1.  The newest Tattly designs featuring bikes.  I especially love the this design by Mike Lowery!  (source)

2.  Clever street art. (source)

3.  How to lead a creative life?  This complete guide to making your inner genius your greatest on-the-job asset, will tell you how!  Click for the bigger version!

4.  Visiting someone in prison is hardly what you call a fun trip, but this artwork by Markus Linnenbrink makes it a whole lot better!  You can find it in the visitors tunnel of the Justiz Vollzugs Anstalt (Prison) in Düsseldorf, Germany.  (source)

5.   Craig Alun Smith designed these colorful LuvOwls (not only in blue, but also red and green), which are made of seeds, suet and food coloring.  His aim?  Covering the city in equally colorful bird poo.  As the colors of the LuvOwls are based on the RGB system, eating from different owls should result in a rainbow of different colored bird poo.  I’m curious to see if this works!  (source)

6.  So I have a confession to make: I always cut my spaghetti, I can’t eat it with just a spoon and a fork, let alone without the spoon.  That’s where this Rolognese Spaghetti Fork would come in handy, right?  (source)

7.  Beautiful film posters, like this one for where the wild things are, by Dandy Raffe.  Take a look here for more!

8.   Lucas Maassen‘s project ‘The furniture factory’, where he includes his sons as painters.  They get 1 euro per piece, but due to the child labour laws in the Netherlands, they can only work 3 hours a week, which leads to unfinished painting jobs but undoubtedly beautiful results.  (source)

9.  Supercool business cards for a hairdresser!  (source)

10.  The Artistifier can make any youtube video a black and white silent movie.  This way you can trick anyone into thinking you’re watching classy old movies while you’re actually watching cat videos… (source)

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  1. thegingerdiaries March 18, 2012

    haha, die “How To’ Posters zijn echt maf =) Echt die kaartjes voor kappers zijn ook wel vet! xo

  2. Marijke March 19, 2012

    Weer heel leuk allemaal!!


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