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Ever since I first laid eyes on Nathalie Teugels’ furniture in the Convoi pop-up shop hosted by the ladies behind Phyt and Sternum, I was curious to find out more about Nathalie and her clean aesthetic.  When I found out she recently moved to a new apartment, I figured it was the perfect moment to ask this furniture designer to share some INSIGHTS of her home.

This 26 year old is the perfect example of someone who turned her hobby into a career:  “I truly love designing, drawing and looking for shapes and colors, so I don’t mind that I don’t have time for actual hobbies.”  Initially, she studied graphic design, but when Nathalie completed her studies in graphic design, she felt the need to work with her hands.  That’s why she decided to add studies in furniture design to her curriculum (like Reinaart and Adriaan), which turned out to be a pretty good decision.  Nowadays, she designs and makes her own furniture, but also creates a lot of made-to-measure pieces.


Nathalie’s apartment is located in the South of Antwerp, where Vitrine and Vista are her go-to places for her daily dose of coffee.  For beer and a good conversation however, Baron is her favorite.  Although the neighborhood is full of bars and restaurants, Nathalie’s street is rather peaceful.  “I often work from home so I truly value these quiet surroundings.  However, if I want to emerge myself in the city life, the center of Antwerp is only 5 minutes away.”  

Like many apartments in this neighborhood, her apartment is part of a manor house,  and while it’s not big, it is quite a change from her previous home.  Until a few months ago, Nathalie lived in a tiny studio. (Even smaller than mine!)  “Those 20 square meters served as my workplace, bedroom and living room. I often had friends over even though I didn’t have a table or a sofa and I often worked on the floor!” she laughs.  Nathalie had been looking for another place for quite some time and her studio’s lease already ended, when she found this one through facebook and immediately decided to take it.   Although she was living particularly small, she spent four days packing all her possessions and throwing things out.   “I barely had any furniture, but I owned a lot more stuff than I thought.  I slept surrounded by moving boxes for at least a weekwor and only recently, I unpacked the last box!”

“I fell for this apartment because of its wooden floors, the balcony and the marble mantelpiece, although I regret that it’s not black and white.”  Her interior is still a work in progress though, and she claims it probably always will be.  “I can never stop changing my interior, but right now I’m looking for the perfect chairs, more plants and decoration for the balcony.  I’m already looking forward to the summer, when I can open the double doors and invite the outside in.  I’m hoping to turn it into a true urban jungle!”  As a plant lover, she needs green to feel at home, but also stresses the importance of a sofa.  “A comfortable couch with lots of cosy cushions is essential if you ask me!  I really wanted an L-shaped sofa, but when I first set it up, I thought it was too big!  Now that everything found its place, I think it fits perfectly.  Someday I’d like to swap the couch for a velvet one, but for now it has become my favorite interior piece.”  After all that praise for her cosy couch, it’s no surprise that the living room is her favorite place in the apartment. “This is where I work, where I eat and hang out and I think interior wise it’s the most put together.”

Nathalie likes mixing old and new in her interior and describes her home as a blend of contemporary basics and second hand pieces with a story. The coffee table in the living room for instance, belonged to her grandmother and has traveled with her since she was still living with her parents.  “This used to be in my grandmother’s sewing room, which doubled as our play room and bed room whenever we were visiting, so it holds a lot of dear memories.”


As far as new furniture goes, she loves the elegant Scandinavian style of Espoo and Hay, but also has a soft spot for IKEA.  “It might be not done for a designer, but I’m a big fan of their affordable yet stylish design!  However, I’ll always try to make it myself whenever I need a new piece of furniture.”   Her steel and marble hallway piece is the perfect example of Nathalie’s minimalist aesthetic, but it’s not the only one of her designs featured in her home.  She also created the bed frame, the magazine rack, folded over the sofa’s armrest, and the light box with  the Nathalie Teugels logo.  “I made the light box with a friend for the first fair I ever participated in with my furniture.  It doesn’t work anymore and the logo has undergone a few changes since then, but it still reminds me of how I started.”  Things have changed quite a bit since that first interior fair and her work is getting and more recognition.  At the moment, temporary creative hub Contrair in Antwerp displays her custom-made furniture, but soon you’ll see even more of her work, because  Serax decided to produce and sell the Nathalie Teugels coffee table meets magazine rack! (as seen on the blog before here)

For interior inspiration she turns to Pinterest, but she’s also very fond of interior magazines, like actief wonen, feeling wonen and elle decoration.  “I’m always on the lookout for the new trends of the season, but my inspiration can come from anywhere, not only from the big designers.”

When I ask her about her dream house, she has to laugh. “I’ve already dreamed about that too much!”   Someday, she’d like to combine her home with her atelier, in a true minimalist’s place with concrete floors and white walls.  “I want a space where I can create and exhibit my furniture, receive customers.  I’d decorate it with my own pieces, mixed with items from other designers and second hand finds.”  Seeing her stunning designs and how well they are being received, I’d say that dream might just come true one day, don’t you think?

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