DENMARK / day two

A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

Day two started with some free time in the morning, which we used to visit the Dansk Arkitektur Center.  Unfortunately this was closed (they were preparing a new exposition), so we just spent our time in the beautiful bookshop.  After a quick stop at one of the many Lego shops, everyone meeted at the Danish Design Center, where we spent the entire afternoon.  The evening ended in Soupanatural,  a bar with organic soups and beer.  Every Sunday, this bar has an event called ‘Sofa Sessions’, where small bands will play an acoustic set.  This night we were very lucky:  A key is a key gave an amazing performance and all 57 of us became big fans!

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