COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world

COLLECTION_ pink bars - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog

It wasn’t my intention to devote this post to just one colour, but when I started collecting beautiful interiors of cafés, it quickly became clear that pink’s moment is not quite over yet.  During my search I bumped into every possible shade of pink, from subtle blush accents to full on millenial pink interiors.  Have a seat and enjoy this dreamy trip around the world with me!

  1. Art nouveau meets the seventies in Louie Louie.  The French inspired American bistro is located in Philadelphia.  See more of the design by Rohe Creative here.
  2. For pizza in a pastel interior, you need to go to Toronto’s True True.  Find more images of the design by Pencil here.
  3. Inspired by 70s pools, Pink Pool café in Seoul is sure to welcome you with a splash.  Check out their instagram for more photos.
  4. The Budapest Café in Chengdu, China, is inspired by Wes Andersons’ film The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Discover more photos of this coffee bar designed by Biasol here.
  5. Sketch in London is probably the most famous place on this list and the OG of pink interiors.  Discover the restaurant designed by India Mahdavi here.
  6.  Nude is Kortrijk’s place to be for casual food and fancy cocktails.  Have a look at their instagram for more images.
  7.  Pastels meet minimalism in Vacation café in Melbourne, designed by local studio Therefore. Find more photos here.
  8. Willmott’s Ghost is located inside The Spheres (a trio of plant-filled glass orbs) at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. See more of the project by Heliotrope Architects here.
  9.  Copper in Antwerp is an excellent occurence of #plantsonpink and was designed by the owner herself.  See more on their instagram.

For more pink moments, have a look at my blogposts about Copine and Thelma coffee and design.

COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - louie louie philadelphiaCOLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - true true philadelphia

COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - copper antwerpCOLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - pink pool café seoul COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - willmott's ghost seattle COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - vacation café melbourne COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - sketch london COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - budapest café chengdu COLLECTION_ pink cafés around the world - via aupaysdesmerveillesblog - nude kortrijk

FRAGMENTS_ Muller Van Severen studio

FRAGMENTS_ muller van severen studio - Hannelore Veelaert for aupaysdesmerveillesblog

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to visit the studio of Muller Van Severen as part of the Collectible fair. This relatively new fair in the city of Brussels is dedicated to contemporary collectible design – a match made in heaven with the Belgian duo whose work balances on the fine line between art and design. Their studio is where Fien and Hannes, the couple behind Muller van Severen, design and make their work.  It’s filled with materials, tools and pieces, some of which are more finished than others.  Eye-catcher of the day was their Carpet blue/yellow, which would be presented at the Collectible Fair later that day. Similar to their first tapistry, also a collaboration with Ashtari Carpets, the design is based on a collage of Fien’s previous work as a photographer. As a long time fan (they first appeared on the blog here in 2015) I obviously couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of the Muller Van Severen studio and sharing them with you. Keep an eye on the blog though, as this was not the only inspiring visit I made thanks to Collectible

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WORK_ Niko Inspiration Center

Niko Inspiration Center by Hannelore Veelaert for

If you follow me on social media, you might have already seen it, but a few weeks ago I launched my brand new portfolio website!  Ever since, work has taken over and life has been a bit of a rollercoaster, hence the blog silence.  Today however, I finally found some time to share this new baby of mine on the blog as well!   While I’m at it, I figured I’d share some of my work as well.  In this blog post you can discover the Niko Inspiration Center in Antwerp, the place to be if you’re looking to automate your home.   The interior is designed by We Want More studio in a premise previously renovated by Egg interior architects.  The stunning staircase is a remnant of that renovation.

So, if you’re in the market for a photographer, content creator or social media strategist focused on interior and design, head to my new website!  It will give you a much better overview of what I’ve done in the past and what I can do for you in the future… and in the meantime, keep an eye on my socials for your regular dose of interior inspiration.

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AT HOME_ living room update

FRAGMENTS_ my living room with sofacompany - Hannelore Veelaert for

As some of you might have seen on Instagram, my living room got an update ever since I first shared it on the blog.  It was the first room I ever showed here of my current apartment, as it felt as the most finished space around the house at the time.  However, my interior (and yours too, I’m sure) is always a work in progress.  The majority of the pieces in this room had been with me ever since I was living in my studio apartment and thus I couldn’t resist making a few changes!  I moved a few plants around the house, hung a print from Studio Proba and a photo made by my late grandfather and added a few small accessories, but the biggest change is my brand new couch by Sofacompany!  I chose my previous sofa because of its storage compartments, which were a lifesaver when living on merely 35 square meters.  However, placed  in my current 90 square meter apartment, the proportions suddenly felt a little off and I started dreaming of something that fitted my current living situation better…. and that’s were Sofacompany decided to lend a helping hand!

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EXPLORED_ Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

EXPLORED_ Mosteiro dos Jeronimos in Belém, Lisbon - Hannelore Veelaert for aupaysdesmerveillesblog

When I visited Lisbon for the first time, with my parents in 2011, we wanted to visit the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos but ended up finding ourselves in front of closed doors.  Despite my regular visits to Lisbon and Belém in particular, it somehow never occured to me to give it another try.  Until now that is, and it was definitely worth the wait!  Built in the beginning of the 16th century by King Manuel I to celebrate the Portuguese discoveries, the monastery was afterwards donated to the Jerónimos monks.   With its national and religious Portuguese symbols, nautical motifs, exotic plants and animals carved in limestone, it’s a striking example of the Manueline style.  No wonder it has been classified as Unesco World heritage!  Despite it being winter, we were lucky to visit the monastery on a sunny day.  The light pouring through the cloisters casted mesmerizing shadows on the walls and floors, while it turned the columns of the church into colorful works of art, thanks to the stained glass windows.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos - Praça do Império, Lisbon - website 

Curious for more must-visits in Lisbon?  Then have a look at my city guide, where I’ve collected no less than 90(!) tips for you, during the 5 months I lived in Lisbon and my many visits afterwards.  I promise you won’t be bored when visiting the Portuguese capital!

