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As some of you might know, I didn’t always live in Antwerp (or Lisbon,  or Leuven…), but I grew up in a small town in the east of Belgium.  The nearest “big city” was Hasselt, which back then consisted mostly out of high street stores.  At the age of 16, we didn’t expect much more from our shopping trips, but times change.  And so did Hasselt!  Every time I return I’m surprised by all the new shops and bars, so I figured it was about time I shared my favorite places in this incredibly cosy city.  As usual, you’ll find a map at the bottom of this city guide for Hasselt, where you’ll find even more tips from very reliable sources, and this post will be updated as I discover new places.

where to get some culture


  1. Z33 for interesting expositions in a former beguinage.  (see blogpost here) zuivelmarkt 33
  2. Modemuseum  for exhibitions on fashion in all its forms.  gasthuisstraat 11
  3. Alley guerilla art gallery for expos focused on graphic design, illustration, typography and street art, organised by graphic designers Debora Lauwers and Daan Linsen. (see blogpost here) dorpsstraat 38
where to eat and drink


  1. De Sladerij for healthy and tasty salads in an interior that feels like a breath of fresh air.  (see blogpost here) havermarkt 39
  2. Copain for an overload of new takes on the classic croque-monsieur.  (see blogpost here) zuivelmarkt 38 (UPDATE: Copain unfortunately closed permanently)
  3. Fietsbar for lunch or a cup of coffee while waiting for your bike to be repaired.  You’re also welcome if you’re bike doesn’t need fixing.  minderbroedersstraat 54
  4. La Bottega for a healthy snack or a cup of coffee when you need a shopping break.  paardsdemerstraat 9
  5. KingKongCoffee for Hasselt’s coffee experts.  maastrichterstraat 58
where to dance
  1.  Muziekodroom for really affordable concerts of amazing bands.  Keep an eye on their agenda!  bootstraat 9
where to shop


  1. Jade for fashion that can do no wrong (only to your wallet), with brands such as Isabel Marant and Acne Studios. dokter willemsstraat 19
  2. Donum for all the design you could possibly wish for in a stunning former post office.  havermarkt 33
  3. Olive & Oil for high quality olive oil, straight out of Greece. minderbroedersstraat 27
  4. Oui for beautiful design and great gifts.  aldestraat 50
  5. Paplou for fashion, gifts and deco, with a retro twist.  (see blogpost heredorpsstraat 37b
  6. Alley guerilla art gallery for interesting books about graphic design, illustration, typography and street art.(see blogpost here) dorpsstraat 38
  7. Just Julia for pretty clothes from Studio Ruig to Stutterheim. kapelstraat 42
  8. Multiple & Huis Pauwels Spaenjers for stunning jewelry.  maastrichterstraat 64
  9. La Bottega for a concept store where you risk getting lost between all the shoes, clothes and accessories.  paardsdemerstraat 9




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