scotch & soda showroom at goldwood interiors via au pays des merveilles

As I mentioned before, the Scotch & Soda showroom was yet again located in the most beautiful venue.  This time, the honor was for Goldwood, an interior shop that sells the most beautiful vintage furniture and doubles as an art gallery.  I could go on and on about the gorgeous space (those brick walls, the light and that glass shelving system next to the windows!) and the stunning furniture (I’d sign for one of those wooden shelves in a second), but I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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rob jacobs au pays des merveilles

My friend Rob Jacobs has made it onto this blog before with his band Plaster Wolf, but the guy is not only musically talented, he knows how to handle pencil and paper too.  In his drawings I sometimes recognize our friends and in the words that accompany them, I recognize him.  (Too really get his work, I think you should understand his words, so my apologies as this post only speaks to the flemish and the dutch.)   He shares his work on tumblr and on a wordpress blog, although blog is veel gezegd, as he puts it himself.

rob jacobs au pays des merveilles

rob jacobs au pays des merveilles


rob jacobs au pays des merveilles

rob jacobs au pays des merveilles

all illustrations by Rob Jacobs

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PRETTY THINGS: the ikea edition

Moving to a new city meant I had to make a trip to ikea.  Luckily my room was furnished, but I still needed blankets and some additions to the kitchen.  Of course this visit to Ikea lead to a massive wishlist and a strong desire to find an unfurnished apartment, but since I’m a poor student who’s only staying here for 5 months and I have to move all my stuff back home by plane, I couldn’t give in.  So I just made a little collage out of all the pretty things ikea had to offer to fulfill my decoration needs!

From top to bottom:
Ungdom cups
Mildra glasses
Bakelse cup – Vänna mirror
Diod glass
Hektar suspended lamp
Behövd vacuum flask 
Tisdag desk lamp – Tradig candle holder
Malin Blad sheets – Vittsjö desk – Björnloka Ruta sheets

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PARTY LIGHTS – the second edition

Last year, one of my friends threw an amazing party for his birthday, and this year it became a tradition as two other friends jumped in as fellow organizers.  (Next year I’m joining too!)  Just like when the first edition took place, the location looked stunning.  The boys outdid themselves!  Like I already mentioned on facebook, I brought my camera with me to capture the lovely  atmosphere.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!  By the way, the blog is a bit quiet these days due to my resits and the move to Portugal that keeps coming closer (one more week!), but you can still find updates on facebook and tumblr.

all photos by me

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One and Three Chairs is a conceptual work of art by Joseph Kosuth, made in 1965.  It consists out of a chair, a photograph of this chair and an enlarged dictionary definition of the word ‘chair’.  The installer is supposed to follow Kosuth’s instructions, and choose a chair, place it before the wall, take a photograph of the chair and put a life-sized print of this photo next to the chair, changing the work every time it is installed in a new venue.

photos via google images

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“I collect second hand tourist guides. Within the century of printed photographs that they contain, I search for plates that have been printed at similar scale, taken from a similar view point.


When I find a near match between book plates, I cut and fold the pages into a new single surface. The dates written on each work give the publication dates of the books I have used. Whichever has been used as the ‘base’ image is listed first.


The patterns I use to cut the two book pages into one single surface are such that all of both sheets of paper are preserved. If you were to fold all the flaps in or out, the entirety of each image will be seen. The act of folding one image into the other pushes them out into three dimensions in a bulging time ruffle.


The Universal Now works operate as a resurrection of the unregarded book plates and forgotten photographers that have stood in the same places at a different times, bringing these moments into a dialogue and into the present. The Universal Now takes its title from debates about time continuum in quantum physics.”



Over a year ago I started redecorating my room at home, and it’s finally looking finished (although I think it never will be, I feel the need to change things up once in a while).  I’ve promised you pictures and when I get home for christmas, I will certainly take some photographs and post it on the blog.  In the meantime: some inspiration.

This beautiful clothing rack is a DIY by Ivania from Love aesthetics. Unfortunately there’s no way I can do this myself, as I have no space to hang it, but I will definitely keep this in mind for when I move out, someday.

You can find more pictures and a how-to here.

I also wanted to share this beautiful antler chandelier,  found on the set of Rumi’s fashionshoot for Sweet magazine.