The Ones We Love is a project highlighting young and talented photographers from around the world. Each artist contributed six photographs of the person(s) who is most important to them, taken outdoors in a natural setting. The goal of the website is to portray the people who are loved, cherished, and inspirational to these artists, and also showcase the differences and similarities in the photographs each of them took within the same guidelines.

ian aleksander adams


elo vazquez

CRW_2151-copyvarya vedeneeva

06pierre pang

What a great project… I can spend hours browsing through these pictures of loved ones.  Makes me want to portray all the people I love and frame them on my bedroom walls.


  1. Lieke July 21, 2009

    Ik heb een nieuwe verslaving erbij (A)
    Sommige foto’s zijn echt echt mooi! ^^


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