DIY eco cardboard animals by designer Eduardo Alessi.  Besides this deer clock, there’s also elephant speakers, a giraffe lamp, a rhino pen holder and an owl magnifier book lamp.  So cool!  (source)

Rad artwork by Natalie Nicklin.

In 1986 the artist Tyree Guyton started  The Heidelberg Project, as a creative way to respond to the decay in his neighborhood. He decorates the houses in his neighborhood with paint and salvaged objects found on the street.  I wish I could see this in real life so badly!  (source)

Typeface designed for doctors by Orion.  (source)

The DIY edition of La Sardina is a white version which can be drawn, painted or glued upon. Just imagine all the possibilities!  (source)

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  1. Laurein H (@LAUREIN) August 26, 2012

    Die lomo is kei tof :) En je erasmus komt super dichtbij! Gans veel succes (zo zeggen ze dat in limburg toch ;))!

  2. Danielle August 26, 2012

    Joaaaaaaahooeeee en jij maakt mij blij met deze blog, zo leuk allemaal!

  3. Mirthe August 26, 2012

    Ah die La Sardina <3

  4. Ester Ramos August 27, 2012

    Cool stuff here!

  5. Dorien August 28, 2012

    Wat heb jij een GEWELDIGE BLOG! Ik weet nog niet of ik je kan volgen via bloglovin/facebook/etc, maar dat ga ik zometeen dus wel even checken en zeker doen! Nummertjes 3, 4 en 5 zijn echt top!

  6. Hahahaha, die Typeface for doctors is wel grappig! ^^ en mijn dokter schrijft ook écht zo onleesbaar :) x


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