You’ve read it well, a special edition of “things that make me smile” today, dedicated to tumblr.  As you may or may not know, I have a tumblr myself, called SHORTCUT, where I post photos and occasionaly a quote that I like.  Tumblr seems to be an entire world on it’s own, next to the blogosphere, and I think it diserves more attention!  So here are my favourite tumblrs, the one’s  that I think stand out.

1.  “Just a drop of water in an endless sea” posts beautiful photos like so many other tumblrs do.  But not like this!  Here’s a screencap of her archive to show you what I mean:

See?  So well done.

2.  One of the first tumblrs I started to follow: “inspire me now“.  If you browse this one’s archives, you’ll see that a lot of things that I post in my ‘Things that make smile’ lists, also appear on his tumblr.

3.  Unhappy Hipsters posts pictures of hip designer interiors, with clever captions.  Some are better than others, but you’ll just have to see for yourself!

4.  Wire magazine has it’s own tumblr, called Sleeves Received“, documenting gems from The Wire’s mail bag.  It’s all about the beautiful artwork that comes with cd’s.  I keep buying cd’s because I love to have something that I can hold in my hands, something that people worked hard on.

5.  “Photodonuts” presents the cream of the crop of today’s photographers.  They have a website too.

6.  “expo’86” posts art and photos just the way I like them: very clean, minimalistic and geometrical.  Definitely worth checking out!

7.  “The impossibly cool” presents you the coolest people on earth, in stunning black and white.

8.  “Concrete Proof” features a lot of photos of… concrete.  (I can’t help myself, I’m graduating as an architect in two years!)

9.  Little things shares those little things in life that we should appreciate.  Makes me smile for sure!

10.  Artist food belongs to one of the members of Marble Sounds (whom I have blogged about before here), he’s sharing pictures of all the food they get backstage at concerts.

If you’ve got a tumblr, or you think of one that belongs in this list too, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. LOU August 21, 2011


  2. Kyla August 21, 2011

    This is a great post! I started following some of these tumblrs, I love the “Inspire Me Now” one, and the Unhappy Hipsters is too funny!

  3. Marlous August 21, 2011

    Wauw die eerste is echt heel mooi, en die unhappy hipsters ook! heb ze gelijk gefollowd!

  4. Kelly August 21, 2011

    Wow, you have quite an interesting collection of Tumblr pages here. Hitting that ‘follow’ button as I write this reply (well, sort of… ;-))

  5. Marlous August 21, 2011

    Oh ik heb toevallig nèt een geweldige tumblr ontdekt die zeker bij dit rijtje hoort!
    foto’s van het verleden in het heden.. kijk maar om te zien wat ik bedoel!

    • Marlous August 21, 2011

      oh en de kersjes bikini is van H&M, deze zomer. Ik heb hem ook door een vriendin uit Amsterdam mee laten nemen want in het filiaal hier hing alleen nog maar 1 exemplaar in een heel klein maatje.. succes met je zoektocht ;)

  6. Phara August 21, 2011

    Oh zo leuk, heb bij veel op “follow” geklikt ^^

  7. Laura August 23, 2011

    Little Things kende ik al, maar de rest nog niet. Thanks voor de tips!
    Things We Forget is ook een leuke btw ;)


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