1.  Brilliant collages by Ashlie Chavez.  (source)

2.  A concept by DesignDepot: deer shaped pylons.  (Reminds me of the human shaped pylons I once blogged about.)  (source)

3.  Street style avant la lettre by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life.  (source)

4.  Hole to another universe wall decal by blik.  If only… (source)

5.  Berndnaut Smilde creates real clouds indoors, that only exist for a moment.  Looks magical.

6.  Exploded flowers by Fong Qi Wei.  (source)

7.  Message in a bottle usb, available here.  (source)

8.  Miss Moss combined inspiring paintings and outfit photos into breathtaking collages.  If only I’d wear more color, I would do this for every outfit post!

9.  Geometric paintings by Russell Leng, I’d love one of these on my wall.

10.  Cute piggy paper clips available ruche.  There’s also a bunny, elephant and bird version!  (source)

11.  It took me a while to get this, but once you see it, you can’t un-see what these lego figures represent!  (source)

12.  Notes by Eva-Lotta Lamm.  I wish my notes would look like this!  (source)

PS.  Do you like this new way of presenting my lists, or do you prefer the old way?  Tell me, please!

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1.  Clever business cards. (source unknown)

2.  The coolest  sinks ever by Romualdo Faura and Tengchuan Tey.  This would surely get kids to wash their hands!  (source)

3.  Magda Sayeg, the queen of yarn bombing!  I wish she’d tackle our Belgian public transport…  (source)

4.  Facades in a rainbow of colors.  (source unknown)

5.  The best way  to start your day.  (source)

6.  A polka dotted house.  (source)

7.  ‘Save Food From the Fridge‘ is a project by Jihyun Ryou, who crafted a series of food storage contraptions that counter the hidden, black box technology of the refrigerator by relying on traditional oral knowledge that has been accumulated from experience.  Very interesting!  (source)

8.  Maddie appeared on many blogs (and on many other things, ha), but I think she still deserves a spot in this list!  (source)

9.  Animal parade spice shakers?  Yes please!  (available here)

10.  Handy paper clips.  (source)

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1.  So much better than the regular ‘don’t park here’ signs!  (source, photo)

2.  Tiffany prepares sandwiches and cakes with ingredients from the farmer’s market, wraps them up in ecological packaging, stacks them in an old suitcase and delivers them on her wonderful pink bike.  Only in Paris though!  Why don’t we have something like tifamade here in Belgium…

3.  Custom made Olympus Pen F in black and wood finish.  Yes please!  (source)

4.  Wonderful stairs.  (source)

5.  These light jars, designed by  Kristine Five Melvær, are meant to showcase small, precious belongings.  Inside the wooden stopper is a light source that highlights your time of choice.  (source)

6.  Aren’t these long exposure photographs of fireflies just magical?  (source)

7.  Life is beautiful by farhad moshiri is made out of hundreds of knives stabbed into the wall.  (source)

8.  Kyle Kirkpatrick carves imaginary landscapes out of old books.   (source)

9.  Sculpture by Myeongbeom Kim.  (source)

10.  TANTO is the most wonderful bean bag I’ve ever seen. Get it here. (source)

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1.  The newest Tattly designs featuring bikes.  I especially love the this design by Mike Lowery!  (source)

2.  Clever street art. (source)

3.  How to lead a creative life?  This complete guide to making your inner genius your greatest on-the-job asset, will tell you how!  Click for the bigger version!

4.  Visiting someone in prison is hardly what you call a fun trip, but this artwork by Markus Linnenbrink makes it a whole lot better!  You can find it in the visitors tunnel of the Justiz Vollzugs Anstalt (Prison) in Düsseldorf, Germany.  (source)

5.   Craig Alun Smith designed these colorful LuvOwls (not only in blue, but also red and green), which are made of seeds, suet and food coloring.  His aim?  Covering the city in equally colorful bird poo.  As the colors of the LuvOwls are based on the RGB system, eating from different owls should result in a rainbow of different colored bird poo.  I’m curious to see if this works!  (source)

6.  So I have a confession to make: I always cut my spaghetti, I can’t eat it with just a spoon and a fork, let alone without the spoon.  That’s where this Rolognese Spaghetti Fork would come in handy, right?  (source)

7.  Beautiful film posters, like this one for where the wild things are, by Dandy Raffe.  Take a look here for more!

8.   Lucas Maassen‘s project ‘The furniture factory’, where he includes his sons as painters.  They get 1 euro per piece, but due to the child labour laws in the Netherlands, they can only work 3 hours a week, which leads to unfinished painting jobs but undoubtedly beautiful results.  (source)

9.  Supercool business cards for a hairdresser!  (source)

10.  The Artistifier can make any youtube video a black and white silent movie.  This way you can trick anyone into thinking you’re watching classy old movies while you’re actually watching cat videos… (source)

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1.  Iphone covers inspired by bunnies are becoming a fashion item.  (source)

2.  Pablo Picasso wearing a cow’s head on the beach in 1949.

3.  Wonderful packaging for tea by Soon Mo Kang.  So clever!  (source)

4.  The Koloro-desk by  Torafu Architects looks like a fun workspace where you can get some privacy without being locked up.  (source)


5.  Smart bookmarks, the Albratos!  They follow your reading, so there’s no more losing track of the right page.  Very clever.  (source)

6.  Some good advice.  (source)

7.  This memory game is a little more advance than most of them: instead of disney characters (like the one we had at home), you have to recognize and remember the typeface.  Should be an easy game to win for the graphic designers among us…  Buy it here.

