It’s another cold day in Berlin and Madalina and her faithful collie Mahfi are off to Curry 36 to indulge their favourite winter comfort food – currywurst.

Helena from pop pop portraits paints and draws the cutest girls, and tells us a little story about each of them.  Too adorable for words!

Last week, at her friends “turn of the century” party , Tina managed to strike up a trade with a nice young man. He was admiring her gloves which he thought would be perfect for his girlfriend and she was admiring his hat because it was so nicely worn in and seemed like it would fit her head. It worked out wonderfully.

Violet has been an avid bird watcher since she was twelve years old. Her interest in birds first came about when she noticed a tiny green hummingbird outside her window. She fell in love with its petite size, delicate wings and unusual colour. To this day she still thinks it is one of the prettiest things she has ever seen.Meet Marie. She is a bit cheeky and loves to ride on carousels. She is sporting her new Orla Kiely outfit and always has a twinkle in her eye.

pop pop portraits


Harry Potter covers redesigned to look like classic Penguin Books, by M.S. Corley.  (I’m such a Harry Potter nerd, I love the books so much!)

A bear shaped sleeping bag… Why don’t I own this already?  By Eiko Ishizawa.  Source.

A bubble wrap calendar?  Seriously?  I need this in my life.  Source.

Adorable illustrations of Lady Gaga.  Who knew she could look this cute?  Source.

Pretty owl clock, by Fey Handmade.  If I wasn’t on such a tight budget, this would be hanging on my wall already.

Browser Pong.

La photo cabine looks like a lot of fun… Too bad I don’t have a webcam!


I seem to be obsessed right now with anything reminding me of space.  Oh pretty pretty galaxy.

click images for source (some of them are without source, if you know where they come from, please let me know!)