Harry Potter covers redesigned to look like classic Penguin Books, by M.S. Corley.  (I’m such a Harry Potter nerd, I love the books so much!)

A bear shaped sleeping bag… Why don’t I own this already?  By Eiko Ishizawa.  Source.

A bubble wrap calendar?  Seriously?  I need this in my life.  Source.

Adorable illustrations of Lady Gaga.  Who knew she could look this cute?  Source.

Pretty owl clock, by Fey Handmade.  If I wasn’t on such a tight budget, this would be hanging on my wall already.

Browser Pong.

La photo cabine looks like a lot of fun… Too bad I don’t have a webcam!


I seem to be obsessed right now with anything reminding me of space.  Oh pretty pretty galaxy.

click images for source (some of them are without source, if you know where they come from, please let me know!)

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

– The Notebook

Leap of faith for Dealer de luxe.
Photo:Waldemar and Max
Photo assistant:Peter Edqvist
Stylist:Kawa H Pour
Stylist assistan:Ida Edlund
Hair: Sofia Ringberger/Agentbauer
Make up: Hanna Cecilia Åslund/Linkdetails
Model: Anna S/Stockholmsgruppen


Due to a lack of time,I can’t always make consistent posts for this blog.  To get rid of all the sourceless images I have collected on my hardrive over the years, I made a tumblr.  All those forgotten images, will be posted over there from now on.  For your daily fix, you can visit SHORTCUT, for more elaborate posts on a weekly basis, you’re still welcome here.


I just can’t get enough of the magical creature Natasha Khan, her mysterious music and the mysterious world she seems to live in.

Jason Nocito Photography