FRAGMENTS_ the 50 km road trip

all pictures by Eline Ros and me

It came as quite a surprise when Toyota asked me if I wanted to try out their Prius Plug-in Hybrid.  I’m not a car expert, in fact, I just passed my driver’s license test and still had to pick up my driver’s license.  However, I do care about sustainability and love traveling, so this trip seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out that brand new driver’s license.   Toyota challenged me and my friend Eline to go on a 50 km road trip, discovering interesting spots in a 50 km radius around the Mas de Torrent hotel where we were staying.  Why 50 km?  This is the Prius Plug-in Hybrid’s driving range using only its battery.  Yay for no emissions!

I was very curious to discover the Catalonian provence of Girona, as I’ve traveled to Spain multiple times but only ever visited Barcelona.  As it turns out, Girona holds beautiful beaches, incredible views, picturesque medieval villages, interesting architecture and, last but not least, excellent coffee.

   San Sebastian lighthouse

We made a quick stop at the San Sebastian Lighthouse, where we enjoyed the amazing view over the surroundings.

Calella de Palafrugell

Arriving at this beach of Calella de Palafrugell, we were surprised to discover all the cute houses built on the beach.  How wonderful must it be to wake up every morning and look over this view?  I wouldn’t mind living in a beautiful pink beach house someday!




The medieval village of Pals was another picturesque stop.  With its cobbled streets, charming greenery and wonderful vistas, we just couldn’t stop snapping pics.




Beforehand, I looked up interesting architecture (I might have made a carreer switch, but once an architect, always an architect!) and discovered Rafael Masó i Valentí was one of Catalonia’s most remarkable architects of the 20th century and he was born in the city of Girona.  Inspired by Gaudi, he designed several modernist buildings in Girona and its surroundings, of which the Farinera Teixidor is probably the most remarkable one.  This flour mill, housing both the owner’s family and the company’s offices and warehouses, was designed to look like mountains of flour.

After all that driving, we deserved a cup of coffee, so for our last stop, we headed to Espresso Mafia.  This coffee bar not only serves some of the best coffee in Girona (next door they roast their own coffee, always a good sign!), but also looks pretty stylish in white and gold.

Prius Plug-in Hybrid

While I’ve gone on road trips before (proof here), this was the first time I was the driver.  Needless to say, my driving experience is limited so it’s hard for me to compare, but I truly enjoyed driving this silent and eco-friendly car around the beautiful landscapes of Catalonia, without having to feel guilty about emissions.  Since I’m no expert on cars, I invite you to have a look here to discover more about Toyota’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid!






This trip was gifted to me by Toyota.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting partners that allow me to introduce you to new destinations!

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  1. Ineke / hush-e March 5, 2017

    Wat een prachtige foto’s, Hannelore! x


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