I told you I would keep an eye out for more confetti smiles!  I discovered three more confetti smiles in my city Leuven.  If you want to see them for yourselves: the first one was in the Parijsstraat, on the side facade of the Metafoor, the other’s are in the Charles Deberiotstraat on the left side of the parc, in the parc on the backside of the stage and in the Leopold Vanderkelenstraat, next to Museum M.  Such adorable street art, this surely turns a smile on my face every time I cross one of these!

all photos by me

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photo by me

I’m done with interior design and photography deadlines, but the next 5 weeks will be spent behind my books, studying for my exams.  I’ll try to update regularly though, once in a while I need a break after all!  Luckily I have something to look forward too, as I’m going to Morocco for a week when I’m done with my exams.  Should be good!  (And warm… Yay.)

This photo was taken in my city Leuven, somebody is decorating the city with happy confetti smiles, which cheers me up every time I cross it.  I’ll try to document as many smiles as possible!

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We visited quite a lot of museums as we wanted to see as much Klimt paintings as possible, which are -of course- spread over several museums in Vienna.  The first museum we visited was the museum of the history of art (see photo above), which wasn’t really my cup of tea as I’m more into modern art.

Art was also visible in the streets though, this was an installation next to a cross road, which included sound effects.  Apparently the installation was a memorial for the end of the occupation of Austria by the U.S.

We visited the Technical Museum too, as a part of the course we were taking, and this museum was all about mining, old trains and engines, the history of household appliances and so on.  Quite nerdy if you ask me!  It was nice relaxing in the entrance hall afterwards though.

The Hundertwasser House, I think this can count as a piece of art aswel!

We also visited the Secession hall to see the famous Beethoven fresco by Klimt (no pictures allowed), where we could also enjoy some modern art.  This was an other installation including sound effects, where mirrors would reflect the sounds to the walls.  This sparked the interest of the engineering students that accompanied us, I was just very pleased with the photo opportunities this installation offered.

I think I’ve shown these pictures of the Belvedere before, but these were the museums where most Klimt paintings could be found.  No photos allowed inside though, but you just have to see them in real life.  I’ve been staring at the Kiss and other famous Klimt works for quite a long time, they are all so beautiful!  I did manage to sneakily take a photo of my friend in the new, modern corridor of the museum though.  Rebel!

The mumok was my favorite though, it included a lot of stunning modern art and the building was quite impressive too.

Herbert Brandl

Gerhard Richter

And finally, the entrance stairs of the Albertina museum.  We weren’t planning on visiting this one, but then we came across these stairs on our city walk and learned that there was an exhibition on Monet (of course) and Picasso, and another one on Magritte, our Belgian pride.  We just couldn’t resist!

all photos by me

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VIENNA: at the opera

One night, the other participants of the Athens program and me went to the opera.  We got ourselves some cheap standing tickets and indulged in the opera experience.  Too bad we didn’t know in advance this was planned, otherwise I would have brought my fanciest dress with me to fit right in with the regular visitors.  I loved watching those people, all dressed up in gorgeous dresses and carrying chanel handbags, staring at the stage through binoculars.  Such a fascinating evening.

all photos by me

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My trip to Vienna was lovely, although very cold. I took a course about industrial archaeology at the TU Wien for one week, which luckily included very few lessons and lots of free time to go sightseeing in Vienna.    In this first photo-loaded post, I want to give you an impression of this city.  I didn’t come home as enchanted as I did after my visit to Lisbon, but it’s a very beautiful city.  All the streets are very wide and clean, all the buildings are decadent and bombastic.  Not really my kind of thing (I liked the little streets and charming houses in Lisbon a lot more), but gorgeous nonetheless.

So, a little tour through Vienna!  In the upper photo, you can see Hofburg palace, which nowadays is the official residence of the President of Austria, but it also hosts the national library, the Sisi museum, the Spanish riding school and more.

The old Karlsplatz station by Otto Wagner, which currently is used as a café.

Karlskirche, the enormous church next to our university.

And our university building!

The Viennese city hall.

