PRETTY THINGS: packaging

  1. Packaging for ‘la pasta famiglia’, where each family member is represented by a different kind of pasta, illustrated as the family member’s hair. (source)
  2. Boneshaker wine.
  3. Beautiful equilateral nails by Winsome Brave.
  4. Packaging for Tacos and Tequila. (source)
  5. Ferrowatt was founded in the 19th century and has been making lightbulbs as Thomas Edison designed them.  (source)
  6. Wool and the gang‘s diy packages.
  7.  Landor Associates did this wonderful branding for the Bardot ice cream chain.  (source)

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  1. Angelina October 31, 2012

    Ohh altijd leuk om te zien!

  2. Sophie // Tomorrow at Dawn October 31, 2012

    Hi =)
    Welcome to Lisbon !
    So the secondhand shop I go to is called Humana. You go by metro, the green line on the stops Anjos and Intendente. This is the website, they have the addresses there:
    The only place I know that has Primark in Dolce Vita Tejo. It’s in Amadora. Depending on where you live it may be really close or, like in my case, very far so I only go when I have a car, but there are public transports that can take you there.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time in Portugal =)


  3. Marloes November 1, 2012

    Mooi mooi moooooi! Vooral nummer 5 :)

  4. laura November 2, 2012

    wat een mooie pakjes en doosjes!
    liften is leuk :) als je de kans krijgt moet je het zeker doen. lekker op avontuur. ik wil heel graag in de kerstvakantie naar lissabon. weet jij misschien een fijne goedkope manier om daar te komen? ik wil er al heel lang naartoe.


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