FRAGMENTS_ Karl Liebknechtstrasse in Leipzig

fragments leipzig - by hannelore veelaert via au pays des merveilles-1

We only spent half a day in Leipzig, so I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert on this German city.  However, Leipzig didn’t leave us disappointed.  Someone told me in advance that he absolutely loved Leipzig and felt that it was “the new Berlin”, where you could still feel the remnants of former Eastern Germany.  A few days later I set foot in Berlin for the first time, so it’s not that easy to compare, but I certainly recognized the contrast between beautiful lanes on the one hand and their grungier side streets on the other.  I didn’t take that many pictures, so I’m only sharing a few fragments of our one day stay here.  They give you a peek into the Karl Liebknechtstrasse, located in the upcoming Südvorstadt neighborhood.  With its colorful facades housing a mix of vintage shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs, it’s impossible that you’ll ever be bored here.  And if you have explored everything ‘Karli’ has to offer:  coffee bar Mein liebes Frollein, which I’ve blogged about before, is located in one of the sidestreets, and so is the Leipziger Hafenbar.  Running into their beautiful garden was a surprising sight in the city, and thus we enjoyed a refreshing drink there.  We didn’t take any pictures though, so you’ll have to experience this one for yourself!

So, did I convince you yet to visit Leipzig?  Personally, I wouldn’t mind to spend a few more days in this city and explore more of what Leipzig has to offer!

fragments leipzig - by hannelore veelaert via au pays des merveilles-2

fragments leipzig - by hannelore veelaert via au pays des merveilles-3


  1. Laura September 27, 2015

    Zo veel kleur! Ben ik niet gewoon van jou, Hannelore ;) En JA, ik wil Leipzig sowieso ook eens snel bezoeken! Zeker als jij het aanraadt…

    • Hannelore Veelaert September 28, 2015

      Af en toe stap ik eens uit mijn comfort zone he ;) Dankjewel! En zeker doen, ik wil ook echt graag nog eens terug…

  2. Lara September 29, 2015

    Tof! Zeker niet een stad die snel in mij opkomt om te bezoeken, maar is daarom juist interessant! Je ziet inderdaad wel wat terug van Berlijn, met al zijn graffiti.


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