Brooklyn artist Mark Reigelman and San Francisco architect Jenny Chapman  installed a wooden hut on the side of a hotel in San Fransisco, to demonstrate the rights of the urban explorer to find an unoccupied parcel of space in which to make a city home.  (source)

The Purge by artist Chris Whiteburch is an art installation in a condemned house, where the house purges its contents, all manner of debris and structural material shooting violently through a window into a giant wooden splash.  (source)

Dutch design studio Tjep did a wonderful job in the Fabbrica pizzeria with these seating booths, they look really cosy!  (source)

Leandro Erlich‘s installation Bâtiment looks like a lot of fun: it ‘s a massive building facade, constructed on the floor near a towering mirror that makes it look like you’re weightless.  So cool!  (source)

Zurich designers Atelier Volvox rescued plush toys from the garbage and turned them inside out to give them a new life.  (source)

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  1. Sarah (LFDJ) October 8, 2012

    Ik ben altijd blij als je van deze dingen post! Ik leer er zelf veel door kennen, en het zijn echt ALTIJD leuke kunstinstallaties of dingetjes! Tof!
    Die pizzeria ziet er inderdaad gezellig uit, vraag me alleen af hoe het is om daar te werken als kelner :p.
    En die spiegel-gevel is ook ZO cool! Moest even kijken voor ik het doorhad ;).

  2. cheyenne October 11, 2012

    wauw, die pizzeria! heel erg cool gedaan :)


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