1.  Amazing birdhouses called ‘For the birds’ by  Jeff Canham. (source)

2.  Good advice for 2012 (only one month has passed, there’s still hope, right?) (source)

3.  I know what I want on my birthday cake next year: crayon-candles from Emanuel Cohen.  Yes please!  (source)

4.  Prunella soap is not only organic and vegan but has the cutest promo shots I’ve ever come across.  Love love LOVE it! (source)
5.  Cute necklaces completing the print on the t-shirts, by Luft und liebe.
6.  The photorito lens wrap by photojojo.  I actually have something similar, but mine is boring grey (okay and fluorescent orange on the inside) and looks far from edible, boo.  Or maybe that’s a good thing?
7.  I remember being so in love with these cat-head lipsticks by Paul & Joe a few years ago, and apparently there’s a new collection, called ‘Meow’, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Paul & Joe beauté, and it looks so good!  I want.  (source)
8.  This impressive piece of street art was made on a mossy wall outside of the STUK art center in Leuven, which is one of my favorite spots in the city.  I am so bummed I never saw this!  It was on the other exit route that I never take because I live on the other side of Leuven.  Sad, very sad.  Anyway, it’s a work by Belgian artist and illustrator Stefaan De Croock aka Strook, who washed away the moss with pressurized water.  Too cool.  (source)
9.  Raindrop magnets by snugstudio.  It shouldn’t be too hard to DIY with the university’s laser cutter, I should give this a try soon.  Could be a great gift, no?  (source)
10.  Fascinating infrared pictures of hong kong, by yiu yu hoi for 16hours magazine.  (source)
PS.  I updated my Tim Walker post, you should be able to see all of the photos now!  And I’m still having problems commenting on blogger, I don’t know what’s wrong but this is a shout-out to let you know I still read and enjoy your blogs!  Oh and one other thing that makes me smile:  Elle Belgique named me in their list of Belgian blogs you should follow, yay!  Merci, Elle, merci.
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  1. Lightning Heart January 29, 2012

    oh my gosh, those lipsticks are amazing!

  2. Stiene January 29, 2012

    die kaarsjes en die lippestift zijn echt zo leuk :D

  3. Marlous January 29, 2012

    Leuke dingetjes weer. Ik zal die vogelhuisjes eens aan mijn vader laten zien haha. Wij hebben wel 10 vogelhuisjes in de tuin hangen!

  4. Phara January 29, 2012

    Haha, dat vogelhuis, hilarisch en die kattenlippenstift, ik zou die echt niet durven gebruiken, veeeel te mooi!


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