One of the many many christmas markets in Vienna (apparently you can’t start the holiday spirit early enough), this one was probably the biggest, and in front of the city hall.

The Belvedere, previously a summer palace of a french prince, nowadays a museum where you can find a lot of Klimt paintings (one of my favorites!), including The Kiss.

Inside St.  Stephans cathedral: there were colorful lights projected everywhere.  Kind of weird for a church but I did end up with a few cool photos so I’m not complaining.  You should take a look here to see the outside of the church, the roof of this church is so weird.

Inside the museum of art history.  Seriously almost every building in Vienna looked like this on the inside!

all photos by me

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I need your support again!  I’m entering a contest at my university to represent my faculty as a photographer for the rest of the year.  To win this, I need to gather votes before November 13.  You can vote for me here (by clicking the orange button that says ‘stem hier’).  It would mean a lot to me if I could win this, so please vote for me!  Thank you so much!

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all pictures taken by me

No ‘things that make smile’ post today, since my ‘things that make me smile’ folder has disappeared…  If you miss it, you can always take a look at my previous sunday posts here.

Instead, you get these photos from the lovely picnic me and my friends had during the summer.  Good times.

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I recently visited the MAS again, and this time I got to see the collection (last time the museum wasn’t officially open yet), but I must say I was a little bit disappointed!   The museum rooms were too crowded and too dark to my liking, and all the items were placed very closed to each other, which made it even harder to enjoy the collection easily.  Maybe I have to give it another chance on a calmer day?   Anyway, I did get a nice photo out of it.

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all pictures taken by me

My friend gave a party for his and his girlfriend’s birthdays at his uncle’s property and asked me to take some pictures.  His uncle happens to be Dries Van Noten, so you can imagine how lovely this location was.


I’ve already showed you streetviews of Lisbon, and the colorful ‘azulejos’ you find on almost every house.  This time I’m showing you clear views on Lisbon’s facades.  I’ve expressed my love for this city before, but I will again today!  All the houses are so bright and colorful, and there are beautiful and funny details to be found at every house:  pretty lanterns, bird cages next to the window with fake or real birds, colorful laundry drying outside the windows or beautiful plants bringing nature to the city.

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Last Sunday, I went to the Handmade in Belgium market in Hasselt, where many lovely creative people were selling their goodies.  When I heared about it, it reminded me of ‘Hoera! Hip handwerk’ (which I posted about here, there’s a new edition this weekend and I might go and spoil you with photos again), so I really wanted to go and check out all the pretty stuff.  It was quite dark and crowded so not that easy to photograph, but I tried to give you a good impression of what I saw and which were my favourites.  I really loved the location by the way, and all the items looked so beautiful and were represented in the best way.  I think everyone did a great job and I look forward to the next edition (when I hopefully will have some many to spend, unlike this time… but I’ll tell you more about that later!)  I added links to the photos wherever I could remember the names, so feel free to check them out!

Queen Nefertete

Col Claudine, these were my absolute favourites!  They sell gorgeous peter pan collars, made out of leather, unique buttons and silver chains, so you can wear them as a necklace.  I’m so bummed but there’s no way I can afford them with my student budget, but maybe I need to save up to get one, because this could easily spice up any outfit!

Workshop Leuven, another one of my favourites.  I’ve been looking into sewing classes but haven’t really found anything until I met these girls!  They give ‘workshops’ instead of weekly lessons, where you pick a model from their catalogue and learn how to make it in one day or two or three afternoons, depending on what you like.  You can even make an appointment with two or three girlfriends, you don’t necessarily have to take the classes with strangers.  I know I’ll be trying this as soon as my friends and I can pick a date!


A little list of designers of which I don’t have a photo, but which you should check too: studio superstuff (I loved their Old town romance earrings), va-tout (their structured porcelain earrings were my favourites), and so-on concept (gorgeous earrings shaped like grandma’s best china).

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Perhaps you noticed it already in one of my previous posts about our trip to Lisbon (1, 2, 3), but almost every house in this Portugese city is covered in colorful tiles.  In Portugal, they are called ‘azulejos’ and they are very typical for this country, as production started in the 16th century and continues until today.  I photographed all my favourite patterns, so I thought, why not combine them in one post and show these little details that make this city so beautiful.

