Jimmy Kets is one of my favourite Belgian photographers, I’m always happy to discover one of his photos in a newspaper or a magazine.  And they are not that hard to recognise!  Besides the typical colors, his photos are known for the humour that’s always present in his work.  I’ve gathered a few of my favourites, each of them linking back to the blogpost where you can often find a little more information about how this photo was realised, which I always enjoy reading.  He often makes portraits of our Belgian celebrities, but my favourite photos of his are the photos he takes in the streets: he always sees what no one else seems to notice.  Here, I’ve gathered a few of both, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

all pictures by Jimmy Kets

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I know my way around phtoshop pretty well, but analog photography still has a lot of secrets for me.  Like double exposures for instance, I think it’s magical one can create such mesmerizing images in camera, without any digital help.  These double exposures by Dan Mountford in particular really struck me.   As he puts it himself: “The series is a visual journey though our minds by calm and tidy means which the reality of everyday life does not show.”

via the clothes horse




How lucky is photographer Simon Filip to have stunning Becky Lou as a sister?  Must com in quite handy, always a model around!  Anyway, he makes the most beautiful pictures with a gorgeous vintage feel and pretty colors.  Becky Lou appears in quite a few of the photos, wearing the prettiest clothes, but I ain’t complaining.  Don’t forget to watch the beautiful video clip of her band The Honey Trees, also shot by her brother Simon.













all pictures by Simon Filip



This series is a collaboration between Tim Green (designer/illustrator), and Matt Shelley (a London-based photographer/physics genius). All the photos were taken on Matt’s travels around Bolivia and Peru on the Inca trail and are processed and collaged by Tim.  His goal was to give a 1970s sci-fi/isaac asimov book illustration feel to them.


This series is a collaboration between myself and Matt Shelley, a London-based photographer/physics genius. All the photos were taken on Matt’s travels around Bolivia and Peru on the Inca trail which I have then processed and collaged to give a 1970s sci-fi/isaac asimov book illustration feel to them.


“I collect second hand tourist guides. Within the century of printed photographs that they contain, I search for plates that have been printed at similar scale, taken from a similar view point.


When I find a near match between book plates, I cut and fold the pages into a new single surface. The dates written on each work give the publication dates of the books I have used. Whichever has been used as the ‘base’ image is listed first.


The patterns I use to cut the two book pages into one single surface are such that all of both sheets of paper are preserved. If you were to fold all the flaps in or out, the entirety of each image will be seen. The act of folding one image into the other pushes them out into three dimensions in a bulging time ruffle.


The Universal Now works operate as a resurrection of the unregarded book plates and forgotten photographers that have stood in the same places at a different times, bringing these moments into a dialogue and into the present. The Universal Now takes its title from debates about time continuum in quantum physics.”



Behind the scene pictures of a shortfilm for Odylyne’s fall collection, by one of the Wildfox sisters.  You can find the entire shoot here.






It’s insane how much this girl must have spend on polaroid film, but I love what she does with it.  You can find her on deviantart as ‘pheebsyeahbaby’, but nowadays she has a blog called ‘Lightning heart‘.  Now that we’re talking about polaroids, does anyone have good experience with 600 film from the impssoible project?  I’ve tried the silver shade, but none of the images came out well.  I’d love to hear your experiences!