life in june au pays des merveilles 3

The amount of pictures I took in the month of June is astonishing.  It seems like I’m finally getting used to that phone camera and being able to take pictures at any given moment, and I’m loving it!

plant in our living room (which we’re slowly trying to turn into an urban jungle) // a close up of my new bulletin board, with cards from Marijke & Luis // my new necklace from A Merry Mishap, that I’ve been wearing almost every day.  I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed at first that it was grey and not white like in the product photo, but now I love it // the main source of color in my room are my books in these shelves made from wine boxes // I don’t have a boyfriend to bring me flowers, but luckily I can enjoy these flowers that my roommate got from his girlfriend // my succulent lost some leaves and they are so beautiful I want to keep them // I rediscovered these fuji instax pictures I took during a workshop with Vicky Bogaert // I still love staring up to my diy lamp // still loving my green view too

life in june au pays des merveilles 5I’ve been watching a lot of football lately and of course I’m rooting for Belgium // me and my friends were also rooting for Hanne (who I’ve known since I was a little kid) and Jaro – and with success, they won €100.000 in the tv show “mijn pop-up restaurant” // I came across these flags while walking around in my neighborhood // last sunday there was a flee market near my house, I love living here!  // I visited Eltipo’s Expo // the view in the background when we were watching the football game // another pic of the expo// I went dancing at Bar Venetië for the first time and I loved the retro atmosphere


life in june au pays des merveilles 2I spent an afternoon with my family, playing Kubb, blowing bubbles and taking a walk around the town of Eppegem.

life in june au pays des merveilles 1my scratch map hasn’t changed much lately, I need to discover new countries!  // washi tapes // I loved this shadow of my tomado shelves // an amazing photo by Thomas Ruff (from the Sterne series, for which he enlarged telescope records) I cut out of the news paper // I’m in love with my two thrifted cabinets in our living room!  Since I’m sharing this house with 3 other people (one of them has lived here for 4 years already), you can imagine most of our shared spaces look like a total mishmash of furniture.  Luckily they trust my opinion on interior decoration (those architecture studies serve me well!) and I can change things around a little bit once in a while // light on my sheets // my new bulletin board, inspired by Marijke // empty cans serve as pen holders on my desk // one of my succulents

life in june via au pays des merveillesshadows on the floor // Starbucks sent me a delicious cup of coffee in the mail (I’m wearing pink suede Sacha shoes and fake leather pants, a jacket and shirt from H&M) // lots of Belgian flags in the neighborhood right now // I picked up photos from the weekend my friends from Erasmus visited, but you’ve seen those here already // a view of the pekfabriek, an industrial building that now serves as a venue for parties and concerts // the pekfabriek has a disco ball //my new sandals from pull and bear (and the concrete floor of the thrift shop where I was waiting and waiting for my friend (who was stuck in traffic) to pick me up with my new cabinets) // the neighbor’s cat paid me a visit // at the pekfabriek, I saw the Magnus try out which was really really good.  I’ve listened to their first album for 10 years and now was the first time they played it live, could have been totally disappointing but thankfully it was quite the opposite // the pekfabriek again (I love old industrial buildings!) // my feet (in furry h&m loafers) and the nettings needed for my diy bulletin board

life in june au pays des merveilles 7lots of colors in the trash at my local fruit and vegetable shop // I spent an afternoon working at the middelheim park during work in the park (free wifi, free sunscreen, free massages by professional physicians and free ice cream!) // had to take a few photos of a penthouse, where I had this lovely view over the city // another shot of the cranes that surrounded us while watching the football game // picnic with my boys in Brussels // sunrise in my street

life in june au pays des merveillesI spent a weekend at sea with my bes friends, taking beach walks, eating pancakes on the dike like our grandparents taught us, renting go carts and playing board games.  Exactly what I needed.

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  1. Lies July 1, 2014

    Favoriete Instagrammer, so-wie-so! <3

  2. Nina July 1, 2014

    Waauw je foto’s zijn heel mooi!

  3. Elisse July 2, 2014

    De kat van de buren is zo cute! Wat een dotje! Je maakt echt prachtige foto’s Hannelore. En wow, zoveel washi tape! Ik heb ook zo’n glazen pot waar ik de mijne in bewaar maar moet toegeven dat hij ondertussen een beetje uitpuilt.. Oeps!

    • Hannelore July 2, 2014

      Ik moet bekennen dat die van mij eigenlijk ook niet meer toegaat… Ik heb pas degene die ik niet gebruik (want ik koop de mijne meestal in de hema, waar ze graag één mooie en één lelijke (vind ik dan) samen verkopen) aan mijn nichtje gegeven… en 2 dagen later er dubbel zoveel nieuwe gekocht haha. Schiet niet op zo!

  4. Sara Simulator July 10, 2014

    so many things happening :)

  5. Ines July 27, 2014

    Ik wil ook een scratchmap, zo mooi!


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