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One day of our stay in Lisbon, was spent in Belém (which is a part of Lisbon).  Unfortunately everything was closed for visitors (including the Belém tower in the upper photo), so we just made a walk along the course of the Tague and enjoyed the view.   This is also where I took this photo!

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I’ve finally gone through all my pictures of my trip to Lisbon, and I present you here the first batch!  Today I’m showing you some photos of which I hope they’ll give you an impression of what a lovely city Lisbon is and how many beautiful and colorful streets you come across when taking a walk through the city.

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This is one of my favourite photos of my trip to Lisbon: an old man, waiting for the fish to bite (his fishing rods are outside of the view), who found that one spot of shadow on the sunny quay.

PS.  Now we’re talking about my photos of Lisbon: I’ve finally sorted all of them out and you can expect many posts about my trip soon!

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Press play to get the right soundtrack with these pictures of our trip to Worldwide Festival, in the South of France.  They’re all taken with a disposable camera, hence the poor quality, but I think they give a good impression of what an amazing trip this has been.  Here you can find some videos by “Brussels’ bearded wonder” Lefto (who did an amazing set at WF), which give a pretty good impression of the festival aswell.

On our way to the South of France.

Scary little bridge.

Our camping spot.

Théatre de la mer, this is where we saw James Blake.  (Here‘s a video of the show, I get goose bumps every time I rewatch this.)

Every night, we danced under that lighthouse.

We ate the best pizza ever on the edge of the water.

Dancing on the beach.

all pictures taken by me

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And I’m back!  I fell head over heels in love with Lisbon, it’s such a beautiful city, with it ‘s small streets, cute houses, adorable  trams and graffiti overload.  Expect a lot of photos (I’ve taken about 500 pictures) in the days to come!  Here’s the first batch, taken on our first walk in the city.

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VINTAGE CAMERAS: the collection

I’ve started a small collection over the past months.  Some of these cameras I’ve had for a few years already, but recently I’ve been expanding my collection.  Here’s an overview of what I’ve gathered so far!Polaroid impulse AF, second hand (via kapaza).  Works just fine!

Yashica ME-35, belonged to my grandmother’s steph-father (which makes him…  my steph-greatgrandfather?).  I’ve had this one since I was a kid, but only recently I started using it again.  Pictures aren’t always as sharp as I’d hope, but it works.  Maybe I’ll just need to experiment a little more with it!

ISO-RAPID 1, thrifted.  Unfortunately film for this one isn’t produced any more.

Dacora digna, belonged to my grandparents.  This should work with 120mm film, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Kodak Instamatic 224, belonged to my grandparents.  Film isn’t produced anymore, but it still looks pretty on my shelve.

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Another museum!  It seems like I spend all of my freetime in museums, buth I have to admit, all of these museums I have visited for the architecture rather than their collection, and most of these visits were for one of my courses!  That aside, I really enjoy these visits.  Anyway, this is Museum M, Leuven’s pride.

all pictures taken by me

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Last weekend, the ‘Museum Aan de Stroom’ (or simply the MAS), was opened in Antwerp with the expected festivities.  I didn’t make it to the opening, but a few weeks ago, we already payed a visit to the MAS for one of our courses.  Here are a few pictures!

all pictures taken by me


Recently, we (Existenz that is) organised an exhibition in an empty church in Leuven, together with several other Flemish architecture schools and universities.  We called it ‘Café Exposé’ and I really liked the atmosphere at the exhibition, so I wanted to share some pictures I took.

all pictures taken by me


This is my last post about our project week, I promise!  These pictures were taken during Existenz Maximum, looking at them makes me so happy!

all pictures taken by me

more information here (only in Dutch)


March has been all about renovating and decorating the abandonned orphanage in Leuven for our project week.  (More information about Existenz here.) Here are some pictures from the final week before it was finished and the Existenz Maximum Week started.

This is where we held our opening reception, jive initation and cocktail party.

The bar.

The hallway.

