via au pays des merveillesChassé Park Apartments, Breda, by XDGA

Right before I’m leaving on another short visit to the Netherlands (this time I’m going for the opening my friend’s photography exhibition called The Dwarf Empire, a tip for those of you who are in the neighborhood in the next weeks), I’m sharing these photos from Rotterdam and Breda with you.  Since this was a short trip with my office, we divided our time between eating and checking out architecture.  Not bad if you ask me.

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Very interesting talk by architectural photographer Iwan Baan about humanity’s ability to survive and make a home anywhere without the help of architects or town planners.  These inspring examples are illustrated by Baan’s amazing photographs (maybe this calls for a blogpost devoted to his work?) and they are definitely worth 15 minutes of your time.

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hatching by gijs van vaerenbergh via au pays des merveilles

One thing I didn’t show you in yesterday’s post about this year’s Existenz week, is this installation called ‘Hatching’ by architects Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.  Together with the students from Existenz, they designed and executed this installation at one of the floors of the old Stella Artois bottling plant.  For more information, a really cool video of the construction and more photos (by me!), you can take a look here.

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au pays des merveilles

While doing research for my thesis about architectural photography, I took the time to properly get to know Hélène Binet’s work and her vision on photography.  One thing I’m sure of right now: she’s my favorite when it comes to architectural photography, although it might help that she photographs my favorite architect, Peter Zumthor. (You might have seen his work on this blog before when I visited some of his buildings two years ago.)

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My best friends’ visit happened to coincide with Open House Lisboa, an event where you can take a tour in several buildings in Lisbon.  As we’re both architects, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.  There was just one tiny problem: we expected it to be similar to ‘dag van de architectuur’ in Flanders (you can see some photos of last year’s edition here), where you’re free to visit any building at any time.  So we didn’t subscribe in advance to see any buildings, with the result that we just explored a few buildings from the outside.  So here’s the first batch of photos, from the champalimaud centre for the unknown, which is a research centre for neurosciences and oncology.

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Kevin Bauman started photographing abandoned buildings in Detroit during the mid 90’s.  He was fascinated by the once wealthy areas where nowadays the abandoned large mansions are an example of the downfall of American cities.   Redevelopment has started but seemed to stick to just a few neighborhoods and ignore the others, which are almost completely abandoned.  Today, only 800 000 citizens live in Detroit, instead of the 2 million that once lived here.  For more info, click here.

all photos by Kevin Bauman

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