8.  Cheerful bunting which would look pretty good in my room too.  Available here.  (source)

9.  Christophe Coppers‘ art.  (source)

10.  If we can share apartment blocks, then why shouldn’t birds do the same?  Vogelflat gives it a try!  (source)

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1. Lovely messages inside the fridge. (source unknown)

2.  Lots of floral patterns in Ilanka’s outfits.  You will probably never find me in a similar outfit, but still, I think it’s beautiful!  (source)

3.  This adorable tea set, available here.  (source)

4.  Kaleidoism can turn any image into a customizable kaleidoscope. When I was a kid, I always regretted not having one, so yay!  (source)

5.  NASA’s ‘Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth – Blue Marble 2012’ gets me dreaming of outer space… Take a look at it in full size (which is huge!) here.  (source)

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1.  Cute valentine messages.  (Okay I’m late, but I’ve been off the blogging radar for two weeks, and after all, you should celebrate Valentine’s every day!)  (source)

2.  An alternative for the traditional bear rug in front of the fireplace: this rug by finelittleday.  (source)

3.  Make your own banner, how cool is that!  Now all I have to do is come up with the perfect phrase first.  (source)

4.  More Valentine’s messages, this time from an architectural point of view.  You can find #architectvalentines on twitter here, but Jody Brown combined some of the quotes by her and Bryant Turnage with photos by Drewgeraets.

5.  Clever print, available here.  (source)

6.  Beautiful black and gold (my current obsession) stationary from stripe & field.

7.  The best birthday wishes are with tons of balloons, for sure!  (source)

8.  Disney plus Joy Division?  Yes please!  (source)

9.  Another reason to regularly open a bottle of wine:  Corkers. This pack of animal parts can turn any cork into a deer, rabbit, buffalo, monkey or a bear.  And once you’ve seen them all, why not make up your own species?  I could have so much fun with this.  (source)

10.  Clever streetart by Nomerz.  (source)

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1.  The  Toast Bird Feeder.  I want this hanging outside of my window!  (source)

2.  If you regularly feel like you could eat a horse, this is the spaghetti measuring tool for you.  It’s a design by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson available at the Reykjavík Corner Store.  (source)


3.  It’s a camera, and it actually works!  BEST.  COSTUME.  EVER.  (source)

4.  A rentable cabin in a loft in Brooklyn: too cool.  They are meant as private sleeping cabins, with each his own semi-private garden separated from the shared living space.  (source)

5.  Beautiful nails.  As soon as I have some spare time, I’ll try this myself.  I’m usually not a fan of ‘nail art’ but I love love this.  After all… click!  (source)

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1.  Beautiful street-art.  (source)

2.  Class pictures.  (source)

3.  Breathtakingly beautiful jellyfish.  (source)

4. Arty farty sandwich.  (source)

5.  Birdhouses + dinosaurs?  Yes please!  (source)

6.  My trip to Morroco!  When you’re reading this, I’m on my way!  Expect a lot of photos when I’m back, and don’t worry, I’ve scheduled some posts!  (photo: source)

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1.  Amazing birdhouses called ‘For the birds’ by  Jeff Canham. (source)

2.  Good advice for 2012 (only one month has passed, there’s still hope, right?) (source)

3.  I know what I want on my birthday cake next year: crayon-candles from Emanuel Cohen.  Yes please!  (source)

4.  Prunella soap is not only organic and vegan but has the cutest promo shots I’ve ever come across.  Love love LOVE it! (source)
5.  Cute necklaces completing the print on the t-shirts, by Luft und liebe.
6.  The photorito lens wrap by photojojo.  I actually have something similar, but mine is boring grey (okay and fluorescent orange on the inside) and looks far from edible, boo.  Or maybe that’s a good thing?
7.  I remember being so in love with these cat-head lipsticks by Paul & Joe a few years ago, and apparently there’s a new collection, called ‘Meow’, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Paul & Joe beauté, and it looks so good!  I want.  (source)
8.  This impressive piece of street art was made on a mossy wall outside of the STUK art center in Leuven, which is one of my favorite spots in the city.  I am so bummed I never saw this!  It was on the other exit route that I never take because I live on the other side of Leuven.  Sad, very sad.  Anyway, it’s a work by Belgian artist and illustrator Stefaan De Croock aka Strook, who washed away the moss with pressurized water.  Too cool.  (source)
9.  Raindrop magnets by snugstudio.  It shouldn’t be too hard to DIY with the university’s laser cutter, I should give this a try soon.  Could be a great gift, no?  (source)
10.  Fascinating infrared pictures of hong kong, by yiu yu hoi for 16hours magazine.  (source)
PS.  I updated my Tim Walker post, you should be able to see all of the photos now!  And I’m still having problems commenting on blogger, I don’t know what’s wrong but this is a shout-out to let you know I still read and enjoy your blogs!  Oh and one other thing that makes me smile:  Elle Belgique named me in their list of Belgian blogs you should follow, yay!  Merci, Elle, merci.
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1.   Vintage Camera Nightlights, a must have for every photography-freak, no?  (source)

