PRETTY THINGS: interior design

  1.  Plant stands made out of wire, available here.  (source)
  2. Seppl is a porcelain espresso maker designed by Arvid Haeusser.  (source)
  3. Oven gloves with that perfect black and white print by RK design, available here.
  4. I’d love to own this Airplane Doorstop, although a doorstop probably is the last thing I need.  I just can’t resist a paper plane.  (source)
  5. Niels Datema‘s bread spoons each serve as a measuring tool that gives the correct quantities of flour, water, yeast, sugar and oil to bake the perfect loaf of bread.  (source)
  6. Japanese designers Nendo‘s line 1% products is so perfect in all of it’s simplicity: these block vases for example, can be stacked together like building blocks.  (source)
  7. Dino salad servers from howkapow.  (source)

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  1. Noor April 11, 2012

    Yeah, measuring spoons, hebbennn. Ik vind deze echt cool! Maar ja, ik heb al een set :p

  2. Jessi April 11, 2012

    Leuk, zo’n collage! Die espresso machine is echt geweldig :D

  3. Jaclyn April 12, 2012

    Simple wood and white pieces are always my favorite. Great selection of items.

    Stay in the Lines

  4. STEFANIE April 12, 2012

    oh wauw, die espresso machine is super! haha : )

  5. Natalie April 12, 2012

    love this simple and clean style, I’m a big white fan ;-)


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