PRETTY THINGS: packaging

  1. I think I’ve told you before how I choose my wine: I just go with the prettiest label.  No need to tell you this would be my pick!  (by Ali Labelle, source)
  2. It’s always inspiring to see the design process, right?  Claire from fellow fellow posted a few sketches of a logo for an online shop.
  3. Amazing branding for a bakery.   I know where I’ll get my baguettes when I’m in Melbourne! (by Fabio Ongarato, source)
  4. This design for a fictional brand of high-end greek imported products, is the result of a graphic design assignment at the IED Barcelona, Spain.  (by Mergime Raci, source)

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  1. Danique May 23, 2012

    Ik houuuu van mooie design labels <3 zo kies ik ook vanalles :)

  2. Studio Meez May 24, 2012

    Ik doe net hetzelfde als jij, kiezen voor de mooiste verpakking!
    Deze zijn perfect!

  3. Elle May 24, 2012

    ahaha well the appearance is not all…especially for wines! but i do too look at labels a lot =)

  4. Mergime Raci June 8, 2012

    Thanks for the mention! :)


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