2.  Beautiful illustrations by Gabriella Barouch (source)

3.  Rise and sigh bedlinnen, embroidered with mirrored messages that leave a print on your body after a good night’s sleep.  (source)

4.  The Nefelejcs Project, a series of murals in Budapest Hungary, by Merge Invisible with support from the Ludwig Múzeum. They reconstruct the walls, rooms, and even inhabitants of these forgotten places by using data from the city archives, information from neighbors and the feint imprint of old structures.  (source)

5.  David T. Waller’s installation made out of 2500 old toy cards, called the Toy Atlas Rainbow.  (source)

6.  A collection of tableware inspired for 50% by traditional chinese porcelain and for the other 50% by traditional European design.  (source)


7.  This baby deer.  No explanation necessary.

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1.  Not your typical cute-kitten-calendar: I like!  (buy here)

2.  Toast it coasters: could be very deceiving at the breakfast table when you haven’t really woken up properly…  (source)

3.  Lovely invitations for a surprise birthday party.  (source)

4.  Thomas Jackson is currently shooting a new series of images of large hovering masses of objects in locations around New York. These aren’t finished photos yet, but should be considered as ‘sketches’.  Looks already pretty amazing if you ask me.  (source)

5.  Bathing girls teacups, available at hunting & collecting.  I love that the spoons and saucers are decorated with the girls’ slippers and underwear.

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1.  ‘They draw and travel‘, a site where artists from all over the world upload illustrative maps of their favorite cities.  I can spend hours browsing their archives.  I wish I was this talented, I would make a map each time I visited a city.   (By the way, there is also a ‘they draw and cook‘, which is equally amazing!)

2.  Sculpture by London designer Paul Cocksedge, which looks like pieces of paper caught in the wind. It’s installed in the courtyard of a hotel in Lyon, I with I could see this in real life!  (source)

3.  ‘In caffeine we trust’ poster, which allows you to keep track of your coffee consumption.  Not a bad idea during this long days of studying!  (source)

4.  Christmas might be over, but I keep finding beautiful packaging ideas!  (source unknown)

5.  Best pool ever.  (source)

6.  Just plain beautiful!  (source unknown)

7.   Jenny Odell takes photos from Google Maps and erases everything but the human footprint.   This is Delores Park, San Francisco.  Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.  (source)

8.  Pretty calendar, available at recently opened ‘our paper shop’, and that’s not the only good stuff they sell!

9.  These USB sticks by Logical Art are to die for!  They’re called ‘Empty memory’ and are questioning what will happen if the technology becomes invisible.  (source)

10.  South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa reused 1000 doors to create an enormous 10-story public art installation, called Doors.  (source)

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1.  Happy 2012!  (photo by me)

2.  Origami unicorn by Origami Roman.  (source)

3.  I love love love picnics, which means I find this picNYC table so cool!  It’s a design by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten.  (source)

4.  Banksy can do no wrong.

5.  Pretty cards that shouldn’t be to hard to DIY.  I’ve forgotten the source, if you know, please tell!

6.  Good advice.  (source)

7.  More good advice!  (source unknown)

8.  Super cute keyboard!  (source)

9.  Who would’ve thought a margarita would like this good under a microscope? (source)

10.  Petit bateau’s new video in co-operation with Garance Doré.  I adore her!  You can see the video here and read the story behind it here.

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It’s the christmas edition!  I wish you all a very merry christmas and I hope this post gives you that last bit of holiday spirit that you needed. Enjoy!

1.  Gorgeous gift wrapping.  The more sparkle the better!  (source)

2.  Lovely self-made christmas decorations, you can check the DIY here.  (source)

3.  More pretty christmas decorations.  (source)

4.  Marlous’ last minute christmas gift guide, including this yummy hot chocolate in a jar.  (source)

5.  Quirky christmas cards.  (source)

6.  More pretty packaging ideas.  (source)

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1. Tips your grandmother should’ve given you, but probably never did.  (source)

2.  Gorgeous USB stick, a design by Guido Oooms, available here.  I have no usb stick anymore and christmas is coming up, just a hint!

3.  A calendar made out of paper images, so cool!  Available here.

4.  Chromatic Typewriter, a type writer where the letters and keys are replaced with color pads and hued labels, turning it into a functional painting device.  It’s a design by  Tyree Callahan.  (source)

5.  Poster with an inspiring quote by Steve Jobs, it’s available here and 100% of the profits are donated toAcumen Fund‘s mission to end worldwide poverty, so what’s not to like?

