christmas cards via au pays des merveilles

Merry Christmas!  After spreading so much Christmas inspiration, I figured it was about time I showed you what I came up with myself this year. Above you see the Christmas cards I sent to my family this year.  I made them with some materials I still had lying around (blank cards, paper and cardboard scraps, alphabet stamps (from Muji), silver dot stickers and white and silver markers).  Really easy and cheap, but I like the result.

gift wrapping via au pays des merveilles

This is what my christmas gifts look like this year.  I used wrapping paper and an envelope from Hema, baker twine, black and white prints of my waterscape photos and labels made with Hema’s embosser (can you tell I’m a fan of the shop?)  I also changed the regular white cord on the envelope for baker twine to make it match the other presents better.

gift wrapping via au pays des merveillesall photos by me

… and a little collage to show you what my presents have looked like in the past.  (You might have seen some of these already on the blog or on the facebook page.)  Anyway, glad to see not only my gift wrapping skills but also my photography skills have improved!

Anyway, to spread even more Christmas cheer and to say thank you for reading this blog, I’m handing out a little present to one of you!  Check back tomorrow to find out more about what and how… now go and enjoy Christmas!

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  1. Marijke December 25, 2013

    Ze lijken inderdaad een beetje op die van mij. Heel schoon ;)!
    Vrolijk kerstfeest Hannelore! Geniet ervan daar in Portugal!

  2. Laurein (@LAUREIN) December 26, 2013

    Leuk ingepakt seg, ik was dit jaar wat laat met het inpakken. Hema heeft idd leuke craft spulletjes, dringend nog eens checken :)

  3. Alina (@alinitini) December 27, 2013

    These are so gorgeous. I love how simple and personalized they are. Such a great idea and a must try. :)


  4. archistas December 27, 2013

    Wauw echt mooi verpakt allemaal! Moet ik onthouden als inspiratie voor volgend jaar :D

  5. Claire January 17, 2014

    Super jolis emballages cadeaux! Egalement fan d’Hema, j’ai aussi craqué sur la ’embosser’ et je l’ai beaucoup utilisée pour décorer mes cadeaux, avec un papier effet kraft, et de la ficelle aux couleurs de la Belgique ;-)


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