PRETTY THINGS: notebooks

  1. Handmade travel book, one of the many lovely notebooks available at ARMINHO.  (source)
  2. Gold foiled notepads for happy notes from tokketok.
  3. Keel’s simple diary, for all you people out there who never managed to keep a diary.  (source)
  4. Pro/Con journal, could be helpful when making difficult decisions.  (source)
  5. Moleskine pockets illustrated by hand with lovely animals and words of wisdom.  Find them at leanimale.

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  1. littleweekendwar April 25, 2012

    Ik hou zoveel van notaboekjes, heb er al veel te veel eigenlijk :), deze zijn zo mooi,
    weet niet of ik ga kunnen weerstaan! ^^

  2. saskia April 30, 2012

    Erg pretty! En je blog is ook leuk :D


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