6.  Amazing agenda by graphic designer Julie Joliat.  Seriously, I’m so bummed I already bought my agenda (a classic moleskine), otherwise I would order this in two seconds.  “This Agenda will take you on a year-long journey to the most astounding features of the planet. It will reveal famous places in an unsual way, giving freedom to your imagination. You are invited to draw and re-invent the places you know, as well as the ones you still have to discover.
It also contains a lot of useful information like Holidays, laundry symbols, a vintage chart, monthly planners, and a whole new set of world maps!”  It’s basically the perfect gift for anyone that loves architecture, traveling or drawing.  So so cool.  Let’s hope Julia Joliat makes these again next year!  (source)

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1.  They live, a project by street art artist ich bin KONG, who tries to bring street scenes to life by adding eyes.  (source)

2.  T-rex jokes on the last days of spring.

3.  Toasting pan & plate from Minale-Maeda with Delft print.  (source)

4.  Sunken bridge by ro & ad architected, doesn’t this look extremely cool?  I do wonder how this works in reality (I suppose the level of the water doesn’t remain the same at all time), but still, looks good.  (source)

5.  Undo your food with iPlate by Todd Borka.  (source)

6.  House-shaped tissue box cover by Mauricio Affonso.  A must-have for an architect-to-be?

7.  I know what I’ll be dressing up like for the next costume party!  This Roy Lichtenstein costume is so cool.  (source)

8.  Mr Chocolate mustaches by Spanish designer Diego Ramos.  If you’re combining mustaches with chocolate, you can’t go wrong in my book.  (source)

9.  Jean Paul Gaultier doll by my name is simone,  for very fashionable kids!  Available here.

10.  Spencer Studio extends scenes from vintage photographs with beautiful drawings.  (source)

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1. NBF, or nerd boyfriend.  If you want your other half to dress up like a proper nerd, this is where you should send him to find some inspiration.  There’s a NGF edition too!

2.  Photos of black cat auditions, in Hollywood, 1961.  (source)

3.  Belgian designer Liesbeth Bussche transforms urban elements in the streets of Amsterdam into pieces of jewelry.  She adds pendants to chains, she replaces regular warning tape with ribbon woven out of red and white beads, and makes earrings out of concrete balls.  (source)

4. Gorgeous limited edition riksja, they’re already sold out at anthropology, but at 2200 dollar, they weren’t really within my budget anyway.  (source)

5. Lovely packaging ideas at oh, hello friend.  I haven’t found any christmas gifts yet, but I did invest in packaging materials already, and I’m already looking forward to get started!

6.  A keychain which will never let you loose your keys again!  Buy it here.

7.  This paperclip bike rack, on campus at the Minneapolis Art Institute.  (source)

8.  Happy Cloud Coasters by Barefoot Dynasty, made out of Portuguese cork.  (source)

9.  The Little Printer by Berg: so genius!  You use your smart phone to set up subscriptions and this Little Printer will print them as a beautiful miniature newspaper, including your friends birthdays, sudokus and your daily horoscope.  There’s a video over here if this made you curious.  The lay-out of the prints is stunning, so there I have another reason to start saving up for a smartphone! (source)

10.  Neighbours by Herman Van Den Boom somehow appeared on my Facebook homepage.  He’s a dutch landscape photographer, who was fascinated by the strange combinations of two semi-detached houses which are so well represented in Belgium.  The book is available here.

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1.  Horsey, a detachable bicycle ornament to make your bike look like, well, a horse.  The goal of the designer was to make cyclists love their bike not only as a way of transportation, but also as a pet.  (source)

2.  This lovely garden party setting (by Desiree Spinner Events), makes me long for summer although winter hasn’t even properly started!  (source)

3.  Wonderful idea for a ring to give to a loved one.  (source)

4.  There’s no way you’ll have bad dreams when you’re sleeping inside of pizza, right?  (source)

5.  Pieterjan Grandry‘s ‘Gif player’, which is some sort of turntable, that makes it possible to display gif’s in real life.  (source)

6.  Beautiful luggage tags by harlex, including messages like ‘not your bag’ or ‘my clothes won’t fit you’.  (source)

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1.  Anne-Laure Maison’s serie called ‘Tableaux d’Intimités’.  Each one is devoted to a city like Paris, Amsterdam, or Prague (this one).  How cool would it be to make one of these of your own city?  Or you could just get one here.

2.  Crotchet food at Kate’s Crotchet Market: so cool.  (source)

3.  The most adorable tea bags ever, by Elisabeth Soos. (source)

4.  A coffee shop on a bicycle?  Should be good!  CharRie’s Café serves hand brewed coffee while cycling through her city Nagoya in Japan.  (source)

5.  A font inspired by spring, one of the many amazing works of anna garforth.

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1.  Jenny Odell gathers images from Google satellite view and arranges them into “Satellite Collections”.  This one consists out of “Every Basketball Court in Manhattan”.  (source)

2.  Interesting advice.  (source)

3.  Addmen, adding brands to the city.  More examples here.

4.  A tattoo I haven’t seen before… (source)

5.  Don Kenn’s monsterdrawings on post-it notes. (source)

6.  Amazing bookmarks by available here. (source)

7.  Great street art.  This one is in Brussels, so I’m hoping to cross it some day! (source, photo)

8.  Jasper Wong‘s Little Shop of Wonder: he turned a space into a giant coloring book where all the kids in the area can have fun.  I would’ve loved this as a kid!  (source)

9.  Duncan Shotton’s Magnetic Cloud Key Holder.  I’d never lose my keys again and it looks good!  What more is there to ask for?  (source)

10.  Adorable sugar cubes from belle de sucre: they come in every shape and every pastel color.  Too good to be true if you ask me! (source)

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1. The new La Sardina camera in all kinds of patterns: the cubic is my favorite!  (Get it here.)

