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One of the reasons I moved to my current apartment, is the extra room that I could turn into a home office.  I was tired of working from my dining table and the constant mess I was creating there and felt that a seperate workspace would not only increase my productivity but also make my sparetime around the house more relaxing.  Also, what’s not to love about another room to decorate…  Soon I’ll show you this new atelier of mine, but for now I’m leaving you with a ton of home office inspiration.  

  1. Studio space, see it here.
  2. Desk styled with soft colors by Sofie Brünner and photographed by Enok Holsegård.  Find more here.
  3. Peg board filled with inspiration, shot by Heidi Lerkenfeldt. Discover it here.
  4. Inspiring desk shot by Anders Bergstedt, see more of this beautiful home here.
  5. Minimal office set-up, find it here.
  6. Harmonious desk via Stadshem.  Discover the rest of this stunning interior here.
  7.  Plant filled workspace, source unknown.  See it here.
  8.  Earth toned home office styled by Pella Hedeby  and photographed by Sara Medina Lind for My Home magazine.  Discover the rest of this inspiring styling here.
  9. Home office filled with inspiration, styled by Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse.  See the rest of the house here.

Find more office inspiration on the blog and on my Pinterest.

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