We visited quite a lot of museums as we wanted to see as much Klimt paintings as possible, which are -of course- spread over several museums in Vienna.  The first museum we visited was the museum of the history of art (see photo above), which wasn’t really my cup of tea as I’m more into modern art.

Art was also visible in the streets though, this was an installation next to a cross road, which included sound effects.  Apparently the installation was a memorial for the end of the occupation of Austria by the U.S.

We visited the Technical Museum too, as a part of the course we were taking, and this museum was all about mining, old trains and engines, the history of household appliances and so on.  Quite nerdy if you ask me!  It was nice relaxing in the entrance hall afterwards though.

The Hundertwasser House, I think this can count as a piece of art aswel!

We also visited the Secession hall to see the famous Beethoven fresco by Klimt (no pictures allowed), where we could also enjoy some modern art.  This was an other installation including sound effects, where mirrors would reflect the sounds to the walls.  This sparked the interest of the engineering students that accompanied us, I was just very pleased with the photo opportunities this installation offered.

I think I’ve shown these pictures of the Belvedere before, but these were the museums where most Klimt paintings could be found.  No photos allowed inside though, but you just have to see them in real life.  I’ve been staring at the Kiss and other famous Klimt works for quite a long time, they are all so beautiful!  I did manage to sneakily take a photo of my friend in the new, modern corridor of the museum though.  Rebel!

The mumok was my favorite though, it included a lot of stunning modern art and the building was quite impressive too.

Herbert Brandl

Gerhard Richter

And finally, the entrance stairs of the Albertina museum.  We weren’t planning on visiting this one, but then we came across these stairs on our city walk and learned that there was an exhibition on Monet (of course) and Picasso, and another one on Magritte, our Belgian pride.  We just couldn’t resist!

all photos by me

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VIENNA: at the opera

One night, the other participants of the Athens program and me went to the opera.  We got ourselves some cheap standing tickets and indulged in the opera experience.  Too bad we didn’t know in advance this was planned, otherwise I would have brought my fanciest dress with me to fit right in with the regular visitors.  I loved watching those people, all dressed up in gorgeous dresses and carrying chanel handbags, staring at the stage through binoculars.  Such a fascinating evening.

all photos by me

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My trip to Vienna was lovely, although very cold. I took a course about industrial archaeology at the TU Wien for one week, which luckily included very few lessons and lots of free time to go sightseeing in Vienna.    In this first photo-loaded post, I want to give you an impression of this city.  I didn’t come home as enchanted as I did after my visit to Lisbon, but it’s a very beautiful city.  All the streets are very wide and clean, all the buildings are decadent and bombastic.  Not really my kind of thing (I liked the little streets and charming houses in Lisbon a lot more), but gorgeous nonetheless.

So, a little tour through Vienna!  In the upper photo, you can see Hofburg palace, which nowadays is the official residence of the President of Austria, but it also hosts the national library, the Sisi museum, the Spanish riding school and more.

The old Karlsplatz station by Otto Wagner, which currently is used as a café.

Karlskirche, the enormous church next to our university.

And our university building!

The Viennese city hall.

One of the many many christmas markets in Vienna (apparently you can’t start the holiday spirit early enough), this one was probably the biggest, and in front of the city hall.

The Belvedere, previously a summer palace of a french prince, nowadays a museum where you can find a lot of Klimt paintings (one of my favorites!), including The Kiss.

Inside St.  Stephans cathedral: there were colorful lights projected everywhere.  Kind of weird for a church but I did end up with a few cool photos so I’m not complaining.  You should take a look here to see the outside of the church, the roof of this church is so weird.

Inside the museum of art history.  Seriously almost every building in Vienna looked like this on the inside!

all photos by me

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