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collection_ packaging by au pays des merveilles

Beautiful packaging can always convince me to spend a few extra euros on a product.  It’s just such a delight to not only buy something useful, but something that’s easy on the eyes as well.  Here are few examples of stunning packaging designs, if you want to see more of them, you can take a look at my pinterest.

  1. Ice cream packaging by Natasha Chuvinova, see more here.
  2. “Wishbone brew” coffee packaging by Also known as and Christopher Williams,  more info here.
  3. Ecopal wood-free colour pencils by Kathrin Honesta, find out more here.
  4. Le Cord textile cables, buy them here.
  5. Classic soaps by & other stories, get them here.
  6. The patrimony by Object Matter, more images here.
  7. “Tear off a scoop” packaging by Yang Guo, Qiaoge Yang & Wenju Wu, get to know more here.
  8. Rice paper samples, more photos here.
  9. Moller Barkenow sandwich wrap by Tobias Moller and Rasmus Erixon, discover more here.


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