EXPLORED_ Oasis Backpackers Mansion in Lisbon

oasis backpackers hostel lisbon - via au pays des merveilles-1

It’s been almost a week since I’ve returned from my summer holidays (in a nutshell: 4 days in beautiful Portugal with the family, 2 days in wonderful Lisbon visiting old friends, 1 day in surprising Leipzig with the girls, 3 days on the amazing Melt Festival with my friends and 4 days chilling out in Berlin with one friend) and I’m still adjusting to normal life.  So many bags to unpack, so much laundry to do, so many photos to edit, so many impressions to process and so many blog posts to write!  On top of that, I’m starting my new job at a young architecture firm next Monday (yay!), so I might need some time to adjust to that too.

Anyway, when I was in Lisbon I stayed at the amazing Oasis Backpackers Mansion, for old time’s sake.  This is where I stayed for a week and a half during my apartment search in 2012 and the place that immediately made me feel at home in this new city.  It’s where I made my first friends (both hostel staff and guests, who were also moving to Lisbon or just visiting and decided to stay because they loved the city so much) when I moved here and where I still keep coming back.   I’ve already mentioned this hostel in my Lisbon city guide, but I felt that it still needed a proper introduction, so take a look after the break for more photos and information!

Oasis Backpackers Mansion, Rua Santa Catarina 24, 1200-402 Lisbon - website - bookings - facebook - instagram - twitter

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WORK_ Omgeving

omgeving - by hannelore veelaert via au pays des merveilles-5

Since the end of last year, I’ve been working as an architectural photographer for Omgeving, an office specialized in architecture, landscape and urbanism.  The first project I photographed for them is this social housing renovation in Mechelen.  I shot a lot of interesting shadows and reflections that made very graphic compositions.  As these are one of my favorite things to photograph, I wanted to share the result here as well.

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COLLECTION_ midsummer night’s dreams

collection summer party dreams

While you’re reading this, the end of my holidays and my return to Belgium are slowly coming near.  That doesn’t mean the end of my summer plans though, I’m still longing for endless summer nights and I am planning to spend the rest of my sunny sparetime with pink cocktails, campfires, vegetarian barbecues, festive decorations, cute food trucks, gorgeous table settings and maybe even outdoor movie nights?  One things is for sure, there will definitely be some dancing and sleeping in the woods involved.  So here are a few ideas that might inspire you to make those upcoming summer weeks even better, I for one can’t wait!

  1. A mix and match of thrifted gold-edged plates and brown glassware for Sophie and Ivar’s wedding, photographed by Melissa Milis.  More info and photos here.
  2. DIY tin can tumblers, found here.
  3. A rooftop movie night, more inspiration here.
  4. Rose water cointreau fizz cocktails, find the recipe here.
  5. Bubby’s Burrito stand, more info here.
  6. DIY chalkboard banner, the tutorial can be found here.
  7. Tee-pees and campfires, more photos here.
  8. Baked falafel with spicy feta dip, get the recipe here.
  9. Bohemian midsummer dinner, more photos and info here.

FRAGMENTS_ Muller Van Severen

muller van severen - valerie traan - by hannelore veelaert-12

Ever since I first laid eyes on the work of Muller Van Severen, I’ve been a huge fan, so it’s no surprise that when their furniture was exhibited at gallery Valerie Traan, I visited  the expo no less than three times.  There’s just something so fascinating about the simple lines and combination of materials .  I initially photographed the exhibition for a guest post I was supposed to write in September (but I sadly didn’t have time to deliver it as I was drowning in my to do list), which also means that if you haven’t seen the expo, it’s now very much too late.  Sorry about getting your hopes up!  Nevertheless I still wanted to finish these photos and share the beauty that sprung from the minds of designer duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen.

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EXPLORED_ koffie Onan in Leuven

koffie onan via au pays des merveilles-5

When I was still living in Leuven, I was getting used to drinking coffee by adding lots of whipped cream and sweet syrups, so Koffie Onan was not my place to go for my caffeine sugar fix.  However, I have thankfully learned my lesson by now and abandoned the whipped cream. Now I know that for a decent cup of coffee in Leuven, Koffie Onan is the right destination.  They offer a large selection of coffee and tea, displayed in the large wall unit, and if you still feel that need for a sugar rush, you can get yourself one of those delicious brownies at the bar.  If you’ve been exploring the shops at the Parijsstraat and don’t feel like having a disappointing cup of coffee at Leuven’s famous and thus often too crowded “Oude Markt”, Koffie Onan is the perfect place to take a break!

