FRAGMENTS_ Praia da Polvoeira

fragments_ pataias - au pays des merveillesYou’ll surely remember I spent some time in Lisbon this summer (thanks to my many blogposts about this amazing city), but this wasn’t the only part of Portugal I visited.  Before I went to Lisbon, I stayed a couple of days with my parents, sister and our dog at our holiday home near Alcobaça.  Those days were mostly spent reading by to the poolside but also exploring the  beaches in the area.  One of those beaches was Praia da Polvoeira and its beauty totally blew me away!  This beach is located in Pataias, a freguesia of Alcobaça, and not that far away from the crowded beach of Nazaré, but Praia da Polvoeira seemed rather undiscovered by tourists.  If you’re used to Belgian beaches, it’s quite an experience to feel like the beach belongs to only you!  However, that’s far from the only reason I loved walking here.  I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!

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WORK_ Ella De Vos for Madame Seguin

ella de vos for madame seguin - by hannelore veelaert - aupaysdesmerveillesblog-21

A few weeks ago I headed to the Dutch coast for a photoshoot with Ella De Vos, a young textile designer who creates beautiful cashmere knitwear.  Last year I already photographed some of her work, and recently I shot Ella’s collection of bridal knitwear for Madame Seguin.  The collection, entirely produced in Mongolia, exists out of primarily white stoles and cardigans with delicate detailing and textures.  It offers a different take on traditional bridal cover ups, but is wearable in everyday life as well.

The beautiful dunes and sea at Vrouwenpolder formed the perfect backdrop to capture this collection in all it’s delicate glory and we’re all really proud to share the result.  Have a look!

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