The garden.

all pictures taken by me


March has been all about renovating and decorating the abandonned orphanage in Leuven for our project week.  (More information about Existenz here.) Here are some pictures from the second week (out of three) we worked there.   The pictures are taken with an old analog camera I got from my grandparents as a birthday gift when I was little.  It used to belong to my great-grandfather and I’ve recently started experimenting with it again.  These are some photos from the first roll of film.

This would become or main ‘party room’, for the opening reception, jive lessons and infamous cocktail party.  (It’s free entrance but you have to be fast to get on the guest list, some people that didn’t make the list were litteraly climbing walls of four meters high to try and get in.  Insane.)

The stage in the bar.This is where we organised working with the masters (a workshop where you have the chance to work on a design together with experiencd architects), a quiz, lectures, a debat and so on.

Our gorgeous garden.

The entrance.

View from the bar into the hallway.

This was a wing of the building that we weren’t allowed to use since it’s in very bad condition.  That didn’t stop us from exploring it though!

all pictures taken by me


Kapelle St. Bruder-Klaus by Peter Zumthor, located in the middle of nowhere, inbetween fields.

The breathtaking interior of Zumthor’s chapel.  I didn’t know what to expect from the interior, but it certainly wasn’t this.  A must-see.

Kunstmuseul Bonn by Shultes Frank architects.

Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt.

Siedlung Westhausen and Siedlung Römerstadt from Das Neue Frankfurt.  I enjoyed walking in between the small houses and big trees with their pretty shadows.

all pictures taken by me

DENMARK / day six and seven












A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

We started our first day in Aarhus with a walk to the highest point of Denmark (Ejer Bavnehøj), which isn’t very high as you can see in the pictures.  In the afternoon, we visited the Old Town, or Den Gamle By in Danish, which is the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture  (voor de Belgen: het Deense Bokrijk!), and spent the rest of our time sipping coffee and playing Time’s Up, which led to quite a few strange looks among the locals.  In the evening , we returned to our chalets and had a great party: everyone decorated their chalet according to a theme, and made sure they had matching drinks, food and outfits.  Can you guess our theme?  (Tip: we had moustaches and cigars (oh well cigar cookies))

The last day of our trip, we were extremely tired thanks to the amazing party of the night before.  We followed the group though, visiting the Concert Hall and the ARos museum, but the rest of the day was spent on the extremely comfrotable couches of a café where we might have taken a nap or two…

DENMARK / day four and five









A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a museum with paintings by Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein, and a gorgeous view over the sea.

The next day, we left for Aarhus and spent the entire day on the bus and ferry.  In the evening we arrived at our hostel, which existed of several little chalets between the woods, next to a lake.  The chalets were so cosy, I really loved staying there!

DENMARK / day three

A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we took an architectural walk with Bo Christiansen (architect for Schaledenmark).  In the evening, me and my friends explored the Nørrebro neighbourhood, and visited a few lovely vintage shops. After our short shoppingtrip and a quick diner, we returned to Soupanatural, for yet another Sofa Sessions.  This time we weren’t such fans of the band that was playing, but we had a great time anyway.  I wish I could show you more of  the cosy atmosphere at this lovely bar, but I try to stay away from exposing my friends on the internet as much as possible.  But if you’re ever in Copenhagen, you should definitely stop by Soupanatural, it’s at Skt.  Peders Stræde 31, in a cellar.

A few weeks ago, I travelled through Danmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

DENMARK / day two

A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

Day two started with some free time in the morning, which we used to visit the Dansk Arkitektur Center.  Unfortunately this was closed (they were preparing a new exposition), so we just spent our time in the beautiful bookshop.  After a quick stop at one of the many Lego shops, everyone meeted at the Danish Design Center, where we spent the entire afternoon.  The evening ended in Soupanatural,  a bar with organic soups and beer.  Every Sunday, this bar has an event called ‘Sofa Sessions’, where small bands will play an acoustic set.  This night we were very lucky:  A key is a key gave an amazing performance and all 57 of us became big fans!

DENMARK / day one

A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

The first day of our Denmark trip was spent in Copenhagen.  We took a big walk around the old center of the city, while passing some cool new buildings as well, and ended the day with a delicious dinner at BioMio.