2. The temporary trees series by designers Raw Color and Studio Mkgk, so beautiful.  (source)

3.  Penguins in cute sweaters!  It’s actually a way to prevent penguins, who were caught in a recent oil spill off the coast of New Zealand, from injesting the oil when they preen themselves, while they are waiting to be scrubbed clean.  You can find more info here.  (source)

4.  Beautiful packaging (designed by Boheem) for One Tree Coffee Co, which is a boutique espresso bar in Newcastle.  (source)

5.  Cute illustration by Larice Barbosa.

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1.  Lots of pretty colors all mixed up. (source)

2.  Adorable jewelry by Hug A Porcupine.  (source)

3.  The Viewmaster wedding invitation, designed by studioMelangerie Inc and Lesley Weiner.  It shows the couple’s engagement photos.  (source)

4.  i-Wood, a ‘laptop’ for kids.  So cool! (source)

5. Mon Zamora‘s photo series of New York’s Williamsburg Bridge, which includes the colorful art project Baji Lives by artist Peter Brock.

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1.  Lovely illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann.  (source)

2.  Mr.Button by John Caswell Design.  (source)

3.  Kim Yong Soo’s art, made out of unexpected materials like semi-conductors, speaker wires, and acrylic cement.  (source)

4.  Organic beauty products in lovely packaging, from One Love Organics.  (source)

5.  This artwork by Carnovsky, it reveals different images depending on the color of the lighting. Click here to see the effect! (source)

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1. Draw a stickman.  Don’t forget to take a look at the gallery for better drawings than mine!

2.  Clever illustration by Lim Heng Swee.

3.  Miniature decaying urban landscapes by  Jiang Pengyi.  (source)

4.  Wardrobe like a piece of art by Alice Rosignoli.  (source)

5.  Lovely packaging ideas by oh, hello friend.

6.  Perfect hairdo’s.  (source)

7.  Illustration by Natalya Lobanova.  (source)

8.  Pretty animal sweaters by Lenko.


1.  Match stick bottles by Jen Pearson.  The bottom of the bottle is etched, so you can use them to strike the match.  So much better than a regular matchbox!  (source)

2. Tiny rock collections by CoriKindred.  (source)

3.  The common receipt was rethought by the UI Geniuses at Berg: read about it here.  Looks so much better!  (source)

4.  Great snapshot by Jimmy Kets.

5.  Camera made out of roadmaps, thread and cardboard, by Jennifer Collier.  (source)

6.  Beautiful image of the eifel tower.  (source)

7. That cat ring!  (source)

8.  Dinosoap: when you use it regularly, the dinosaur bones appear.  Too cool!  Find it here. (source)

9.  Personalized camera neck straps.  Buy one here.

10.  Paintings by 108.

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1.  The Utility Card from grain is genious if you ask me: a greeting card you can use for any ocasion.  I’ll buy that anytime!  Shouldn’t be that hard to make yourself, right? (source)

2.  I’d love to cruise through the city on this amazing bike from Missoni for Target!

3.  Beautiful cheese packaging, designed by Tim Sumner, a design student from the UK.  (source)

4.  Stupid thief.   (source)

5.  Fifi and Ruby’s earrings.  (source)

6.  This gorgeous couple.  Love both of their outfits, love the stocking seams tattoo.  These girls look so good together. (source)

7.  Christie Young ‘s drawings of all sorts of rules: the rules of getting over someone, quitting smoking and realizing you’re on a date.

8.  Beautiful transportation maps, where each route exists out of a long, repeated list of the station stops from that line.  They’re available at TRNSPRTNATION. (source)

6.  This is so cool!  It’s a scarf that counts down the days by unraveling stitch by stitch.  It’s called the Gregor calendar and is designed by industrial designer Patrick Frey. (source)

10.  Amazing wallpaper at the home of Abigail Ahern via The Selby.  (source)

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I was tagged by Marlous of the last days of spring to share my 10 favourite blogs.  Take a look at her list here!  So today I’m devoting my weekly ‘Things that make me smile’ post to 10 blogs I recently discovered or that I think just diserve a little more love.

