pretty things bikes via au pays des merveilles

  1. Spiran bike by People People.  It’s really beautiful, but take a look at the gif animation here to understand how innovative it is as well.
  2. Bike trophies by Andreas Scheiger, via the amazing bike blog De Velotariër.
  3. Concept for MONIKER bike handles by Taylor Simpson, made from genuine deer antlers and recycled material.
  4. The Ride Life is a monthly video tour through brussels by locals on  their bike.
  5. Beautiful copper bike.  Want!  (source)
  6. Conceptual transparent bike by German studio Designaffairs, made from a polymer called Trivex, which was developed for helicopter windscreens and fighter jet canopies. (source)
  7.  Wooden handlebars designed by Adam Brackney.  This pretty bike was on sale here.  Was…
  8.  FIXA bike shelf and storage unit, by Chrome Ltd.

pretty bikes via au pays des merveilles photos by me

Last but not least: the prettiest one I know.  I’m always jealous of Machiel‘s bicycle!  (FYI: He’s also the cyclist you see in this blogpost.)

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