1.  Cute illustration by Aled Lewis.

2.   Ilot Vintage replaces the worn out leather of vintage cameras with wood veneer to make them even prettier.  (source)

3.  This grove’s iPhone back cover is made of from leftover material from industrial skateboard manufacturing.  SO COOL.  (source)

4.  Beautiful collages by Ben Giles.  (source)

5. The swimming pool at Bhakti Park, Wadala, Mumbai has a giant aerial photo of new york on the floor of the pool.  I bet swimming there makes you feel like a superhero!  (source)

6.  The KooKoo BirdHouse is a modern take on the cuckoo clock, with 12 different real bird recordings (one for each hour) and customizable pendants and birds.  (source)

7.  This is a customizable, cross-stitchable iPhone case, one you’ll never get bored of!  (source)

8.  Smile tattoo.

9.  Temporary Vintage Plant shop in Stockholm by Byggstudio, where one can trade and exhibit second-hand plants and their background stories. If you buy a plant, you get the background story of the previous owner.  (source)

10.  What book should I read? tells you – oh surprise – what book to read!

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  1. Marijke July 8, 2012

    Toffe dingen weer :)! Ik ben ook een fan van de collages van Ben Giles!

  2. marlyssa July 8, 2012

    Ik kan me helemaal vinden in je lijstje! Dat zwembad is echt tof, wel apart/eng denk ik als je daarin zwemt

  3. Je suis Sophie July 8, 2012

    Dat laatste is zo leuk! s mega leuk om zo verhalen achter dingen te weten. (idem met kleren, spijtig dat je dat niet kan weten in tweedehandswinkels :D)

  4. Mirthe July 8, 2012

    Dit soort posts vind ik altijd zo leuk op je blog :)

  5. Hannah July 8, 2012

    So many awesome things in one post! I would LOVE to go swimming in that pool!

  6. Lily July 9, 2012

    Ahhh I’ve been considering a tattoo like this one for such a long time. It’s cute, isn’t it? Hmmm, maybe it’s high time I did it already! :)

  7. Lois July 9, 2012

    That first illustration made me laugh out loud – love it!

  8. Marloes July 10, 2012

    Dat hoesje is echt te vet! Elke keer iets anders borduren lijkt me echt super leuk :)

  9. Mw. Ekster July 10, 2012

    hehehe, de eerste is so cute!


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