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A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

We started our first day in Aarhus with a walk to the highest point of Denmark (Ejer Bavnehøj), which isn’t very high as you can see in the pictures.  In the afternoon, we visited the Old Town, or Den Gamle By in Danish, which is the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture  (voor de Belgen: het Deense Bokrijk!), and spent the rest of our time sipping coffee and playing Time’s Up, which led to quite a few strange looks among the locals.  In the evening , we returned to our chalets and had a great party: everyone decorated their chalet according to a theme, and made sure they had matching drinks, food and outfits.  Can you guess our theme?  (Tip: we had moustaches and cigars (oh well cigar cookies))

The last day of our trip, we were extremely tired thanks to the amazing party of the night before.  We followed the group though, visiting the Concert Hall and the ARos museum, but the rest of the day was spent on the extremely comfrotable couches of a café where we might have taken a nap or two…

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  1. elisse March 13, 2011

    Schone foto’s Hannelore, ge kunt er wa van!


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