PRETTY THINGS: caffeinated

This week is my first week of a month of studying and taking exams.  Needless to say: I’m craving caffeïne!

1.  Espresso machine in concrete, by Shmuel Linski (source)

2. Although probably intended for alcoholic beverages, wouldn’t your daily caffeïne fix taste de-licious when sipping from this beautiful flask?  (buy it here)

3.  Espresso machine in wood, by Øystein Husby, Audun Grimstad, Åsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde.  They wanted to give the espresso machine that typical ‘scandinavian design’ look, I think they succeeded!  (source)

4. Cute eco cup in porcelain, with silicone lid and sleeve (to keep your coffee-craving hands from burning).  (Buy it here.)

5.  Vintage coffee pots, like this one.  (Buy it here.)


  1. Goesting June 1, 2011

    Cafeïne is ook mijn nummer 1 drankje op dit moment, en dat zal nog zo zijn voor de komende 23 dagen :). Die eerste koffiemachine is prachtig!

  2. SophieSweetVintage June 2, 2011

    Ai, veel succes dan de komende tijd! :)

  3. Imelda June 2, 2011

    Leuke selectie! Ik drink eigenlijk alleen maar latte’s of ijskoffie’s, maar zo’n machine misstaat nooit in je keuken he :)
    Veel succes met de examens!

  4. Kelly June 5, 2011

    I’m a caffeine addict and I admit I kind of fell in love with the espresso machine made of concrete…

    Good luck with your finals!


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