So… finally the promised pictures of my redecorated room!  I’ll give a bit of explanation of what I did first.  In my room, I have one wall that’s completely filled with yellow closets (you can see it at the next picture).  My parents painted them this color when we moved here 15 years ago, so you can understand I was really sick of the color by now.  But, it would be too much work to repaint all of them, expecially since I only spend 2 days a week here, and I don’t know how long I still will be living here.  So, I decided to embrace the yellow by getting rid of the color chaos in my room and making yellow the accent color.  I painted one wall grey and kept everything else white.

My sheets and the black cushion are Ikea.  The white bear was a christmas present when I was 3 or 4 I think. (It was bigger than me back then!)  I got rid of all my other teddybears, but I just couldn’t leave this one.

My workspace.  Very empty since I haven’t been here for 3 weeks and I mostly work in Leuven!  The grey lamp used to be red, I’ve had it since I was six, so the color wasn’t what it used to be.  I used some left over spraypaint from my models to make it dark grey.  The desk is ikea, I bought it for my room in Leuven, but then I had to move out and I couldn’t use it anymore in my new room, so I put it here.

My parents had the chair on the right for more than 20 years I think, but somehow it ended up on the attic.  I rescued it and added some cushions (otherwise it’s far from comfy!). 

On the left you see my jewelry box, a gift from my aunt when I was twelve I think.  The little piano was a gift from my grandmother, it’s a vintage toy and she bought it for me because I play the piano.  You can actually play it!  The globe was a gift from my parents when I was little, it doubles as a lamp which is nice.

Books and magazines on my nightstand.  On the left you see Lula magazine, a birthday gift from my best friends, Influence by the Olsen sisters, and a photography book called ‘Kind Regards’ which I got from a friend.  On the right you see ‘AIT’.  It’s a german architectural magazine , I’m not really a fan (my german skills are rather limited) but I got it for free at Interieur 2010, and I adore the cover.  Underneath is an architectural book called ‘Minimalism: architecute interior design’ which I got from my parents for christmas.  I’ve had the lamp on the right since I was a baby, but it used to be pink.  Thanks to spraypaint it now matches the rest of my room!

This shelve is the only really new element in my room.  You see pictures of my best friends, a picture of my piano, a polaroid print by Lieve Blancquaert on the right, and on the left a picture of Flodder, my grandparents’ dog.

All cushions are Ikea, except for the yellow one, I don’t know where I got that one.  This is still a bit of an empty corner, but I don’t know yet what I want to do with it.  We’ll see!

My magnetic board: postcards from friends, memories from great parties, Danny Roberts’ Girls in Glasses, Erlend from the Whitest Boy Alive and the Miss Dior Chérie ad.  The little glass butterflies were found in Austria many years ago.

I hoped you liked this little tour and that it was worth the wait  since I promised these pictures september 2009, oops!


I’ve showed you all the articles in Unité that I worked on… I figured I should show them in print aswell, so here they are!  I hope you enjoyed all my enthousiasm about this first issue, now it’s time to start working on the next one and hope it’ll be at least as good!

Unité #1

So… Time has come to tell you about what has been consuming all my free time lately!

This year, I’m part of Existenz, which is a group of students from the first master of architecture in Leuven.  All year, we work towards our Existenz Maximum Week: we get our hands on an abandonned building in Leuven and completely transform it into architectural heaven.  During this week, we organise workshops and lectures – all of them more or less connected to architecture. (More information about Existenz (although only in Dutch) and the things we do, can be found at our website.)

2010-2011 is the 16th year of Existenz and this year, we’re taking it one step further.  We’ve created a magazine, called ‘Unité’, which will be found for free in all architecture schools in Flanders.    Yesterday the first issue came out, and all of us are so proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Therefor, I present you the on line version of Unité #1.

In the next few days, I will tell you more about the articles that I worked on, but in the meantime, tell me what you think of the overall look!


Last Saturday, I visited “DSGNRMRKT” at the Modemuseum of Hasselt, a market where young fashiontalent sold unique fashion. I saw some pretty cool stuff!

