mollenvanger, a young photographer from – you guessed it – Antwerp.  (available here)

2.  Firework Studies by Pierre Le Hors: breathtakingly beautiful.  (source)

3.  Pulled, a catalog of screen printing.  I have two friends who’d be thrilled to have this book, since they’re screen printing their own t-shirts, but I’d be very pleased too.  (available here)

4.  Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey.  True fan here, no explanation needed! (available here)


5.  If you’re not familiar with the if you leave tumblr yet, check it out now.  If you are, you know you should check out their book too.  They describe it as “a collection of contemporary photography, snapshots of a journey made by wanderers who study the mysterious yet uncannily peaceful feeling of desolation and loneliness. it is more concerned with the impact of a single image, rather than a body of work by an individual photographer.”  Sounds promising, if you ask me.    (soon availble here)

6. Aberrant Necropolis by Ellen Rogers.  You can take a peek at some of her pictures here, prepare yourself for some amazing photographs.

PS.  Hungry for more books?  Take a look here, for a previous “PRETTY THINGS: books” post.

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