1.  ‘They draw and travel‘, a site where artists from all over the world upload illustrative maps of their favorite cities.  I can spend hours browsing their archives.  I wish I was this talented, I would make a map each time I visited a city.   (By the way, there is also a ‘they draw and cook‘, which is equally amazing!)

2.  Sculpture by London designer Paul Cocksedge, which looks like pieces of paper caught in the wind. It’s installed in the courtyard of a hotel in Lyon, I with I could see this in real life!  (source)

3.  ‘In caffeine we trust’ poster, which allows you to keep track of your coffee consumption.  Not a bad idea during this long days of studying!  (source)

4.  Christmas might be over, but I keep finding beautiful packaging ideas!  (source unknown)

5.  Best pool ever.  (source)

6.  Just plain beautiful!  (source unknown)

7.   Jenny Odell takes photos from Google Maps and erases everything but the human footprint.   This is Delores Park, San Francisco.  Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.  (source)

8.  Pretty calendar, available at recently opened ‘our paper shop’, and that’s not the only good stuff they sell!

9.  These USB sticks by Logical Art are to die for!  They’re called ‘Empty memory’ and are questioning what will happen if the technology becomes invisible.  (source)

10.  South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa reused 1000 doors to create an enormous 10-story public art installation, called Doors.  (source)

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  1. elisse January 8, 2012

    Bangelijke post weeral. Hoe komt ge er toch altijd op? Die pianopool is echt geweldig!

  2. Marijke January 8, 2012

    Weer heel leuk allemaal!

  3. zo tof allemaal! dat paino zwembad is echt vet, haha. En ook het sculptuur van Paul Cocksedge is fantastisch! x

  4. jokemijn January 9, 2012

    super vondsten, heb mezelf even verloren in je linkjes.

  5. Marlous January 9, 2012

    Leuke dingetjes weer! Trouwe fan van deze rubriek!


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