I’m so in love with that coat by Ti+Hann!

Lots of colors and bold prints at Irene Heldens

Jewelry by Lore Langendries.

Made by chickies

Gewoon Lies

Gorgeous lingerie by MajoRey

Lalou Dandine

Fôret Féerique

Black Balloon

‘Marcellekes’,  as we call them, customised by (from left to right) Stijn Helsen, Cesar Casier, Marcel Vanthilt (obviously), Delphine Boël and Vjeze Fur from De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.  They were auctioned to raise money for Think Pink (an organisation to raise awareness for breast cancer).

All pictures are taken by me.


Due to a lack of time,I can’t always make consistent posts for this blog.  To get rid of all the sourceless images I have collected on my hardrive over the years, I made a tumblr.  All those forgotten images, will be posted over there from now on.  For your daily fix, you can visit SHORTCUT, for more elaborate posts on a weekly basis, you’re still welcome here.



When I visited the ModeMuseum Hasselt, they were hosting an indoor designer market called ‘HOERA! Hip Handwerk.’

IMG_3341I will devote this post to sharing my personal favourites.

MR LAPINNMr. Lapin sells lovely brooches (my best friend bought this one as a gift for me!), cute earrings, and adorable etuis.  The illustrations of Mr. Lapin (which you can find on the site) are pretty amazing aswell.  I couldn’t not include this one, quoting The Subs.

LOVELY MARIQUITAAt Lovely Mariquita, you can find the cutest polkadotted skirts and colourful stuffed animals.  Everything she sells just screams ‘cute’!

ART MIND1Art Mind‘s babushka-shaped ceramics express all kinds of emotions.  It’s amazing how many of these little postures she made, all expressing different feelings.  She also makes beautiful hairpins, rings, etc. with this babushka silhouette.

IMG_3367I’ve known Titi + The German Kid‘s stuff for quite some time now, back then she sold tanktops with hand-drawn illustrations, often personalised for the buyer, right now I like her I heart him and I heart her tank tops the most, all though her knitted frisco’s (does that word even exist in english?) and owls are pretty cute too.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about Polly Rocket on the internet, but I do remember her cute knitted robots and penguins.


As you can see, there are a few designers left that I didn’t mention, unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of every stand and I don’t recall all of their names either… But I’m sure you found something you like between my picks!


Last Sunday, me and my best friend visited the exhibition ‘In her shoes’ at the Modemuseum Hasselt (fashion museum in Hasselt).  IMG_3339

Obviously, this was an exhibition about shoes, shoes, shoes, and… more shoes.

DESIGNERSHOESExtremely expensive designer shoes….  (Pay attention to THE Manolo’s from the Sex and the City movie!)

rem d koolhaas

… architectural shoes…  (Rem D Koolhaas is NOT the same person as the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, it’s his nephew!)


…beautiful shoes from less famous designers…

helena rietjens… pumps and boots with fabulous decorations…

ellen verbeek

… versatile boots…

… and more conceptual shoes.  You name it, they’ve got it!

highThe shoes were divided into high…

low… and low…

… and were surrounded with the glamour they diserve.

You can find more information at the website of the museum, In Her Shoes will be staying in Hasselt until November 8.

PS.  I apologize for the sometimes poor quality of the pictures!  The museum was rather dark and I couldn’t always use flash since several shoes were behind glass…  I also apologize for not always adding the name of the designer, I don’t remember all of the rather unknown designers.


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I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and I’m really a fan!  You’re not losing time on checking all of your dailies for updates and you can access this on any computer, you just have to log in.  Just try it and I’m sure you’ll love it! Anyway, I guess the most important thing to say here is: if you click the icon, you can start following me.

PS.  This icon is made by the extremely talented Danny Robberts, if you don’t know him and his drawings, quickly visit his website and then be very very ashamed of yourself!


Welcome to my new blog!  I have been thinking about this for quite some time, got an account about a year ago but deleted it again after 2 posts, but this time I’ll try to stick around a little longer!

Here I will share all the gorgeous things that I run into and find inspirational.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

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