March has been all about renovating and decorating the abandonned orphanage in Leuven for our project week.  (More information about Existenz here.) Here are some pictures from the second week (out of three) we worked there.   The pictures are taken with an old analog camera I got from my grandparents as a birthday gift when I was little.  It used to belong to my great-grandfather and I’ve recently started experimenting with it again.  These are some photos from the first roll of film.

This would become or main ‘party room’, for the opening reception, jive lessons and infamous cocktail party.  (It’s free entrance but you have to be fast to get on the guest list, some people that didn’t make the list were litteraly climbing walls of four meters high to try and get in.  Insane.)

The stage in the bar.This is where we organised working with the masters (a workshop where you have the chance to work on a design together with experiencd architects), a quiz, lectures, a debat and so on.

Our gorgeous garden.

The entrance.

View from the bar into the hallway.

This was a wing of the building that we weren’t allowed to use since it’s in very bad condition.  That didn’t stop us from exploring it though!

all pictures taken by me


  1. Marlous April 13, 2011

    wow ziet er goed uit, wat leuk! wat voor ‘n camera is het die je gebruikt?

  2. Anita W April 14, 2011

    What an interesting project! I love those kinds of projects where you take an old and unused space and redefine it into something else. There are lots of places like those in LA- like the Edison bar (used to be an old electricity plant) or Engine company no. 28 (which used to be an old fire station turned into a restaurant)

  3. Marlous April 14, 2011

    ik heb mijn tas bij pipoos gekocht, die heeft ook 4 vestigingen in belgië ( en ze hebben een webshop, maar ik weet niet of die naar belgië verzendt.

  4. Sarah April 14, 2011

    Zo cool! x

  5. Imelda April 15, 2011

    Supertof concept! Het ziet er al heel goed uit, is volgens mij echt een prachtig gebouw.

  6. LOU April 15, 2011

    Wat een hoop ruimte! Gaaf gebouw ook. Ik vind die foto’s ook leuk; ik hou heel erg van analoge camera’s. Ik heb er zelf ook 1, maar ik heb zo weinig tijd om er ècht iets mee te doen.


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