Koffie Onan, Parijsstraat 28, 3000 Leuven - website - facebook

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WORK_ Espiga

Espiga - Hannelore Veelaert & Lies Mertens - via au pays des merveilles

Recently, graphic designer Lies Mertens and I collaborated on the identity of jewelry brand Espiga.  This brand started as a school project by 5 young women, who created a piece of jewelry that is more than meets the eye.  This 3D printed geometric pendant contains a piece of felt that can hold a perfume up to three days, much longer than the skin does.  It’s the ideal solution if you’re allergic to perfume or if you want your favorite bottle of perfume to last a little bit longer.

Lies and I created a new logo and a lookbook, shot at Kornél (with the beautiful artwork by Mayken Craenen in the background) with two of the brands’ founders as models.  The yellow table top at Kornél inspired us to use this color throughout the entire branding and the presentation we prepared for them, which landed them the price for presentation with the strongest impact at the Vlajo finals.  Hooray for us!

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COLLECTION_ summer wardrobe picks

COLLECTION_ summer wardrobe picks - via au pays des merveilles

As I spent last summer focusing on my graduation, my summer wardrobe has been seriously neglected and I’m left with almost nothing to wear this season.  Which means that I have some serious shopping to do during the summer sales!  To prepare myself for some sale shopping, I created this collection featuring my ideal summer wardrobe: lots of black and white, graphic prints, simple silhouettes and interesting details.  Oh, and comfort is key.  Confession: I already bought those black shorts and they are such a joy to wear that I don’t want to take them off anymore.  Ever.

  1. Hiker bikini top by made by dawn, available here.
  2. Cotton twill shirt dress by COS, buy it here.
  3. The real marble hand watch by Taste, get it here.
  4. Gessi shorts by Samsøe & Samsøe, find them here.
  5. Round leopard sunglasses by & other stories, for sale here.
  6. Brush strokes silk racerback crop top by zoemiyorifujii, buy it here.
  7. Pleated dalmation shorts by & other stories, get it here.
  8. Really simple sandals by Clay + Bros, worn here and available here.
  9. Playsuit with open back and pleat detail by ASOS, find it here.

FRAGMENTS_ the belgian coast

fragments of the belgian coast - by hannelore veelaert via au pays des merveilles-3

While you are reading this, I am on my way to Portugal, to enjoy a couple of days on the countryside with my family and a weekend in Lisbon with my old friends.  I’m super happy to be spending some time abroad (and in my favorite city no less), but that doesn’t mean that our own little country of Belgium has nothing to offer.  Last October when the temperatures were much lower, me and my friends Eline, Lies & Anne-Sofie spent a weekend at the Belgian coast.  Even though a lot of things went wrong during our little getaway (which is why we’re still referring to this trip as “the anti climax weekend”), the beauty of our Belgium seaside did not disappoint.  Now that we’re experiencing a heat wave in Belgium, I wouldn’t recommend spending your time at our overcrowded coast, but these images definitely prove that us Belgians don’t need to travel far to experience a beautiful sunset and remind me that I should explore our tiny country more often.

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EXPLORED_ Giraffe 2 in Leuven

giraffe records via au pays des merveilles-6

Giraffe 2 is the bigger and younger sister of Giraffe Records and Clothing, which has been the place to be for streetwear, spraycans, lomography and of course records for many years.  Two years ago, owner Bram Wijgerde opened their second and bigger store on Leuven’s main shopping street.  Here the women’s collections get a little bit more attention, but you can also find men’s clothing, sneakers and all kinds of accessories.  It’s the place to be in Leuven if you’re tired of high street chains and looking to be dressed from head to toe in something new from brands such as Vans, Komono, Kling and Herschel.

Giraffe 2, Bondgenotenlaan 128, 3000 Leuven - facebook
Giraffe Records and Clothing, Diestsestraat 215, 3000 Leuven - facebook

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WORK_ Ella De Vos for Madame Seguin

ella de vos for madame seguin - by hannelore veelaert - aupaysdesmerveillesblog-21

A few weeks ago I headed to the Dutch coast for a photoshoot with Ella De Vos, a young textile designer who creates beautiful cashmere knitwear.  Last year I already photographed some of her work, and recently I shot Ella’s collection of bridal knitwear for Madame Seguin.  The collection, entirely produced in Mongolia, exists out of primarily white stoles and cardigans with delicate detailing and textures.  It offers a different take on traditional bridal cover ups, but is wearable in everyday life as well.

The beautiful dunes and sea at Vrouwenpolder formed the perfect backdrop to capture this collection in all it’s delicate glory and we’re all really proud to share the result.  Have a look!

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