I’ve already showed you streetviews of Lisbon, and the colorful ‘azulejos’ you find on almost every house.  This time I’m showing you clear views on Lisbon’s facades.  I’ve expressed my love for this city before, but I will again today!  All the houses are so bright and colorful, and there are beautiful and funny details to be found at every house:  pretty lanterns, bird cages next to the window with fake or real birds, colorful laundry drying outside the windows or beautiful plants bringing nature to the city.

all pictures taken by me

PS.  When this is being posted: I’m on my way to the Belgian coast to celebrate my 22th birthday with my best friends and hopefully many hilarious moustaches… It’s a moustache themed party after all!

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  1. liselieft September 2, 2011

    gelukkige verjaardag! geniet van het feestje ;)

    prachtige foto’s zoals we gewoon zijn van u! ebt gij eigenlijk een cursus gevolgd? allé kpeist ni maar voor de zekerheid..?

    x lies

  2. Melanie September 3, 2011

    Geweldige foto’s allemaal! Veel plezier daar! xx


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