1.  Antwerp Street Style by Jens Mollenvanger, a young photographer from – you guessed it – Antwerp.  (available here)

2.  Firework Studies by Pierre Le Hors: breathtakingly beautiful.  (source)

3.  Pulled, a catalog of screen printing.  I have two friends who’d be thrilled to have this book, since they’re screen printing their own t-shirts, but I’d be very pleased too.  (available here)

4.  Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey.  True fan here, no explanation needed! (available here)


5.  If you’re not familiar with the if you leave tumblr yet, check it out now.  If you are, you know you should check out their book too.  They describe it as “a collection of contemporary photography, snapshots of a journey made by wanderers who study the mysterious yet uncannily peaceful feeling of desolation and loneliness. it is more concerned with the impact of a single image, rather than a body of work by an individual photographer.”  Sounds promising, if you ask me.    (soon availble here)

6. Aberrant Necropolis by Ellen Rogers.  You can take a peek at some of her pictures here, prepare yourself for some amazing photographs.

PS.  Hungry for more books?  Take a look here, for a previous “PRETTY THINGS: books” post.

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1.  Cute mugs by corduroy. (source)

2.  Pallet bed (source)

3.  Watt lamp by Henk Stallinga for Goods.  The cord can be bent anyway you want. (buy it here)

4.  Tape hooks by Torafu Architects.  (source)

5.  Bin Bin Wastebasket designed by John Brauer voor Essey.  (buy it here)

6.  Porcelain coffee cups by Rob Brandt for Seletti.  (buy it here)

7.  Cloud lamp by Zhao Liping.  (source)

8.  Sewing kit wall sticker.  (buy it here)

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PRETTY THINGS: ready for the summer festivals?

Daydreaming about summer while supposed to be studying, I got to be carried away…  I will spend the first days of my summer holidays roadtripping to the beach of Sète, in the South of France, for Worldwide Festival.  Then I fly home to get a day of rest and then I’m off to my next stop: Dour festival!  Of course I have to prepare well for these nine days of music, friends and laughter, so I gathered my festival essential: light and comfortable clothes, glasses and a hat to protect me from the sun, a camera to document all the fun, a backpack to keep all my stuff and comfortable shoes.  I’m ready!  Are you?

Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Fedora hat – ASOS
Open back vest – Topshop
Shorts – Topshop
La Sardina camera – lomography
Brogues – New Look
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1.  At, you can assemble your own dreambike.  Yay!

2.  Over at beg bicycles, you can find (besides charming vintage looking bikes) the cutest accessories for you bike rides, like this leather flask…

… or this adorable basket…

… or a beautiful coolbox.

3. If you’re not that much of a romantic-retro-vibes-loving-person, you’ll be sure to find your fix over at electra.  They have an amazing collection of bikes, which are decorated to perfection.  This ‘koi’ cruiser has the matching saddle to prove it.

4.  Or why not choose a cruiser tandem?  Your bike  ride won’t go unnoticed!  (electra)

5.  Something entirely different, but so cool: Rob’s hand painted woodgrain bikes. (via 70% pure)

6.  If you have to leave your real bike at home, you can always prove your love for the bycicle by sporting this double finger ring.  (buy it here)


Oh well, I just couldn’t resist.  Perfect soundtrack to this post!

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PRETTY THINGS: caffeinated

This week is my first week of a month of studying and taking exams.  Needless to say: I’m craving caffeïne!

1.  Espresso machine in concrete, by Shmuel Linski (source)

2. Although probably intended for alcoholic beverages, wouldn’t your daily caffeïne fix taste de-licious when sipping from this beautiful flask?  (buy it here)

3.  Espresso machine in wood, by Øystein Husby, Audun Grimstad, Åsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde.  They wanted to give the espresso machine that typical ‘scandinavian design’ look, I think they succeeded!  (source)

4. Cute eco cup in porcelain, with silicone lid and sleeve (to keep your coffee-craving hands from burning).  (Buy it here.)

