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As most of you might have already caught on instagram or facebook, I’ve recently had to move out of my studio due to some unforeseen circumstances.  However, I’ve found a lovely apartment, in a much quieter neighborhood, with a separate bedroom (one that doesn’t double as an entryway!) and with a lot more space to decorate.  This time I don’t need to invest in as many new pieces as after my last move, and I’m quite enjoying the fact that my pieces of furniture have more space to shine now.  However, one thing that I do miss is some mood lighting.  As it turns out, I only own three of these IKEA Ranarp lamps, which is not enough to provide an entire apartment of some cosy light.  So far, I’ve been rethinking a DIY that was meant for my previous home (more on that one later, for sure!) and I’ve collected my favorite table lamps and wall lamps (and I couldn’t resist to squeeze in two gorgeous pendant lamps as well…) from my pinterest. Obviously I can’t buy all of these, so I still have some thinking to do.  Which one is your favorite?

  1. Marble light pendant – SV5 by andTradition, get it here.
  2. Dutchbone‘s Patt wall lamp, buy it here.
  3. Sten table lamp by Swedish brand Watt & Veke in marble black.  See more here.
  4. Terrazzo edition of the Litho table lamp by Vormen in collaboration with Atelier Concreet and Peter Vromman.  Every edition will have a different kind of stone for a base and will only exist of 10 copies.  Find more info here.
  5. 90° wall lamp by Frama in brass, order it here.
  6. Unique rainbow shades by Julien Renault.  Unfortunately sold out here.
  7.  Crane light by Andrew Neyer Design.  Purchase it here.
  8.  Bell jar table lamp by SouthernLightsTN.  Find it here.
  9.  Kobe table lamp by Dutch brand it’s about Romi.  Get your hands on it here.

One last tip: if you care about the environment, want to keep your energy bill under control and love those old-fashioned light bulbs, Hema now has a lot of affordable and beautiful LED light bulbs in their collection, you can find them here.  (And yes, the title of this post definitely is a shout out to Kanye!)

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  1. Ineke / hush-e November 25, 2016

    zo mooi allemaal!


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