1. Tips your grandmother should’ve given you, but probably never did.  (source)

2.  Gorgeous USB stick, a design by Guido Oooms, available here.  I have no usb stick anymore and christmas is coming up, just a hint!

3.  A calendar made out of paper images, so cool!  Available here.

4.  Chromatic Typewriter, a type writer where the letters and keys are replaced with color pads and hued labels, turning it into a functional painting device.  It’s a design by  Tyree Callahan.  (source)

5.  Poster with an inspiring quote by Steve Jobs, it’s available here and 100% of the profits are donated toAcumen Fund‘s mission to end worldwide poverty, so what’s not to like?

6.  Amazing agenda by graphic designer Julie Joliat.  Seriously, I’m so bummed I already bought my agenda (a classic moleskine), otherwise I would order this in two seconds.  “This Agenda will take you on a year-long journey to the most astounding features of the planet. It will reveal famous places in an unsual way, giving freedom to your imagination. You are invited to draw and re-invent the places you know, as well as the ones you still have to discover.
It also contains a lot of useful information like Holidays, laundry symbols, a vintage chart, monthly planners, and a whole new set of world maps!”  It’s basically the perfect gift for anyone that loves architecture, traveling or drawing.  So so cool.  Let’s hope Julia Joliat makes these again next year!  (source)

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  1. Liset December 19, 2011

    Ik kwam deze week ook de serie van ‘wat ik wou dat mijn oma mij vertelde’ tegen en de quote van steve jobs!

  2. anouk lannoo December 19, 2011

    Lovely! They made me smile too :)

    Love, A.


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