It’s insane how much this girl must have spend on polaroid film, but I love what she does with it.  You can find her on deviantart as ‘pheebsyeahbaby’, but nowadays she has a blog called ‘Lightning heart‘.  Now that we’re talking about polaroids, does anyone have good experience with 600 film from the impssoible project?  I’ve tried the silver shade, but none of the images came out well.  I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. Imelda November 27, 2010

    Oh ik zou ook zo graag een polaroid camera willen hebben! Ik vind zo’n foto’s toch altijd ietsje meer hebben!

    Zo leuk dat je dat zwaluwbloesje ook hebt :) Ben eens benieuwd om het in een outfitpost te zien!


  2. Michelle November 27, 2010

    I love polaroid film so much! I’ve been wanting a camera for years but have never had funds to support the addiction that would come with buying one, hahaha.

    Some day!

  3. STEFANIE November 27, 2010

    these are just wonderful! :)

  4. Bonnie November 27, 2010

    lovely photos! <3

  5. Silvia_C November 28, 2010

    wow amazing blog dear! Will you check out mine? I’d be extremely happy to have you as a follower, hope to hear from you soon


  6. Nath November 28, 2010

    gros coup de coeur pour la dernière !


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