1.  A petty bourgeoisie

2. Instant Flowers

3.  Jennie from the blog

4.  jazzabelle’s diary

5.  70% pure

6. Wayward Daughter

7.  Foxtail + Fern

8.  Tornadoes and Tigers

9.  La fille de Joujouelle

10.  Laura Pauline K.

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1.  Birch Bird Cards, these postcards are made out of dyed birch and can be assembled into these adorable birds!  (source)

2.  Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, a tea parlor in a beautifully decorated caravan, which travels through South Africa.  Besides being incredibly pretty, this tea parlour tries to be as friendly for the enviroment as possible.  One of my dear friends is in South Africa for another two months and I might have friendly obligated here to go there already! (source)

3.  Great photo of shadowplay by Alexei Bednij. (source)

4.  Moustache clips from Urban Outfitters.  I might have a little obsession with moustaches (hence my birthday party next week being moustache themed!), so using these clips would make me smile every time!  Buy them here.

5.  Adorable kid on what might be the coolest bike ever.  (source)

6.  An entire mini zoo travelling through your bedroom.  Photographer unknown, if anyone can tell me? (source)

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You’ve read it well, a special edition of “things that make me smile” today, dedicated to tumblr.  As you may or may not know, I have a tumblr myself, called SHORTCUT, where I post photos and occasionaly a quote that I like.  Tumblr seems to be an entire world on it’s own, next to the blogosphere, and I think it diserves more attention!  So here are my favourite tumblrs, the one’s  that I think stand out.

1.  “Just a drop of water in an endless sea” posts beautiful photos like so many other tumblrs do.  But not like this!  Here’s a screencap of her archive to show you what I mean:

See?  So well done.

2.  One of the first tumblrs I started to follow: “inspire me now“.  If you browse this one’s archives, you’ll see that a lot of things that I post in my ‘Things that make smile’ lists, also appear on his tumblr.

3.  Unhappy Hipsters posts pictures of hip designer interiors, with clever captions.  Some are better than others, but you’ll just have to see for yourself!

4.  Wire magazine has it’s own tumblr, called Sleeves Received“, documenting gems from The Wire’s mail bag.  It’s all about the beautiful artwork that comes with cd’s.  I keep buying cd’s because I love to have something that I can hold in my hands, something that people worked hard on.

5.  “Photodonuts” presents the cream of the crop of today’s photographers.  They have a website too.

6.  “expo’86” posts art and photos just the way I like them: very clean, minimalistic and geometrical.  Definitely worth checking out!

7.  “The impossibly cool” presents you the coolest people on earth, in stunning black and white.

8.  “Concrete Proof” features a lot of photos of… concrete.  (I can’t help myself, I’m graduating as an architect in two years!)

9.  Little things shares those little things in life that we should appreciate.  Makes me smile for sure!

10.  Artist food belongs to one of the members of Marble Sounds (whom I have blogged about before here), he’s sharing pictures of all the food they get backstage at concerts.

If you’ve got a tumblr, or you think of one that belongs in this list too, please let me know in the comments!

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1.  “On this day” calendar: every day there’s another black box to rub, which will reveal an interesting factoid that happened on that date in history.  I have a good feeling somebody I know would be thrilled to have this and share these facts with us every day.  You know who you are!

2.  A tiny T-Rex in a bottle.  Akinobu Izumi makes architectural models by day and tiny world in a bottle objects by night.  You can buy them here.

3.  Surprising details on sunglasses.  (source)

4.  Fat cookies: three friends selling their self-baked cookies from their appartment on the second floor in a very original way: you pull the string, put a dollar in the paper bag, they pull it up, change the dollar for a cookie and let the bag back down again.  More info on their facebookpage.  (source)

5.  Bunny in a parrot suit and other bunnies in birdsuits by Bayley Collins, prints available here.

6.  “Koken met Karin“, or cooking with Karin.  I have yet to try her recipes, but if they turn out as lovely as her hand written recipes look, it ought to be delicious!

7. Yau Hoong Tang‘s interpretations of playing cards.  Take a look here! (source)

8.  Katie Sokoler’s heart-shaped vines.  See for yourself how she made them here.

9.  Conde Elevator, a twitterpage sharing all kinds of quotes heared in the elevators of the Vogue building.  Yummy!

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1.  MUJI OJOKEESUS Suitcase Eyes, to give your suitcase that little bit of extra personality and make sure you’re not confusing your bagage with someone else’s! (source)

2.  Amazing ‘Tree of Life’ poster, available here .    (source)

3.  New York’s cool kids photographed on their bikes?  Yes please!  You can find them over at downtownfrombehind. (source)

4.  Clever iPhone cases over at IndieCases.

5.  The entire fridge smiling back at you!  (source)

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1. D-BROS created envelopes with small tabs that after opening give the illusion of car exhaust.  They also come in a train and plane version! (source)

2.  Adorable tissue boxes by a sparkly pony.  Don’t forget to check out her boyfriends/girlfriends in a bottle too!  (source)

3.  Angela of Beat up Creations turns old plates into little pieces of art by creating images of animal headed people and applying it to the china.  If I could have breakfast from one of her plates every morning, my day would always start with a smile!  (source)

4. writes your snailmail for you!  All you have to do, is write your message to a loved one and mail it to, they carefully turn it into a handwritten letter and send it out, all of that for free!  You can even request to include a lip stick kiss, doodle, spray of perfume or a flower petal into the letter.  I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon!  (source)

