Recently I took a little roadtrip along with 50 other architecture students to Frankfurt.  I will show you all of the pictures soon, but this building diserves a post of it’s own.  On our way to Frankfurt, we stopped by the most beautiful museum I’ve ever been to.  Seriously,if you ever get the chance, please visit the Kolumba Art museum of the Archoiocese of Cologne.  It’s designed by Peter Zumthor and the architecture is mindblowing, all of us walked around in awe and totally forgot about what time we had to be back at the bus and where we would find a meal before we got there.











all pictures taken by me


  1. Marlous April 7, 2011

    wauw wat een mooie foto’s zeg!

  2. Imelda April 9, 2011

    Mooie foto’s! Ik ben fan van de gouden muur, superleuk!

  3. Sarah April 10, 2011

    Die gouden muur is inderdaad super tof!


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