AT HOME_ urban roof terrace

At home_ urban roof terrace - Hannelore Veelaert for aupaysdesmerveillesblogThe first space I wanted to get started on when we bought our house, was our roof terrace. After spending a year in lock-down with little to no outdoor space, we couldn’t wait to transform this trapezoid terrace into a cosy outdoor space.  Since we didn’t own any outdoor furniture yet and I desperately wanted to start decorating and furnishing our house, this clean slate seemed the most logical option to focus my energy on.

In the three months between buying our house and receiving the keys, I started making mood-boards, comparing prices, trying out chairs and sofa’s and researching plants, hoping to enjoy our new and long-awaited outdoor space as soon as possible. The goal: turn this urban terrace into a green oasis where we could lounge, enjoy meals and have friends over from (not so) early in the morning until late at night. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the Ever Given fiasco and last year’s rush on outdoor furniture, many items were sold out and delivery was often delayed. Sadly our terrace was only fully furnished in October (let this be a reminder for you to order your outdoor furniture now!), so my plan didn’t really work out… However I’m still very happy I decided to be patient and stick to my first choices, and with sun gracing our terrace from morning until evening, we have definitely caught up on “terrace time” during the sunny weeks we’ve already had this year! Now, let’s have a look shall we?

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AT HOME_ we bought a house!

Authentiek herenhuis - Hannelore Veelaert -

This past year has been quite the roller coaster, for multiple reasons, but one thing definitely sticks out: we bought a house! Ever since a certain health crisis kept all of us closer at home, my boyfriend and I started longing for a bigger home with a proper outdoor space, more daylight, a work space for each of us (my boyfriend is the music producer behind Boogie Belgique and was in desperate need of a home studio) and something we could call our own.

After one year of casually looking at listings in our hometown Antwerp, we bumped into this house from 1870, filled with authentic details, daylight, a roof terrace and more space than we could have possibly dreamed of. It’s been almost a year since we’ve moved in (and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve surely seen me decorate each room), but somehow this big decision hadn’t made it to the blog yet. So today, I present you a throwback to our empty home, and a close up of all the little details we fell in love with. Now that everything is looking more and more finished (don’t be mistaken, there’s still plenty to do!), I can’t wait to give you a detailed tour of each room. But first things first: let’s have a look at what we’re working with!

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