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WORK_ kunst in huis

WORK_ Kunst in Huis - Hannelore Veelaert via aupaysdesmerveillesblog.beDuring the month of August, I devoted most of my time to shooting for Kunst in Huis, an organization that has a library of more than 5000 artworks from which you can borrow in exchange for a very affordable monthly fee.  For a campaign in a national newspaper, they asked me to shoot two of their venues (one of which I’ve shared on the blog here) and several of their clients and their homes.  My absolute favorite to shoot was this surprising duplex apartment hidden on top of a somewhat boring apartment building in Antwerp.  The owners’ love for books and the art is present in every corner of the apartment.  Have a look below to discover their stunning home and find the interview about Kunst In Huis with owner Annelies here. (Only in Dutch.)  Also fun to explore is this shoot, which was done four years ago, when Annelies and Georges just moved in… Enjoy your Sunday!

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COLLECTION_ best of 2018

Now that 2018 has come to an end, I wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year and collect the best of 2018 on Au pays des merveilles.  Looks like you’ve been particularly fond of peeks into my apartments and beautiful places to stay!  In terms of my home, I’ve got good news as I’m excited to share more of my home in 2019.  When it comes to beautiful hotels and guesthouses… I’ll see what I can do!

  1. EXPLORED_ The Bunkers
  2. EXPLORED_ Kind of OJ
  3. FRAGMENTS_ my living room
  4. EXPLORED_ Casa C’alma
  5. FRAGMENTS_ home office
  6. EXPLORED_ Rice ‘n Roll
  7. EXPLORED_ Santa Clara 1728
  8. COLLECTION_ inspired by Think New Modern
  9. FRAGMENTS_ Brutalism in Lisbon

In case you’re a brand new reader, I’ve also collected some of my most read blog posts ever.  For extensive city guides and inspiring insights into creative twenty-something’s homes, have a look below.  As my New Year’s resolutions, I solemnly swear you can expect more of those in 2019 as well…  See you soon!

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EXPLORED_ Dear Breakfast

EXPLORED_ Dear Breakfast in Lisbon - Hannelore Veelaert for aupaysdesmerveillesblog

For a breakfast lover as myself, it’s no surprise that last year’s favorite discovery of my yearly trip to Lisbon was Dear Breakfast.  Obviously I just had to visit again and introduce this café properly on the blog.  With a menu that’s filled with fresh juices, delicious coffees, fingerlicking good avocado toasts and tasty pancakes, Dear Breakfast is a taste bud tingling ode to morning foods.  However, it’s not only the menu that will make sure your day is off to a great start.  The architects of Studio Astolfi mixed bricks, concrete, velvet, marble and luscious plants with arches, vaulted ceilings and the occasional dash of dark blue and pink (make sure you visit the toilet downstairs!) and turned Dear Beakfast into a sight for sore eyes that will make any trace of a morning mood disappear in a hearbeat.   Located right around the corner of my old appartment, I wish this breakfast walhalla would have been around during my time living in the Portuguese capital.

Dear breakfast - Rua das Gaivotas 17, Lisbon - website - facebook - instagram 

Planning a trip to Lisbon soon?  Don’t forget to have a look at my Lisbon city guide.  Written after living there for 5 months and updated with every visit, it is packed with tips that will make your stay in Lisbon an absolute dream.

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COLLECTION_ a gift guide

With the 25th approaching, of course I couldn’t stay behind with helping you pick the perfect gifts for your loved ones.  So here’s my last minute gift guide, featuring everything from young designers to wellknown brands. With prices starting at €20, there’s something in here for everyone. Happy shopping!

  1. Balance candle holders by Firm Living.  Buy them here.  (Also crushing hard on this bowl, this candle holder and these glasses from the Danish brand.)
  2.  A white facade, five floors and an open door – a book about one of Antwerp’s finest places, for sale here.
  3.  Milky way mirror with marble foot by Jentendesigns, order it here.
  4.  Dit is een goede gids – a book for those interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Get it here.
  5.  Speckled cups by Maevo studio, available  here.
  6. Snug candle holder (available in different colors) by Sanna Volker, find it here.
  7.  Art cheques from kunst in huis – a subscription to their library of art.  Find the campaign I shot for them here and (featuring enthusiastic clients) here.
  8.  CMMC bag with a limited edition print by Lies Mertens.  Get your hands on it here.
  9. Bow earrings with hoops by Barelli Manon.  Discover them here.
This blogpost contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting partners that allow me to provide you with new content!

EXPLORED_ Botanisk Have in Copenhagen

EXPLORED_ Botanisk Have in Copenhagen - Hannelore Veelaert for au pays des merveilles

It’s been a year since I rediscovered Copenhagen all over again, when I visited my family in their new Danish home. Of course a visit to the botanical garden couldn’t miss on my itinerary, so we spent some time in the infamous Botanisk Have, which turned out to be the perfect place to warm up after a stroll through the city. While winter turned Copenhagen rather dark (and extra cosy), I still managed to snap a few analog shots while we marveled at all the beauty. Scroll along for luscious plants and intricate details of the beautiful greenhouse and don’t forget to add this one to your must visit list for any future trip to the Danish capital!

Botanisk Have, Gothersgade 128, 1353 København - website - facebook

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