5.  (source)

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1.  Cheerful banners for no reason.  (banter banners)

2.  This brilliant moustache clock.  (source)

3. Clever packaging for rubber bands by Ric Bixter.   The ‘squeezing’ of the box equals the strength of the elastic band.  (source)

4.  Ink riders by Alberto Seveso.  These are REAL pictures, this is insane.  (source)

5.  Animalfont: an iphone app by Takashi Kawada which allows you to send messages to your friend in a lettertype existing out of animal balloons.  Too cool.  (source)

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1.  Crayons shaped like lego men.  So cool! Get them at  (source)

2.  Friendly hat by Kate Spade.  (buy it here)

3. Tattly, a temporary tattoo store with designer tattoos.  Julia Rothman’s instant camera and watch stole my heart!  The little smoking rabbit is another one of my favourites.  (source)

4.  Lego walls!  I would have had so much fun with this when I was a kid.  (source)

5.  Street art!  (source)

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1.  ‘Stop the water while using me!‘, a brand with all natural cosmetics, a great message and beautiful packaging.

2. ‘Beast of Burton‘, where Mikey Burton keeps ‘cool looking bears’.  (source)

3.  I wish all bike racks looked like this!  (source)

4.  Joe the hippo bath plug.  (buy it here)

5.  Cardboard furniture, shaped like a sheep.  (source)

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1.  Here’s looking at hue, a blog full of inspiration, organised by color.  (source)

2.  ‘Hungry cats‘ which serve as iPhone, camera, glasses and pencil cases.  Too cute!  (source)

3.  Wooden tooth brushes with replacable heads, by Wisdom.  It’s so much better for the environment and looks a million times cooler than the average tooth brush!  (source)

4.  Brock Davis couldn’t build his son a treehouse, so he made him this broccoli house.  Too cool! (source)


5.  Last but not least… Thinking about worldwide festival!  I’m leaving tomorrow, yay!  I have some posts scheduled though, no worries!

PS.  Could you for me here, to keep me in the running for the Project Blogway Challenge?

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1.  Fake eyelashes by Paperself.  Inspired by the Chinese art of papercutting, they produce the most beautiful fake eyelashes out of paper, with peacocks (like above), seahorses, butterflies, blossoms and much more.  (source)

2.  This picture by Rich Lam.  It’s been all over the news papers and the attention is well-deserved.  It’s got everything, there’s a whole story in there and it get’s your imagination going.  You can read the story behind the photo here.

3.  Aerial views by Bernhard Lang.  (Oh how I wish I was one of those people enjoying the sunshine right now.  Only one more exam to go!)

4.  Wrap magazine features the work of talented designers and illustrators, but the best part is that it’s designed to be re-used as wrapping paper!  Seriously, how cool is that?  (source)

5.  Remember the cinematographs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg I showed you before?  Photojojo now made a DIY, so now you can make them yourselve!  Take a look over here.

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1.  Cloud umbrella prototype.  (source)

2.  Epic Equisite Corpse: 1000000 space available for your drawings!  If you feel like doodling, only 2968 places are filled so there’s still room for your piece of art!

3.  Witty pencils by Emma Makes.  (She even sells pencils with Johnny Cash and The Doors lyrics!)

4.  My dreamcar: the nissan figaro! Produced in 1989 (my birth year!  See, we’re meant to be), it’s looks are quite deceiving.  Unfortunately it was a limited edition car, so it’s become a collector’s item, I doubt I’ll ever be driving this baby (maybe I should try getting my driver’s license first, that could help).  (image source)

5.  Running into Hanne from Imelda!

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1.  I’m already looking forward to the festivals, but what a pain it always is to find your tent?  Not with this one!  (source unknown)

2.  Stunning wood crafted pinhole camera. (via photojojo)

3.  Beautiful street art.  (source)

4.  Robot stencil kit.  So much fun.  Buy it here. (via swiss miss)

5. Sandrine Estrade Boulet sees art everywhere.  She photographs everyday life and adds a little something to show us what she sees.  Some imagination she has!

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1.  Running into this little café in Brussels.  Obviously a fan of the blog!

2. Coolest planters I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, I need one of these.  Find them here.

3.  Oh yes.  Print by Parada Creations.  (source)

4. So dreamy.  Who doesn’t want to spend a vacation here?  (source unknown)

5.  ‘The Pinhegg’, an egg pinhole camera.  You have to sacrifice the camera in order to see the photograph.  Francesco Capponi‘s camera becomes the photograph.  So special and fascinating.  You can find the how-to here.

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1.  The Burning House: a project where people are asked to photograph the things they would take with them if there house was on fire.

2.  Heart-warming graffiti by Stephen Powers.  (more here)

3.  Moleskine Recipe Journal.  More info (inculding lovely video) here.

4.  Tea sub.  Buy it here.

5.  Instant comfort pocket boxes by Kim’s little monsters.  Such a cute idea.  Buy one here.

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1.  The Breakfast Project by Sayaka Minemura.  Find the whole set here.

