COLLECTION_ cleaning supplies

COLLECTION_ cleaning supplies with method

You may or may not know that I try to live my life as sustainable as possible.  I don’t eat meat or fish, rarely cook anything other than a plant-based meal (get yourself one of these cookbooks if you’re curuious), prefer public transport over cars, compensate my carbon footprint through Treecological whenever I take a flight, avoid plastic bags and take the production process into consideration whenever I buy something.   That’s why I switched to Method‘s cleaning products.  Made out of natural ingredients only and wrapped in 100% recycled plastic, Method doesn’t consider sustainability a trend but a necessity.  No green-washing here, these products are actually people and planet friendly.

However, sustainability isn’t limited to the production process, if you ask me.  It’s also in avoiding throwaways, in thinking twice before you buy, in producing something durable and aesthetically pleasing and in creating something the owners will fall in love with and take good care of, even if it’s something as utilitarian as cleaning supplies.  Method’s Shiny limited edition does exactly that.  Dressed in rosé gold, their dishwashing detergent and handsoap double as stylish interior accessoires that you don’t want to keep locked in your kitchen cabinets.  Once the bottles are empty, you can purchase a refill (saving on water, energy and plastic) and re-use those pretty bottles again and again and again.

To convince you that both sustainability and cleaning can be fun, I’ve collected cleaning supplies that might even make you look forward to your weekly  cleaning routine.   You – or your cleaning lady – can thank me later.  I’ll admit, not all of these items come from sustainable brands.  However all of these items are durable and so good-looking you’ll cherish them a lifetime and that’s a pretty sustainable start if you ask me.

COLLECTION_ cleaning supplies with method

  1.  Menu dustpan.  Find it here.
  2.  Aquanova Ribba toilet brush.  Available here.
  3.  Dash grid kitchen towels by Hay.  For sale here.
  4. Madam Stoltz dish rack.  Get it here.
  5.  Limited edition hand soap, dishwashing detergent and all-purpose cleaner from Method.  Available at Carrefour.
  6.  Bo touch bin by Brabantia.  For sale here.
  7.  Dishwashing brush from beech wood and vegetal fibers.  Order it here.
  8.  Stelton handsweeper.  Buy it here.
  9.  Herman laundry basket by Ferm Living.  Get it here.

PS.  Do you want to live a more sustainable life as well?  This book is a good start.

This post is sponsored by Method and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting partners that allow me to keep this blog up and running!

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