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  1. I don’t know a lot about painters, but I do know I love Gerhard Richter‘s work and that every time I came across one of his paintings in a museum, it made a big impression on me.  ‘November ‘contains 54 works in ink and for what I’ve seen, they are absolutely stunning.  (source)
  2. Designer Thomas Billas is the man behind ‘How to make it without ikea’, a zine that shows us how to transform everyday objects into useful tools.  Volume three comes out soon, volume I and II can be found on line here and here. (source)
  3. As far as my german skills tell me, ‘wenn ich mal gross bin, werde ich designer’ is a student project and a pretty cool one at that.  This masterpiece contains beautiful illustrations, both hand drawn and on computer, and even some pop-up mechanisms.  Take a look here.
  4. Quite good houses‘ shows us ordinary European houses, which might surprise us upon taking a closer look at them, but honestly, the title alone already does it for me.
  5. Like every self respecting person of my generation, I have a collection of tote bags.  However, the author of this book, which is conveniently named ‘The tote Bag‘, has gathered a much bigger collection that is well worth taking a look at if you love design and illustration.  (By the way, author Jitesh Patel also has a blog dedicated to the subject.)
  6. ‘A history of graphic design for rainy days’ gives you what its title promises, all explained with beautiful illustrations and even some exercises to keep you focused.
  7. Don’t eat the yellow snow‘ gives us advice in the form of 250 of the best pop songs from the last 50 years, in all possible genres.
  8. The flamingos on the cover are what got me interested in ‘Mémoire universelle‘, and the fact that it’s available at Hunting & Collecting (one of Brussels’ finest shops) was very promising as well. Stylist and curator Benoît Bethume started a series of nine ‘bookazines’ of which this one is the first, devoted to love.  It’s available with four different covers and shows us a collection of articles and shoots, presented as an encyclopedia of personal memories.

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  1. Zsasa March 13, 2013

    The Tote bag, def a ‘will-buy”

  2. elisse March 14, 2013

    Cool!! Don’t eat the yellow snow, zalige titel ;)


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