2.  Amazing origami birds, by Sue-Ching Lascelles. (source)

3.  This sculpture by Kelly Mark. (via I like that blog)

4.  Prettiest computer mouse I’ve ever seen, it’s in felt and it’s a design by Joey Roth. This is only a prototype, the real thing should be wireless and you would be able to put it in the washing machine! A-ma-zing.  (via 70% pure)

5. Sardine Paper Clips.  Too cute.  Find them here.

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1.  No explanation needed!   (source)

2.  Special tree.

3.  ‘The land of the giants’ by choi + shine architects.   I wish all pylons looked like this.  (source)

4.  The combination of the kitty sweater and the beautiful clothes hanger tattoo. Picture by Hedi Slimane

5. Print by Max Dalton, to celebrate ten great years of The Beatles

6.  Marina Boat Plug by Monkey Business.

7.  Beautiful tattoo.  (source)

8.  Strange globe.  How cool is this?  (source)

9.  I love looking into other people’s wardrobes and The Coveteur makes it so easy.  Beauitful pictures of gorgeous people’s closets, plus the stories behind their favourite items.  What more can you ask for?

10.  Cinematographs by fashion photographer Jamie Beck and designer Kevin Burg.  Is this the future of digital photography?  (source) edit: somehow this image won’t show properly on the blog, so please click the image to see it the way it’s supposed to!


1. Screwdriver set by Elementary Design.  (via theo)  I actually have a screwdriver set from Ikea that works with the same system, but it’s not nearly as pretty as this one!

2. ‘A girl and her room’ series by Rania Matar.  She photographed teenage girls from all over the USA in their bedrooms.

3.  The ‘1000 awesome things‘ blog.

4.  Moustaches make a difference campaign.  (And it’s for a good cause too!)

5. Necono Digital Cat Camera.  Coolest camera ever.  You can find it at the four corner store!


1. The ‘toy stories‘ series by flickr member fatheed.

2. This DIY for a lace lamp.  Very similar to the lamps I posted some time ago!

3. Pretty bird pillows.  Should be easy to make yourself too!  Via Imelda.

4. Desks of the rich and famous.  This one is Roald Dahl’s.

5.  500 marker drawings, by B.I.B. Studio.  This would be the perfect gift for one of my friends!

6.  Pretty collage.  I don’t remember where I found this, if you do, please let me know!

7.  Things organized neatly.

8.  Miss Moss put film and streetstyle together for le projet d’amour, more here.

9.  Dead drops: ” ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. ”  Fun project!

10.  A camera made out of lego!  It actually works and takes very pretty pictures!  More info here.


It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, but in these dark times we call exams, things that make us smile are very welcome right?


This bycicle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany.  (source)



Edward Horsford’s pictures of bursting water balloons.  You can find out how on earth he managed to capture the exact moment here.



Zooey Deschanel’s tumblr Zooey’s Miscellany and her new She & Him video clip.  Too adorable!



Cute teacups!  Like these with animals hidden inside, by Imm Living

Or these by Jorine Oosterhof, inspired by Beauty and the Beast.



The Doors + pink stairs = AMAZING.  Picture by Alix.


Leaf-shaped post-its by APPREE.  There’s a ginkgo tree in front of my house and I think it’s so beautiful.  I loved it when the leaves came falling down and covered everything in their bright yellow color.  My favourite tree!


Juri Zaech’s personalised bikes.  source


Photojojo’s juice box camera.  So adorable!  It used 35mm film and gives surprisingly beautiful results.



Coolest pool ever.


These boots.  Does anyone know  where I can find them?  This picture is from ilovevintage, but as far as I know, they only sold them in their shop in Amsterdam, which is quite a trip for me.



I’m back!  After a lot of hard work on my exams and deadlines, I finally have some time to blog again.  I had the best week so far, I saw Sean Paul (hilarious), AKS and Buscemi at Afro Latino festival in Bree, Parov Stelar (one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!), K’s Choice and Customs at Eupen Musik Marathon, and I spend 2 days with 50 fellow architect students in a house near the beach.  But the best is yet to come: tomorrow I’m leaving for Barcelona with my best friend.  It’s going to be an amazing summer!


This trippy painting program, called bomomo.



This is so cool!  You have to watch this! Battle of Branchage – Architectural Projection Mapping @ Branchage Film Festival 2009


Akari Luig’s Deer Vase, buy it here





A printer built out of lego…


Thank you notes to pretty much everything, on


Harry Potter covers redesigned to look like classic Penguin Books, by M.S. Corley.  (I’m such a Harry Potter nerd, I love the books so much!)

A bear shaped sleeping bag… Why don’t I own this already?  By Eiko Ishizawa.  Source.

A bubble wrap calendar?  Seriously?  I need this in my life.  Source.

Adorable illustrations of Lady Gaga.  Who knew she could look this cute?  Source.

Pretty owl clock, by Fey Handmade.  If I wasn’t on such a tight budget, this would be hanging on my wall already.

Browser Pong.

La photo cabine looks like a lot of fun… Too bad I don’t have a webcam!