5.  Vintage coffee pots, like this one.  (Buy it here.)


1.  Training Dresser by Peter Bristol, a dresser for kids with drawers shaped like their contents. (via swissmiss)

2. Clever design by kompott.  Shouldn’t be to hard to make yourself, no? (via 70% pure)

3.  It’s no secret that I have a thing for birds, so I love love love this Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter. One day this will be mine!  Buy it here.

4.  BOSKKE Sky Planter by Patrick Morris.  I blogged about this before after seeing it at Interieur 2010, but back then I didn’t know who the designer was.  Mystery solved!  Buy it here.

5.  Antlers by Alexander Taylor.  So clever!  Buy it here.

6.  Alarm dock for your iPhone, by Jonas Damon.  If I would have an iPhone, this would already be on my nightstand.  Buy it here.(via swissmiss)

7.  Clever DIY hanger by Love Aestehtics.

8. Information desk at TU Delft library, made out of recycled books. Genious! (source)

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PRETTY THINGS: cameras & friends

1. Supercute 110 camera with hedgehog print.  There’s also a ladybug version!  Only 10 dollars at the four corner store.


2.  Holga lens for Canon + holga fisheye set: this would allow me to take fisheye photos with my DSLR, without an extremely expensive lens!  I want this so badly!  Also at four corner store.

3.  The camera bag Andy from Stylescrapbook designed for kipling.  So pretty.  Better be quick, because it’s limited edition!  More info here.

4.  Not as pretty as Andy’s bag, but there’s extra space for other lenses.  Buy it here.

5.  This one is extremely handy:  a little bag that keeps your camera safe, which you can put in any bag you want!   I often put my camera in my handbags without any extra protection, this would make me feel a lot safer!  You can find it at the photojojo store.

6.  Diana F+ Qing Hua.  Everyone knows the beauty of Diana photos, but if the Diana itself is this pretty?  Even better.


1.  Triangle necklace by Laura Lombardi.  Buy it at Pigeon Toe.

2.  Forget me knot ring in sterling silver by Kiel Mead.  Buy it at areaware, also in 14k gold, black, white or red powder coat, brass and platinum.

3.  Silver feather ring by fashionology.

4. Porcelain key – lucky dip and gold plated pewter key necklace.  Both of them from nonesuch things.

5.  More earcuffs!  These are from Etsy seller JeeraFs, who offers many different earcuffs at affordable prices.  (I’ve bought a pair with her before and I’m very pleased with both the service and the quality.)

6.  Porcelain brooches by Etsy seller andOdesign.


1.  “Belgische architecten en hun huis”, or Belgian architects and their home.  Since I’ve been photographing the home of some architects for our magazine Unité, this a subject that interests me a lot.  In this book, several well known architects are portrayed, followed by a reportage about their home. Buy it here.

2.  This little book with photos of Tamara Lichtenstein.  Available for only 8 euros at pogobooks, where you can find many other affordable little books with beautiful photos.

3.  “The solitude of prime numbers“, by Paolo Giordano.  I’ve wanted to read this for so long and now I’ve finally bought it.  Now all I need to do is find some time to dive into the story.

4.  This little book with the first one hundred photos by Angels & Ghosts.  (I’ve blogged about them before.)  Unfortunately it’s sold out.

5. Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade.  It’s a collection of his photographs of the last decade.  I’m a big fan of his work so this should be good!

5 things I’ve fallen in love with this week

  1. These beautiful ‘Bardot gloves’ by Minna Parikka.
    minna parikka bardot glove
  2. The Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton.  It hasn’t come out yet but I can’t wait!

    alice2click images for the source

  3. Cute vinyl stickers by RedVelvetart. The mustaches are my favourite!
  4. Barry M nailpolish in mint.  I ordered it online here, can’t wait for it to arrive!
  5. The floral lace bra and panties by American Apparel.

    PS.  Please take a look at Heleen’s blog, she’s been so sweet to make a lovely post out of my photomanipulations!