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The need for people to consume less and invest in more sustainable and timeless pieces, is something that doesn’t need explanation anymore, in my opinion.  But shopping more sustainable is not always the easiest thing to do, so I collected a few brands that manufacture products without harming the environment or exploiting people, but instead make the world a better place, one step at a time.

  1. O My Bag stands for beautiful bags that make the world a little better.  They are made out of eco-leather, which is taken from local cows and produced without the usage of harmful chemicals and while keeping in mind energy management, water control and safety conditions.  This leads to a reduced carbon footprint, but the production process, which fully takes place in India, of this bag also offers education and jobs to the economically and physically challenged.  They get a fair wage, health insurance and get to work under fair conditions.  Read more about it here and get your own O My Bag in their online shop.
  2. Jollie goods gives a pair of socks to a homeless pair in your area for every pair of Jollies socks you buy.  These help homeless people to improve their foot hygiene, which can avoid several extensive foot problems, often caused by the lack of clean socks.   Get your own here and share the love with another pair of feet.
  3. The Bogo brush is a biodegradable tooth brush made out of bamboo.  Bogo brush doesn’t only care about the environment, it also cares about the people living in it: for every brush that is bought, they give one to someone in need.  Oh, and it looks super pretty too.
  4. LN Andes is the little sister of LN Beanies, a brand by Ellen Kegels.  While the beautiful products of LN Beanies are knitted by Belgian grandmothers and Ellen, the scarves and beanies of LN Andes is made by Peruvian teen moms, who are often disowned by their family but now get a chance to work in humane conditions.  Ellen’s dream is to set up her own farm in Peru, so she can not only help teen moms, but also give the alpaca farmers a fair price for their wool.
  5. LADAK produces beautiful blankets, pillows and ponchos made out of recycled materials, which explains why every product they make is unique.  Their products are manufactured in sheltered workplaces and 15% of the profits go to homeless shelter in Amsterdam.  Get your own cosy blanket here.
  6. WeWOOD is responsible for wooden watches that are produced without artificial and toxic materials.  For every watch sold, a tree is planted.
  7. Honest by is an innitiative by Bruno Pieters and the first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products.  The whole production process is carefully watched to make sure that every garment is as environmental friendly as possible and that working conditions are safe and humane.  Honest by does not sell products using leather, fur, shell or horn but wool and silk that is organic, recycled or sourced from farms that ensure animal welfare.  If you completely want to avoid animal products, they also sell completely vegan garments.  Regularly they work together with international designers to create a ‘Green’ item, of which 20% of the profit goes to a charity, chosen by that particular designer.  Oh, and they take care of your skin too, no garment should affect your skin’s health.
  8. Tom’s is known for it’s shoes, made out of sustainable and vegan materials, of which a pair is given to a child in need for every pair sold, as part of larger health and education programs.  Recently, they added sunglasses to their collection, again with the one for one strategy.  For every pair sold, a person in need gets a pair of prescription glasses, a medical treatment or sight-saving surgery.  That’s right, for each pair of sunglasses you buy, someone gets to see properly again.

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  1. Laura January 30, 2013

    Ik denk dat het Ellen is i.p.v. Elke ;)

  2. Ilse January 30, 2013

    Hey Hannelore! Leuk je berichtje te lezen, las ‘m pas heel laat, it’s been a while indeed ;) ik was er opeens van het ene op het andere moment helemaal klaar mee, stom hè? Had een beetje met de commercie te maken die er opeens omheen hing, en ik had opeens heel weinig tijd meer door m’n studie. Maar heel misschien starten een vriendinnetje en ik samen iets op binnenkort, dus ik laat het je zeker weten als dat gebeurt! Verder gaat alles priiima. Bij jou ook? :) x!

  3. January 31, 2013

    Zeker pretty things! Vooral het mutsje, de tas en de tandenborstels.


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