COLLECTION_ prints & patterns

COLLECTION_ prints and patterns - via au pays des merveilles

After an intense Saturday (thanks to Horst Arts & Music festival), I want to do nothing but relax on this Sunday.  It’s the perfect day for spending too much time on Pinterest and drawing inspiration from images like these beautiful prints and patterns, for example.  For more inspiration, take a look at my prints and patterns pinterest board here.

  1. Flamingos by Abby Galloway. (full view)
  2.  Pattern sample, 2012 by Caitlin Foster. (full view)
  3.  Terrariums by Maya Bee Illustrations. (full view)
  4.   Windows by A pattern a day.  (full view)
  5. Synchronized Swimmers by Jeannie Phan. (full view)
  6. Black and white winter trees by Ashley G.  (full view)
  7. Cacti print from Dahl House interior. (full view)
  8.  Linocut print by the big harumph.(full view)
  9. Ladies at the beach by Danielle Kroll. (full view)

WORK_ Espiga

Espiga - Hannelore Veelaert & Lies Mertens - via au pays des merveilles

Recently, graphic designer Lies Mertens and I collaborated on the identity of jewelry brand Espiga.  This brand started as a school project by 5 young women, who created a piece of jewelry that is more than meets the eye.  This 3D printed geometric pendant contains a piece of felt that can hold a perfume up to three days, much longer than the skin does.  It’s the ideal solution if you’re allergic to perfume or if you want your favorite bottle of perfume to last a little bit longer.

Lies and I created a new logo and a lookbook, shot at Kornél (with the beautiful artwork by Mayken Craenen in the background) with two of the brands’ founders as models.  The yellow table top at Kornél inspired us to use this color throughout the entire branding and the presentation we prepared for them, which landed them the price for presentation with the strongest impact at the Vlajo finals.  Hooray for us!

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SUNDAZE_ Lies Mertens

sundaze - lies mertens - hannelore veelaert for au pays des merveilles-17

Sundaze is all about that Sunday feeling, with no obligations, only endless possibilities.  Whether your day off is on an actual Sunday or any other day of the week: everybody knows and loves that feeling.  In this topic, I document inspirational people on their day off.  How we spend the day is up to them, no obligations, remember?  Through this topic, I intend to see the city through their eyes, but also find out a little bit more about what drives this person in their daily life.  The first person to offer a peek into her life, is Lies Mertens, a 25 year old graphic designer and leather accessory designer located in Antwerp, but with a lot of love for travel.

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