1.  Birch Bird Cards, these postcards are made out of dyed birch and can be assembled into these adorable birds!  (source)

2.  Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, a tea parlor in a beautifully decorated caravan, which travels through South Africa.  Besides being incredibly pretty, this tea parlour tries to be as friendly for the enviroment as possible.  One of my dear friends is in South Africa for another two months and I might have friendly obligated here to go there already! (source)

3.  Great photo of shadowplay by Alexei Bednij. (source)

4.  Moustache clips from Urban Outfitters.  I might have a little obsession with moustaches (hence my birthday party next week being moustache themed!), so using these clips would make me smile every time!  Buy them here.

5.  Adorable kid on what might be the coolest bike ever.  (source)

6.  An entire mini zoo travelling through your bedroom.  Photographer unknown, if anyone can tell me? (source)

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  1. Elien August 28, 2011

    Een moustache-themed verjaardagsfeestje? Zalig! :) Ben benieuwd naar foto’s en een verslag, allesinds veel plezier :)
    xo, Elien

  2. Celine August 28, 2011

    Ah great stuff! Especially the moustache clips are amazing! And the mini zoo picture is beautiful!

  3. 77235 August 29, 2011

    die tea parlour is gaaf!

  4. Ilse September 25, 2011

    Ik had ook een snorrenfeest een paar jaar terug ter gelegenheid van mijn verjaardag, haha!!


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