1.  ‘They draw and travel‘, a site where artists from all over the world upload illustrative maps of their favorite cities.  I can spend hours browsing their archives.  I wish I was this talented, I would make a map each time I visited a city.   (By the way, there is also a ‘they draw and cook‘, which is equally amazing!)

2.  Sculpture by London designer Paul Cocksedge, which looks like pieces of paper caught in the wind. It’s installed in the courtyard of a hotel in Lyon, I with I could see this in real life!  (source)

3.  ‘In caffeine we trust’ poster, which allows you to keep track of your coffee consumption.  Not a bad idea during this long days of studying!  (source)

4.  Christmas might be over, but I keep finding beautiful packaging ideas!  (source unknown)

5.  Best pool ever.  (source)

6.  Just plain beautiful!  (source unknown)

7.   Jenny Odell takes photos from Google Maps and erases everything but the human footprint.   This is Delores Park, San Francisco.  Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.  (source)

8.  Pretty calendar, available at recently opened ‘our paper shop’, and that’s not the only good stuff they sell!

9.  These USB sticks by Logical Art are to die for!  They’re called ‘Empty memory’ and are questioning what will happen if the technology becomes invisible.  (source)

10.  South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa reused 1000 doors to create an enormous 10-story public art installation, called Doors.  (source)

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1. NBF, or nerd boyfriend.  If you want your other half to dress up like a proper nerd, this is where you should send him to find some inspiration.  There’s a NGF edition too!

2.  Photos of black cat auditions, in Hollywood, 1961.  (source)

3.  Belgian designer Liesbeth Bussche transforms urban elements in the streets of Amsterdam into pieces of jewelry.  She adds pendants to chains, she replaces regular warning tape with ribbon woven out of red and white beads, and makes earrings out of concrete balls.  (source)

4. Gorgeous limited edition riksja, they’re already sold out at anthropology, but at 2200 dollar, they weren’t really within my budget anyway.  (source)

5. Lovely packaging ideas at oh, hello friend.  I haven’t found any christmas gifts yet, but I did invest in packaging materials already, and I’m already looking forward to get started!

6.  A keychain which will never let you loose your keys again!  Buy it here.

7.  This paperclip bike rack, on campus at the Minneapolis Art Institute.  (source)

8.  Happy Cloud Coasters by Barefoot Dynasty, made out of Portuguese cork.  (source)

9.  The Little Printer by Berg: so genius!  You use your smart phone to set up subscriptions and this Little Printer will print them as a beautiful miniature newspaper, including your friends birthdays, sudokus and your daily horoscope.  There’s a video over here if this made you curious.  The lay-out of the prints is stunning, so there I have another reason to start saving up for a smartphone! (source)

10.  Neighbours by Herman Van Den Boom somehow appeared on my Facebook homepage.  He’s a dutch landscape photographer, who was fascinated by the strange combinations of two semi-detached houses which are so well represented in Belgium.  The book is available here.

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1. The new La Sardina camera in all kinds of patterns: the cubic is my favorite!  (Get it here.)

2. The temporary trees series by designers Raw Color and Studio Mkgk, so beautiful.  (source)

3.  Penguins in cute sweaters!  It’s actually a way to prevent penguins, who were caught in a recent oil spill off the coast of New Zealand, from injesting the oil when they preen themselves, while they are waiting to be scrubbed clean.  You can find more info here.  (source)

4.  Beautiful packaging (designed by Boheem) for One Tree Coffee Co, which is a boutique espresso bar in Newcastle.  (source)

5.  Cute illustration by Larice Barbosa.

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1.  Lovely illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann.  (source)

2.  Mr.Button by John Caswell Design.  (source)

3.  Kim Yong Soo’s art, made out of unexpected materials like semi-conductors, speaker wires, and acrylic cement.  (source)

4.  Organic beauty products in lovely packaging, from One Love Organics.  (source)

5.  This artwork by Carnovsky, it reveals different images depending on the color of the lighting. Click here to see the effect! (source)

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1. Draw a stickman.  Don’t forget to take a look at the gallery for better drawings than mine!

2.  Clever illustration by Lim Heng Swee.

3.  Miniature decaying urban landscapes by  Jiang Pengyi.  (source)

4.  Wardrobe like a piece of art by Alice Rosignoli.  (source)

5.  Lovely packaging ideas by oh, hello friend.

6.  Perfect hairdo’s.  (source)

7.  Illustration by Natalya Lobanova.  (source)

8.  Pretty animal sweaters by Lenko.


1.  The Utility Card from grain is genious if you ask me: a greeting card you can use for any ocasion.  I’ll buy that anytime!  Shouldn’t be that hard to make yourself, right? (source)

2.  I’d love to cruise through the city on this amazing bike from Missoni for Target!

3.  Beautiful cheese packaging, designed by Tim Sumner, a design student from the UK.  (source)

4.  Stupid thief.   (source)

5.  Fifi and Ruby’s earrings.  (source)

6.  This gorgeous couple.  Love both of their outfits, love the stocking seams tattoo.  These girls look so good together. (source)

7.  Christie Young ‘s drawings of all sorts of rules: the rules of getting over someone, quitting smoking and realizing you’re on a date.

8.  Beautiful transportation maps, where each route exists out of a long, repeated list of the station stops from that line.  They’re available at TRNSPRTNATION. (source)

6.  This is so cool!  It’s a scarf that counts down the days by unraveling stitch by stitch.  It’s called the Gregor calendar and is designed by industrial designer Patrick Frey. (source)

10.  Amazing wallpaper at the home of Abigail Ahern via The Selby.  (source)

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1.  Cheerful banners for no reason.  (banter banners)

2.  This brilliant moustache clock.  (source)

3. Clever packaging for rubber bands by Ric Bixter.   The ‘squeezing’ of the box equals the strength of the elastic band.  (source)

4.  Ink riders by Alberto Seveso.  These are REAL pictures, this is insane.  (source)

5.  Animalfont: an iphone app by Takashi Kawada which allows you to send messages to your friend in a lettertype existing out of animal balloons.  Too cool.  (source)

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1.  ‘Stop the water while using me!‘, a brand with all natural cosmetics, a great message and beautiful packaging.

2. ‘Beast of Burton‘, where Mikey Burton keeps ‘cool looking bears’.  (source)

3.  I wish all bike racks looked like this!  (source)

4.  Joe the hippo bath plug.  (buy it here)

5.  Cardboard furniture, shaped like a sheep.  (source)

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